The main purpose of sports betting is entertainment. Moreover, this is directly regulated by the rules of the bookmaker. But, receiving positive emotions and constant defeats can hardly be compatible. Therefore, the analysis of each event should be a professional activity, painstaking work in search of interesting patterns. Some bettors are completely indistinguishable from office clerks - they dig into a mountain of papers and notes, constantly look into a notebook with statistical data. It can't do without the classic slobs who play quickly and not particularly thoughtfully, and then calmly walk to the cooler and try not to catch the eye of the authorities. We figure out how else sports betting fans are similar to office workers.

As practice shows, the law of conservation of energy works well in betting. If it is spent more in one place, less in another. This also applies to sports. If the team has given all the best in a certain part of the season, then a decline will definitely begin in the future. In other words, regression to the mean will begin. What it is and how to use it when betting at bookmakers will be considered as part of the review.