On July 11, the most eventful and eventful day of 2021 in the world of big sports took place. In the morning, everyone watched the final of the America's Cup and the fight between Porrier and McGregor, at lunch Djokovic took another Grand Slam title into his piggy bank. But the main holiday was prepared for the evening, the" cherry on the cake " was the long-awaited final of the European Championship-2020. In the decisive match, the teams of Italy and England came together. All football fans were waiting for a clash of leaders, a duel of forwards, coaching "chess". This is what pleased the final match, in which the best national team of the Old World was determined.

The Italian national team beat England and became the European champion
On June 11, in the first round match of the European Championship, the teams of Turkey and Italy will face off. The battle will take place in the arena "Olimpico" (Rome). Will the Turks be able to beat the Italian national team for the first time in history?

Turkey vs Italy predictions