UEFA has announced the abolition of the away goal rule in European competitions, starting with the qualification of the 2021/2022 season.

Since 1965, if at the end of the main time of two matches, the opponents scored the same number of goals, then the one who scored more away went to the next round of the tournament.

How will the cancellation of the UEFA away goal rule affect betting?
Now away goals will not be counted. If the score is equal, the teams will play 2 extra-halves of 15 minutes each and a penalty shootout, if it is not possible to identify the winner in extra time.

Due to the cancellation of the rule, away goals will also be removed from the criteria that were used to determine positions in groups when several clubs scored an equal number of points. However, they will remain as an additional factor for all matches of the group stage and will be used if it is not possible to distribute the places of the opponents according to other criteria.