How to win in sports betting?

The question of how to win on sports betting is asked by all users at the beginning of their betting career. It seems to many that this is a simple process, and to make money in a bookmaker, it is enough to have a superficial knowledge of your preferred sport and the tournaments taking place within it. But with this approach, sports journalists and commentators are bound to be the richest people on the planet. They are well versed in tournaments, teams, they know their inner workings. But this does not help them to earn large amounts in bookmakers. This means that bare knowledge, even backed up by insiders, does not provide income in betting. Something else is needed. But what? How to bet on sports to win? Let's figure it out.

Knowledge of the basics of betting

Not all young bettors delve into their nuances in the process of betting. The author of the lines himself faced this when a good friend started playing bookmaker, and then asked questions about the seemingly incorrect calculation of the bet. As it turned out, the comrade began to bet on whole odds and totals, not knowing the procedure for calculating them. Before you start playing for real money in offices, you need to learn the basics of betting - which means understanding at least the following terms:
  • Line (opening and closing) and coefficients, how they are formed;
  • Margin and how it is calculated;
  • Types of rates. The order of their calculation - especially when the match is interrupted or canceled. On the basis of what sources statistical types of bets are calculated and where these can be viewed;
  • Load, skew. Movement of coefficients, lines;
  • Value;
  • Forks, etc.
Without having received basic knowledge, young bettors wonder how to win at sports betting for a beginner.

Choosing a game strategy

After mastering the basics of betting, it is imperative to choose financial and gaming strategies. Several dozen promising theories have been revealed by professional bettors of our project in the "Strategies" section . It makes sense to familiarize yourself with them and choose the most suitable one for yourself according to personal characteristics. For example, there is a risky financial theory called "Dogon". It is dangerous for users who prefer to choose options with safety net. Such bettors are more suitable for the "Flat" strategy.

Choosing a theory is not enough. It still needs to be tested on paper. It is better to make a couple of hundred virtual bets. With a negative result, you need to discard everything that brings a minus.

Until you get a profit during testing, there is no point in starting to play in the bookmaker - this will lead to a 100% loss of the pot.

It is better to choose 2-3 directions that allow you to bet all year round. For example, football and tennis. Moreover, within the framework of the selected sports, it is better to pay attention to only a few championships.

Competent analysis of sporting events

When playing a real bookmaker, sometimes even experienced bettors make a mistake: they superficially analyze matches. For such users, this is often due to lack of time. For young players, a superficial analysis is the result of self-confidence and complacency in a protracted plus streak.

Frequent wins are relaxing. It seems to the user that he has reached the peak of his skill and even a fleeting glance at a championship or a match is enough for him to choose a promising option and earn money from it. But betting very quickly and severely punishes with large financial losses due to frequent losses.

You can ask the pros a question on specialized resources, forums, how to learn how to win at sports betting. A real professional who really knows how to earn income from playing bookmakers will answer that he treats betting like a job, spending 6-8 hours a day (sometimes more) on studying various information and analyzing matches. Only through hard work will it be possible to earn in the betting shop.

Choosing the Right Bookmaker

You can develop a promising strategy, successfully test it, make sure that it brings a plus, but in a real game you still fly into a minus. Why? – Wrong choice of bookmaker for betting. The search for a suitable playground should be carried out in two categories:
  • Reliability;
  • Maximum compliance with the strategy used.
For example, the user goes into a good plus when playing on football statistics within offsides, fouls, yellow cards and corners. The first problem arises in the fact that not all bookmakers offer to play within the first two options: offsides and fouls. The second nuance is that many bookmakers offer a weak list of corners and mustard plasters. The third problem is low odds and winning limits.

If you register an account in such bookmakers, then the user will not be able to place a number of promising bets due to their absence in the line, which will lead to a final loss. Quotes also play an important role. One bookmaker puts a margin of 10% in football statistics, another 6-8%. This is a significant difference.

The reliability of the bookmaker is higher than the conditions of the game. The reason for this is that you can earn good money, but you won’t be able to safely withdraw it. If such an office operates under a license from a foreign state (we strongly recommend avoiding such bookmakers), and its office is also located abroad, then there is no point in suing it - it will be more expensive and may not give a positive result.

All this makes experienced bettors choose offices operating under the license of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. Legitimate operators operate on the basis of local law and pay their winnings promptly and in full to their decent clients who do not use dishonest game methods. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Summing up

To understand how to bet on sports and win real money, the four steps above will help. Getting to know them can be boring. These steps are skipped by most young bettors, but then they are forced to return and go through them, having previously lost large sums. So why not rush?

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