Mixed martial artist Conor McGregor for the first time commented on the defeat of Dustin Porrier in the main match of the UFC 264 tournament in Las Vegas. McGregor posted a photo of him being carried away on a stretcher from the octagon, and added the caption " You need people like me." Conor lost to Porje by technical knockout at the end of the first round.

Conor McGregor
On July 11, the most eventful and eventful day of 2021 in the world of big sports took place. In the morning, everyone watched the final of the America's Cup and the fight between Porrier and McGregor, at lunch Djokovic took another Grand Slam title into his piggy bank. But the main holiday was prepared for the evening, the" cherry on the cake " was the long-awaited final of the European Championship-2020. In the decisive match, the teams of Italy and England came together. All football fans were waiting for a clash of leaders, a duel of forwards, coaching "chess". This is what pleased the final match, in which the best national team of the Old World was determined.

The Italian national team beat England and became the European champion
UEFA has announced the abolition of the away goal rule in European competitions, starting with the qualification of the 2021/2022 season.

Since 1965, if at the end of the main time of two matches, the opponents scored the same number of goals, then the one who scored more away went to the next round of the tournament.

How will the cancellation of the UEFA away goal rule affect betting?
Now away goals will not be counted. If the score is equal, the teams will play 2 extra-halves of 15 minutes each and a penalty shootout, if it is not possible to identify the winner in extra time.

Due to the cancellation of the rule, away goals will also be removed from the criteria that were used to determine positions in groups when several clubs scored an equal number of points. However, they will remain as an additional factor for all matches of the group stage and will be used if it is not possible to distribute the places of the opponents according to other criteria.
On June 17, Sergio Ramos held a farewell press conference, the captain of the "cream" decided to leave the club. For 16 years, the Spanish defender has served Real Madrid faithfully. Fans of the team will definitely remember the legendary goal of the football player in the final of the Champions League of the 2013/2014 season, three titles of the main club tournament of the Old World in a row, as well as tears at the farewell ceremony. But life goes on, so very soon there will be two interesting questions.

Ramos has left Real Madrid
There is no doubt that the bookmakers will quickly catch on and roll out the line on the new captain of Real Madrid. His name will be announced before the start of the new season. Spanish Marca managed to report that with a high degree of probability, the Brazilian defender Marcelo will receive the armband. But he also has several good options for continuing his career, so he may leave Madrid soon. We analyzed the composition of Carlo Ancelotti's squad and selected three main candidates for the coveted role of captain:
Floyd Mayweather is back: in Miami, the legendary boxer fought with YouTuber Logan Paul. The exhibition format of the fight implied a knockout, but there was no other way to identify the winner due to the lack of judges. Everyone was waiting for Floyd to give a master class on how to put presumptuous bloggers in their place, but this only happened formally, because Logan survived all 8 rounds.

Floyd didn't knock out Logan Paul
Yes, if there were judges, Floyd would have raised his hand: Mayweather outplayed Paul, interrupted and took a break. But Logan is much more of a winner now – he has held out with Floyd for more than almost half of his rivals, has not looked disgraceful, and has pushed the Paul brothers ' stock even higher.

With Logan and Jake it is time to reckon-they not only returned to boxing interest, but also became a real force.
Villarreal – club-family: the two heroes of the final EL in childhood ran on the field to congratulate their idols, and now they have created a fairy tale themselves. The 86-year-old grandfather was very worried about Pau Torres at home: he immediately knew that the guy would turn out to be a top football player.

Villarreal – club-family - Download 1XBET
The victory of "Villarreal" in the Europa League is a big event for the eponymous 50-thousand-year-old town near Valencia. Naturally, the residents celebrated all night. For defender Pau Torres, this triumph is doubly important – he was born and raised in Villarreal, his entire family lives in the city. Pau's uncle played for Villarreal in the 1980s, and his older brother also studied at the academy. But the main personal fan of Torres is his grandfather Manuel.
UK sports minister negotiating to postpone the Champions League final from Istanbul.

UK sports minister negotiating to postpone the CL final
Difficult negotiations are under way between the British government, UEFA and other parties about where the Champions League final should take place, British politician Michael Gove said Sunday.
The Super League has sent out a press release, and the clubs are massively confirming their participation. Florentino Perez-president of the new tournament, Joel Glazer ("MU") and Andrea Agnelli ("Juventus") – deputies. They want to start in August.

Football Super League created

What happened?

12 clubs have announced the creation of the Super League. The top players do not want to share their income with poor teams and UEFA. 

UEFA has already responded that clubs entering the new tournament will be banned from all domestic and international competitions, and players will not be able to play for national teams.
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