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Villarreal – club-family: the two heroes of the final EL in childhood ran on the field to congratulate their idols, and now they have created a fairy tale themselves. The 86-year-old grandfather was very worried about Pau Torres at home: he immediately knew that the guy would turn out to be a top football player.The victory of "Villarreal" in the Europa League is a big event for the eponymous 50-thousand-year-old town near Valencia. Naturally, the residents celebrated all night. For defender Pau Torres, this triumph is doubly important – he was born and raised in Villarreal, his entire family lives in the city. Pau's uncle played for Villarreal in the 1980s, and his older brother also studied at the academy. But the main personal fan of Torres is his grandfather Manuel.

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It was Manuel who took Pau and his brother Jordi to classes at the academy, did not miss a single match, and on weekends took the children to the games of the adult team. As a result, Jordi did not make it into the big football and now coaches the kids himself, but my grandfather never doubted about Pau – even as a child, he insisted that the guy would grow into a serious player.

"Pau stood out – he was confident with the ball then and now. Even at a young age, he looked mature enough. Because of this, I always thought that he would succeed, " said Manuel.

Grandpa knows what he's talking about – after all, he's seen all of little Pau's games since childhood, and even now he doesn't miss matches.

One disappointment: 86-year-old Manuel could not go to the final of the Europa League in Gdansk due to coronavirus restrictions.

"I can't travel anymore – after all, I'm already 86. Therefore, I will watch the final at home on TV: I will put my grandmother next to me, and the two of us will hope that something great will happen this evening!", - he told local media on the eve of the game with the"MU".

You can't even imagine how grandpa Manuel was worried in the 11-meter series: Pau was not included in the list of five penalty shooters, he was in the queue at all last from the field – but it came to his tenth shot, 24-year-old Torres coped. Then Lindelof equalized, goalkeeper Jeronimo Rulli scored again, and De Gea's shot was deflected.

What is still unimaginable is how happy Manuel has been since late Wednesday night.

Torres calls Villarreal a comfort zone. Still in touch with my childhood friends

Shortly before the final, LE Torres told the journalist Guillem Ballage about the connection with his native places.

"Villarreal is a very family-friendly city. Everyone here knows each other more or less. At least most of the people from their generation. Everyone has a cousin who is himself a cousin to another cousin – that's how we live here.

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I lived in my mother's house near the Plaza de San Pascual. That's where I went to school. Sometimes he stayed with his uncle. I was also living in Villarreal at the time of lockdown, but I decided to move to a bigger house so I could have more freedom. I had to leave town.

But when I go into town, I try to behave as usual. I meet my friends whenever I can. When the football bubble allows me to get out into the world, I lead a normal life.

It's very important to get back into your comfort zone – where you can just be yourself, just hang out with your friends. They look at my achievements in football as something quite normal-because they have enough of their own successes.

I've had a Villarreal T-shirt since I was a kid. I remember the time when the club was just getting a foothold in the Primera, and the team always sent someone to the Spanish national team-Marcos Senna, Bruno Soriano, Santi Cazorla. I have photos with Capdevila and Forlan."

Now Pau Torres himself has become the very player that Villarreal sent to the national team. In addition to the young defender at Euro 2020, the Spanish national team will also play the scorer of the yellow team, Gerard Moreno.

Pau and his partner, the child, ran out on the field to congratulate the team on their return to La Liga (there are shots!), now they themselves brought happiness

Villarreal already had a local legend – former captain Bruno Soriano was born in the village of Artana, a couple of kilometers from Villarreal. Soriano spent 14 years in the team, twice led the club to the semifinals of the Europa League, flew with him to Segunda, returned to La Liga and suffered serious injuries.

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Of course, for Pau Torres, Bruno was one of the idols. So it was a real dream to play with him.

"After the first match for Villarreal, I said at home that I would remember the moment when I played with Bruno Soriano, better than the first goal of my career," admitted Pau.

Soriano, who retired last year, accompanied Torres to the final with a big educational talk. And, of course, did not skimp on praise: "You know perfectly well how to develop yourself. In a short time, you made everyone in the locker room respect you."

Another beautiful story about Bruno and Torres. In 2013, the team with captain Soriano returned from Segunda Liga to the top division. Together with the players, it was celebrated by the fans and the academy players who ran out onto the field. Among them were Pau Torres and Alfonso Pedraza (who played 88 minutes in the final).

There's even footage of them running towards the cap.
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