The Italian national team beat England and became the European champion

On July 11, the most eventful and eventful day of 2021 in the world of big sports took place. In the morning, everyone watched the final of the America's Cup and the fight between Porrier and McGregor, at lunch Djokovic took another Grand Slam title into his piggy bank. But the main holiday was prepared for the evening, the" cherry on the cake " was the long-awaited final of the European Championship-2020. In the decisive match, the teams of Italy and England came together. All football fans were waiting for a clash of leaders, a duel of forwards, coaching "chess". This is what pleased the final match, in which the best national team of the Old World was determined.

Key moments of the Euro 2020 Final

The final match started fiercely, already in the 2nd minute, England defender Luke Shaw responded to Kieran Trippier's accurate pass and hit someone else's goal. After that, the game frankly calmed down. The British moved back and began to defend with large forces, practically did not move to the opponent's half of the field. But the Italians rushed to recoup, but with great difficulty overcame the opponent's defensive redoubts. Therefore, there were no goals scored in the first half, as well as no yellow cards.

The Italian national team beat England and became the European champion
After the break, Italy continued to press on someone else's goal and created a large number of dangerous moments, and England desperately fought back. For the entire main time of the match, she struck only one shot on goal. And the Italians still took their chance. The opponent's goalkeeper coped with Marco Verratti's shot, and Leonardo Bonucci's finishing was no longer able to repel. And then a real duel of coaches started, in which the right substitutions played the main role. It came first to extra time, and then to a penalty shootout.

And the penalty shootout itself turned out to be incredibly dramatic. After the miss of Andrea Belotti, the England team was close to triumph and was already preparing to try on gold medals. But everything turned out completely differently, the young players could not cope with their nerves. Marcus Rashford (23 years old), Jaydon Sancho (21 years old) and Bukayo Saka (19 years old) we couldn't beat the opponent's goalkeeper. The penalty shootout went to the piggy bank of the Italian national team with the score 3:2. There was simply no limit to the joy of the Squadra Azzurra players. And the young players of the England national team received a painful life lesson.

Interesting features of the final

The final match turned out to be so fiery that it simply could not leave football fans without a whole scattering of statistical features.
  • Luke Shaw's goal was the fastest in the history of the European Championship finals – the player needed only 117 seconds to hit someone else's goal. It is noteworthy that for him this ball was the first in the national team shirt;
  • The Italian national team scored its 13th goal of the tournament in the final. Previously, "Squadra Azzurra" could not distinguish itself so many times at any major international championship;
  • Leonardo Bonucci became the oldest goalscorer in the final of the European Championship. At the time of taking the goal, he was 34 years and 71 days old. The veteran of the Italian national team scored the most important goal that saved the national team from defeat;
  • Only for the second time in the history of the European Championship finals, the fate of the title was decided in a penalty shootout. And the first such case gave the world the famous Panenka blow;
  • Donnarumma won all five penalty shootouts in which he participated during his professional career. Recall that the football player is only 22 years old and he has a good chance to write his name in history.

Results of EURO 2020

Immediately after the final, it was time to sum up the statistical results for the four main indicators. And individual awards have found their rightful owners.
  • The Golden Glove was taken by England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, who had a phenomenal championship. He left his goal intact five times, conceded only two goals during the entire tournament. Moreover, for the first time the ball flew into his net only in the semifinals of the competition;
  • The best assistant of the championship was the midfielder of the Swiss national team Steven Zuber, who gave four assists. It was he who became the creator of the main sensation of the entire tournament – the departure of the French national team;
  • Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo was recognized as the best scorer of the championship. The forward of the Czech national team, Patrick Schick, also scored five goals, but lost the award on additional indicators;
  • The best player of the tournament was deservedly the goalkeeper of the Italian national team Gianluigi Donnarumma, who won two penalty shootouts during the championship and conceded only four goals. At the age of 22, the goalkeeper is preparing to rewrite all national records.


The Italian national team won the gold medals of the European Championship for the second time in its history. The national team absolutely deserved it, because it has not lost for 34 consecutive matches. The world record belongs to the national teams of Spain and Brazil – they have 35 meetings each. And there is confidence that the achievement will fall, because Italy has further battles with Bulgaria, Switzerland and Lithuania. Unfortunately, the Russian national team could not get out of the group. But the European Championship will always be remembered for the heroic Denmark, the breakthrough of Switzerland and Ukraine, the failure of the national teams of France and Portugal. Download 1xbet apk and place bets on your favorites!

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