On August 5, the entire football world was shocked – Barcelona made an unexpected statement. She said that she will not sign a new agreement with the Argentine striker Lionel Messi. The news even seemed fake, since the club recently agreed on personal terms with the forward. And the transfer of Sergio Aguero only confirmed the desire of the blue-garnet team to keep the six-time winner of the Golden Ball. But all the hopes of the club's fans have been shattered, and Lionel Messi is going on a free voyage. There is no doubt that the" sharks " of the transfer market immediately joined the big hunt.

Lionel Messi

The reasons for the separation of Barcelona and Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi really intended to stay at the club, in the system of which he got back in 2000. Throughout his adult career, the Argentine striker defended the colors of blue-garnet, so it is simply impossible to imagine him in a T-shirt of another club. Barcelona also guaranteed a huge contract with the willingness to release the legendary football player at any time. But deep down, every fan of the team hoped that the striker would finish his career in Barcelona and take a well-deserved place in the structure of the club.