Financial betting strategy "1 out of 7"

Most strategies involve playing at odds in the range of 1.5-2. To make a profit at a distance, 50-70% passability is required.

The financial system that we will consider today is designed to distribute the bankroll in such a way that when you pass 15-30%, you will still be in the black.

The "1 out of 7" strategy requires the player to win 14.5% of winning bets. Most of all, it will interest beginners with a small pot, because the main goal of such players is to quickly, albeit with a high level of risk, increase their available funds.

The essence of the system

The method allows you to place bets on all outcomes and sports. The main thing is that the quote should not be lower than 1.9, but not higher than 2. It is easiest to choose such values in equally probable markets: team pass, handicap, total, including individual and even/odd.

In the mural of the bookmaker's office, you should find 2 attractive options and combine them into an accumulator. If these are outcomes with odds of 1.9, then the value of the double will be 3.61.

The system "1 of 7" is based on the catch-up, as the name implies, of 7 steps. This is the percentage of the game bank that should be set depending on the catch-up step:
  • 5%;
  • 4%;
  • 7%;
  • 11%;
  • 16%;
  • 25%;
  • 5%.
Following this sequence, winning at any step will return the lost funds and allow you to earn.

Justification of the methodology

The probability of winning any of the accumulators is 25%. If we start only from the “naked” numbers, then every 4th express must be successful. The strategy gives 3 extra attempts to succeed. They are marginally able to protect against failure.

As you know, the theory of probability works only over a long distance. And this is definitely not 7 bets, not even 70. Therefore, there will certainly be a lot of drains. Sometimes the ordinars, which are carefully analyzed, do not enter 10 times in a row due to various circumstances, including accidents, and here express trains from 2 events.

Opinion on the strategy

It is obvious that the main drawback and main vulnerability of the methodology is its construction on the principle of catch-up. Any aggressively progressive betting strategy, sooner or later, fails due to the black bar .

Accordingly, it is advisable to modify the system. For example, divide the deposit into 10 parts, and allocate each part for playing according to the “1 out of 7” system. In case of 7 losses in a row, you should close the approach with a minus and start a new series. It's too risky to keep going.

Another important point is qualitative analysis. Careful selection of matches and outcomes, taking into account the key factors that affect the result, will significantly reduce the chances of a complete failure. Ideal to find value outcomes .

Before using the considered system, do not be too lazy to test it at least a little on paper or at minimum rates. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

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