On December 22, Barcelona will host UNICS at the Palau Blaugrana Arena in the 17th round of the Euroleague. The hosts of the parquet head the final protocol of the competition, and the guests are fourth in it. 

Barcelona vs UNICS
The Euroleague continues to delight with the most interesting matches, each participant of the competition expects to get a place in the playoffs early. Barcelona demonstrated excellent basketball at the start of the rally and secured the first position in the standings. True, recent failures have deprived both leadership and self-confidence.

Barcelona vs CSKA

And CSKA gave out a whole series of three defeats in a row, after which the long-awaited victory still happened. CSKA are gradually starting to get out of the protracted gaming crisis.

On November 17, the rivals will meet each other on the floor of the Palau Blaugrana arena in Barcelona.
On August 5, the entire football world was shocked – Barcelona made an unexpected statement. She said that she will not sign a new agreement with the Argentine striker Lionel Messi. The news even seemed fake, since the club recently agreed on personal terms with the forward. And the transfer of Sergio Aguero only confirmed the desire of the blue-garnet team to keep the six-time winner of the Golden Ball. But all the hopes of the club's fans have been shattered, and Lionel Messi is going on a free voyage. There is no doubt that the" sharks " of the transfer market immediately joined the big hunt.

Lionel Messi

The reasons for the separation of Barcelona and Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi really intended to stay at the club, in the system of which he got back in 2000. Throughout his adult career, the Argentine striker defended the colors of blue-garnet, so it is simply impossible to imagine him in a T-shirt of another club. Barcelona also guaranteed a huge contract with the willingness to release the legendary football player at any time. But deep down, every fan of the team hoped that the striker would finish his career in Barcelona and take a well-deserved place in the structure of the club.
The "Final Four" of the Euroleague basketball is fantastic, proof of which are the ardent semifinal duels. Anadolu Efes again bet on the initial attack and did not lose, however, he led the matter to victory. The Turkish Club is well aware that in the low season a serious restructuring awaits him, so every basketball player wants to win the title. The team once again demonstrated the strength of their line of attack.

Anadolu Efes vs Barcelona predictions
Barcelona has clearly demonstrated that it is able to incorporate character at a key moment. Experienced artists have gone through a lot of games for the title in their career and no longer worry, they act pragmatically. The team will attempt to completely shut down the opponent's leaders to deprive him of major wins.

On May 30, the rivals will face off in the final battle at the Lanxess Arena stadium in Cologne.
On May 28, at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, the semi-final series of the Euroleague competition will start, in which Barcelona and Olimpia Milano will determine the strongest. Forecast for the first meeting of the clubs in the Euroleague semifinals.

Barcelona vs Olimpia Milano predictions
On May 16, at 15:30, in the match of the 37th round of the Spanish La Liga, the teams of Barcelona and Celta will compete. The meeting will be hosted by the Camp Nou Arena (Barcelona). Will the team from Vigo be able to take away the points from the Catalans?

Barcelona vs Celta predictions