In betting, like in a resort

It is the height of summer in the yard, so many are in a hurry to rest - lie in the sun and swim in the sea. But not everyone was able to get a vacation and book tours profitably, so they will be forced to stay at home. But do not be very upset, because you can arrange a resort for yourself even with the help of a bookmaker.

Can't believe it? And if you look closely and turn on your imagination, you can instantly move to the beach, where there are a large number of sun loungers - sports. And the types of betting lovers almost perfectly repeat the regulars of such a pastime. And the first to meet us will be the seller of hot corn, whose voice is heard from afar.

Corn Seller – Prediction Trader

Who is the loudest on the beach, sticking around like a bath leaf and trying his best to sell his products? Of course, the seller of corn. He will definitely talk about how tasty and sweet she is, will try to lure anyone. Even a newcomer to the world of sports betting may encounter such a person. Forecast sellers are starting to offer their services actively. They are trying to tell in colors how high their percentage of passage is, how much can be raised with the help of their analytics. It's just better to bypass such "screamers" side.

Experienced is the most successful bettor

An experienced person is on any beach. He knows exactly where to find the best place, where it is better not to jump with a “bomb”, and how to ride a banana for free. This "guru" is definitely worth listening to. Tips most often turn out to be very useful and allow you to avoid unnecessary problems. He himself also strictly follows his own rules, but does not reveal all the secrets.

An experienced bettor is also worth its weight in gold. He accurately developed a strategy for playing in a bookmaker's office, he is distinguished by endurance and discipline. In addition, such users will always tell you where you can snatch a profitable free bet or take part in an interesting promotion.

Sandals with socks - sissy

The "kings of the beach" who wear sandals right over their socks immediately catch your eye. They always wear the most awkward shorts, as well as a ridiculous panama. In a bookmaker's office, you can't do without such players either. Most often, these are bettors who bet small amounts, because they do not want to get burned and burn out. They are not particularly versed in sports, but they do not hesitate to look into small markets. A bet on odds of 1.18 in the Vietnam Youth Cricket Championship is their forte. If such a player goes into the red, he forgets about visits to the bookmaker for a long time and saves money from lunches. And if there was a big win, the bettor tells everyone about it, including distant relatives and random passers-by.

Extreme - a fan of betting big

A separate type of people are lovers of extreme entertainment. They are constantly near the most dangerous rides, like to ride bananas and jet skis, jump into the water from bungees and rocks. True, it is for such people that an ambulance most often comes to the beach, because there is always a danger of injury, something to hurt yourself.

Extreme bettor behaves in the same way. He doesn't give a damn about the distribution of the pot and always bets big. In addition, a high coefficient is chosen in order to hit the big jackpot in case of victory. And even after a major defeat, the bettor can be sure that he will not stop taking risks and will continue to chase adrenaline.

Instadiva - a lover to brag about winnings

Some people come to the beach to enjoy the sea and sunbathe, others to add to their collection of beautiful photos that they can brag about after their vacation. They most often do not go into the water at all (except for the sake of cool pictures), they constantly record videos about how great they are having a good time. Therefore, one gets the feeling that the vacation was very productive and interesting. Such users of bookmakers most often bet just for the sake of winning, which can then be photographed and posted on all their social networks. They try to choose the "iron" option, which will be hard to miss, so as not to waste extra attempts on this.

The player is relaxed

He walks along any beach shouting "Tagil", although he was born in Saratov. Such a visitor to the beach is always happy, because he escaped on vacation after a year of work at the factory. Therefore, he spends time with great pleasure, has fun and does not even think about the money spent. The main thing is to stock up on strength and emotions until next summer. In the bookmaker, you can also find bettors who are not particularly worried about their money. They bet solely for fun, spend their evenings watching football and hockey on TV, and bet solely to raise interest. Most often, at a distance, this does not bring special dividends, but the player does not chase after them.

All souvenirs challenge - a fan of promotions and bonuses

But on the beach and its main star - in a panama hat, towel, beads and a bracelet. And all this was bought literally on the way to the sea, as a person looked into all the shops, stalls and markets. Moreover, in his collection the same sets are also from Turkey, from Gelendzhik and Anapa. In the bookmaker's office, such players are fans of various promotions, free bets, bonuses . They carefully study the conditions and follow them carefully to be sure to receive a reward. In addition, bettors register in all possible bookmakers, so as not to miss anything. True, such a user rarely tries to throw his money, so as not to risk the money earned by labor.

The contemplator and the sea - a lover of watching, analyzing, counting

Perhaps the most romantic kind of beach-goer. He's bound to have seen "Reaching for Heaven" 347 times and can perfectly quote that famous phrase about the sea. Such a person comes, sits on a rock and stares dreamily into the distance. Sometimes he may go into the water to wash his feet, but that is not his main concern. He loves the sea and everything to do with it - examining, studying and dreaming. And in a bookmaker's office you can always find a bettor who bets infrequently and spends most of his time on his analytical work. He always knows how many yellow cards the Spanish national team receives on average, what percentage of throw-ins Evgeny Kuznetsov wins, how often Stephan Curry hits from beyond the three-point arc. And in the process, he looks so organic that the betting is just the logical conclusion.


Sports betting is really like a trip to a resort. There you can find a seller of corn / forecasts, and a lover to flaunt in sandals and socks. Therefore, even if you can’t go to warm countries in the summer, you can always look into the bookmaker’s office. You can choose any comfortable sunbed, settle there and get souvenirs - promotions, bonuses and freebies. The main thing is to treat the game as entertainment, to receive sincere pleasure from this process. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

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