Floyd didn't knock out Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather is back: in Miami, the legendary boxer fought with YouTuber Logan Paul. The exhibition format of the fight implied a knockout, but there was no other way to identify the winner due to the lack of judges. Everyone was waiting for Floyd to give a master class on how to put presumptuous bloggers in their place, but this only happened formally, because Logan survived all 8 rounds.Floyd didn't knock out Logan Paul
Yes, if there were judges, Floyd would have raised his hand: Mayweather outplayed Paul, interrupted and took a break. But Logan is much more of a winner now – he has held out with Floyd for more than almost half of his rivals, has not looked disgraceful, and has pushed the Paul brothers ' stock even higher.

With Logan and Jake it is time to reckon-they not only returned to boxing interest, but also became a real force.

They didn't believe in Logan. Floyd took a long time to get used to a big opponent

The main question before the battle begins: how can a youtuber who has one pro fight to his credit (and that one is a loss to another KSI blogger) compete with the great Floyd who won 50 fights out of 50? 

The general opinion was very accurately formulated by Mike Tyson: "Floyd will kill this guy. Mayweather will have fun getting paid for this fight."
Even taking into account the age (Floyd – 44 years, Paul – 26), as well as the retirement activities of Mayweather, who has not fought since December 2018 (and even then won in an exhibition match), Logan was not given a chance. We noted only its dimensions against the background of Floyd-higher by 15 cm and heavier by almost 16 kg. But this argument was easily beaten by Mayweather himself:

They didn't believe in Logan
"It doesn't matter. Weight doesn't win fights. For example, there is one heavyweight weighing 200 pounds and another heavyweight who weighs 260, and the guy who weighs 200 wins. We don't say, "Oh, it's a lack of weight." I'm not worried about it. I'm not complaining. I just go out and do what I do."

The difference in anthropometry was indeed impressive, which caused Floyd to pick up the pace even more slowly than usual. Mayweather was never in a hurry, usually waiting to see what the opponent would show, but in a confrontation with a YouTuber, it looked unusual.

Logan Paul, of course, made a bet on power: he pressed, threatened with the front hand and charged with the far one. Floyd either got away with it easily, or took the blows on defense, but did not attack himself at all. The first accurate hits from Mayweather appeared only in the third round, when Paul was slightly exhausted and tired.

By the middle of the fight, there was a lot of clinching, which was beneficial to Floyd: Logan simply did not navigate at close range, and Mayweather handled the body. The weight of the Floor did not help him. Floyd easily dodged in a sticky fight and constantly found moments that exhausted the YouTuber.

Soon Floyd began to hit from a long distance, and especially went sideways on the jump. At some point, Paul lost a lot of functionality, but he held on and even increased his own pace in the last 2 rounds. At this point, the clinch was already profitable for him: Mayweather constantly tried to get out of the embrace to finish off the tired Logan, but he waited out the critical moments and continued to beat himself. 

As a result, the audience did not wait for the knockout. Floyd certainly interrupted Logan, but did not drop him – and because of the format of the fight, the winner was not announced.

Paul threw 2 times as many punches, but lost heavily in accuracy

Mayweather did enough to win if the judges ' notes were kept. But not enough to please the public – there's a lot more to discuss about Logan right now. Floyd did not drop it, did not arrange a performance, but casually boxed it for those who are able to get aesthetic pleasure from the technique. The mass audience, which is interested in the poster of the youtuber against the great, looks at something completely different.

For example, the fact that Logan Paul officially stood against Floyd longer than 22 professional boxers. Arturo Gatti and Victor Ortiz are among those who did not reach the 8th round gong with Mayweather. 

Paul threw 2 times as many punches, but lost heavily in accuracy
Paul was expected to throw more punches (217 vs. 107), in which he was expected to be less accurate (28 vs. 43, that is, 13% accuracy and 40%). In power punches, Floyd also has an advantage – 36 of 93 (39%) against 21 of 144 (15%), but Logan delivered the same number of jabs as Mayweather – 7 (Floyd has 14 attempts and 50% accuracy, Paul has 73 and 10%). 

"Damn it, I don't ever want to hear from anyone again that there is something impossible. The fact that I'm here with one of the greatest boxers of all time... This is one of the best moments of my life. It's an honor to share the ring with him. It's the coolest thing ever. It is very difficult to hit it.

"What's next? Don't know. Mayweather-Paul 2? " said Logan after the fight. 

Floyd also emphasized that he just had a great time:

"Logan was better than I thought he was. He's a tough opponent. Good action, I had fun. I was surprised by him. Oh, yes, I had fun.

What's next? We don't know what the future holds, but I'll talk to the team about it and see where we go next. I've been doing this sport for 25 years. I know I'm not 21, but I had some fun tonight."

Obviously, there will be a sequel. Floyd can fight for many millions of dollars either with Jake Paul, or have a rematch. Most likely, Logan showed the maximum – he will not be able to get even closer to Mayweather, but the aura of the full 8 rounds with Floyd will sell even more tickets and paid broadcasts.

So that Floyd would still finish the case with a knockout.

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