How will the cancellation of the UEFA away goal rule affect betting?

UEFA has announced the abolition of the away goal rule in European competitions, starting with the qualification of the 2021/2022 season.

Since 1965, if at the end of the main time of two matches, the opponents scored the same number of goals, then the one who scored more away went to the next round of the tournament.

Now away goals will not be counted. If the score is equal, the teams will play 2 extra-halves of 15 minutes each and a penalty shootout, if it is not possible to identify the winner in extra time.

Due to the cancellation of the rule, away goals will also be removed from the criteria that were used to determine positions in groups when several clubs scored an equal number of points. However, they will remain as an additional factor for all matches of the group stage and will be used if it is not possible to distribute the places of the opponents according to other criteria.

Reasons for the cancellation of the away goal rule

The main point, in connection with which UEFA canceled the rule, is associated with a decrease in the advantage of the home stadium.

Statistics confirm that the ratio of the number of wins on your own field to wins on someone else's has decreased:
  • It was - 61% / 19%;
  • It became - 47% / 30%.
In addition, the ratio of the average number of goals scored by the hosts and guests has also decreased:
  • It was - 2.02 / 0.95;
  • Became - 1.58 / 1.15.
Data source – (since 1970, only men's tournaments).

The second nuance that precedes the cancellation of the rule is fairness. The team had to score twice after conceding a goal at home.

Especially the injustice was noticed in the case of extra time. For example, after two zero draws in regular time, in extra-time the hosts miss and start losing 0:1. Now, in order to go further, they need to distinguish themselves twice, since the score is 1:1 not in their favor. Of course, the opponents in such a situation are in unequal conditions.

How will the cancellation of the UEFA away goal rule affect betting?
In addition, in the return games, in the case of overtime, the guests had an additional 30 minutes to score on the road (the hosts did not have this time in the first match).

The third point is related to the coronavirus. UEFA organizes a lot of events on a neutral field. In addition, holding matches in the adopted format will allow the organization to earn more. UEFA can implement the idea of playing the semi-finals and the final of European competitions in the same city. Of course, if the confrontation is two-legged (both meetings are on neutral territory), then the advantage of an away goal is meaningless.

Influence on the first match

It is obvious that the innovation will affect the matches. Maybe seriously. Let's assume what exactly can change.

The away goal rule held the hosts back in the first meetings. They could not fully play in an attacking manner and were afraid to take risks, because they were afraid of missing the ball, which would give the opponent a significant advantage.

It is logical to assume that now the home team will begin to act more relaxed and openly, which will increase the effectiveness.

Also, the team that scored on the road, especially if it is an outsider, went into a blind defense. The probability of such a thing in the new season will decrease, because an away goal will no longer give a significant advantage. Download the 1xbet app and place bets on the first tournaments using the new system!

UEFA wants to make football more entertaining, and the main indicator, especially for neutral fans, of whom the majority is attacking play and goals scored. The cancellation of the rule in question is probably aimed for the sake of entertainment.

Influence on the second match

An increase in performance is also expected in the return matches. A lot depends on the result of the first meeting, but now the team that won 1: 3 at someone else's stadium will not put up a bus, just not to lose 0:2. Reducing the importance of an away victory will lead to a more active game ahead.

Also, after a 2-2 away draw, etc., the hosts will not be able to act on hold in the return game, since the guests do not need to win back (the score is equal).

The opponents in both confrontations should fight for the victory, and not put the bus, starting from the score.

The reverse side

The abolition of the away ball rule can also reduce entertainment. At one time, the golden goal was canceled so that the teams attacked more, but it turned out the opposite.

An alternative opinion has the right to life. Defense and boring football are not excluded, because teams can take less risks and act more closed, especially in the end.

A goal scored on the road forced the losers to actively go forward. Now the team understands that a missed goal is not as critical as before, so it will not give up a cautious game.

In addition, an away team can now show dull anti-football, which makes less sense to rush into the attack. She will prefer to solve all the questions in the return match, at home.

In any case, even if the entertainment remains at the same level, there will be more justice. A club that loses 0: 1 at home and wins 1: 2 away will not be better than a team that won 1: 0 on its own field, but lost 2:1 away.

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