On June 17, Sergio Ramos held a farewell press conference, the captain of the "cream" decided to leave the club. For 16 years, the Spanish defender has served Real Madrid faithfully. Fans of the team will definitely remember the legendary goal of the football player in the final of the Champions League of the 2013/2014 season, three titles of the main club tournament of the Old World in a row, as well as tears at the farewell ceremony. But life goes on, so very soon there will be two interesting questions.

Ramos has left Real Madrid
There is no doubt that the bookmakers will quickly catch on and roll out the line on the new captain of Real Madrid. His name will be announced before the start of the new season. Spanish Marca managed to report that with a high degree of probability, the Brazilian defender Marcelo will receive the armband. But he also has several good options for continuing his career, so he may leave Madrid soon. We analyzed the composition of Carlo Ancelotti's squad and selected three main candidates for the coveted role of captain:
The Premier League is the strongest championship in recent years. Since the 2016/2017 season (with the exception of last season), English clubs have regularly reached the European Cup finals. So, in 2017, Manchester United won the Europa League, being stronger than Ajax (2-0), and in 2018, Liverpool lost to Real Madrid (1-3) in the Champions League final. The 2018/2019 season in general turned out to be unique, because Chelsea and Arsenal fought for the title in the Europa League (the Blues won a big victory with a score of 4-1), and Liverpool won the Champions League, beating Tottenham with a score of 2-0.

Manchester City vs Chelsea champions league cup predictions
Against the background of such achievements, last season can be considered a failure, only the Manchester teams showed a decent result: MU reached the semi-finals of the Europa League, and MS – to the 1/4 final of the Champions League. This season, the English giants have improved, and only Villarreal prevented making the European Cup finals purely English, beating Arsenal in the semi-finals of the Europa League.

On Saturday, May 29, at 18: 00, at the Dragau in Porto, Manchester City will face Chelsea in the next English Champions League final.
On May 4, at the Etihad Arena (Manchester), in the framework of the 1/2 final of the Champions League, a meeting will be held with the participation of Manchester City and PSG clubs. The match starts at 18: 00. The score of the first match is 2: 1. Who will be the finalist of the Champions League?

Manchester City vs PSG predictions
On Saturday, May 1, at the stadium "Sellhurst Park" will take place the match between Crystal Palace and Manchester City in the 34th round of the English Premier League. Will the Citizens take the next step to the championship?

Crystal Palace vs Manchester City predictions
On April 28, at 18:00, in the match of the 1/2 final of the Champions League, the teams of PSG and Manchester City will compete. The meeting will be hosted by the Parc des Princes Arena (Paris). Will Parisians be able to beat City for the first time in history?

PSG vs Manchester City predictions