What will change in CS:GO 2 and how will it affect bets?

The completed BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 was not only the last tournament of the season in CS: GO, but also the last major competition in this discipline. Now we are waiting for the era of Counter-Strike 2 - a new version of the most popular game, which we have yet to get acquainted with in detail.

Among the updates, there are those that can fundamentally change the balance of power among teams in competitive CS, and therefore fans of eSports betting should already start studying them in order to fully approach the new era.

Description of innovations

The announcement of CS2 took place on March 23, 2023, and soon the first demo version of the game appeared, which only selected players got access to, and they could play exclusively on the Dust 2 map. As of now, the developers have already rolled out an updated version of the demo, where instead of Dust 2 has another map - Mirage. Estimated launch date for the full version of the game with all maps and innovations is summer 2023.

And here it is important to understand that we are talking about Valve, which has been feeding us promises about the imminent release of CS2 for several years now. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that in reality a full-fledged game on the Source 2 engine will be released a little later than the scheduled date.

However, there is already a list of innovations that await us in CS2.

Graphic arts

Of course, the visual difference of the new version of the game must be planned by the developers, and it took place. Players are waiting for texture updates, as well as new shadows and, most importantly, much better lighting on the maps, since the Source 2 engine allows you to set a significantly larger number of light sources compared to CS: GO. At least it looks nice.


Many people point out some similarities with Valorant in CS2, and the new radar is one of those elements. Now players will be able to see how far the sounds made by their models in the game will be heard.


It is stated that sounds will be updated on all maps, and it is not yet clear what exactly this is about. Judging by the demos, the sound of shots from various types of weapons will change, and it may also differ depending on the point on the map where the shooting is being carried out.

New tick rate

We are waiting for a hitherto unseen system - podtik. In short, this means that the server will calculate the expected events and compare them with the actual event. In theory, this should save us from connection and ping problems forever.


Smoke grenades

The most notable change in terms of gameplay has affected smoke grenades (smoky). The developers tried to make the smoke as realistic as possible, not only in appearance, but also in the specifics of its distribution. And most importantly, now you can make gaps in smokes by shooting through them or using an ordinary grenade. And now those who like to play in smoke will have food for thought on how to adapt to this.

Flashbang grenades

There was no fundamental change, but now you can adjust the color of the player's blindness. If earlier, being blinded, the gamer was forced to experience extremely unpleasant sensations from a bright flash on the screen, now you can set the blinding color to black in the settings, which will avoid such a load on the eyes.

Regular grenades

Reduced time from throwing a grenade to the moment it explodes. Everyone will have to get used to the new timings.

Pro players were the first to test the new game, and we already have their comments about the demo. According to them, the change in terms of the use of grenades has become really tangible, but there are no changes in the mechanics of shooting and the specifics of the maps already presented.

The quality of the graphics has also improved markedly, and it is already clear that many use the option to switch to a black screen under the influence of a stun grenade. Perhaps by reducing eye strain, players will be able to increase their concentration during matches.

Judging by Dust 2 and Mirage (we don't have any other options yet), there are also new areas for shooting through textures. It is still difficult to judge whether they will remain in the full-fledged version of the game, so we will not make hasty conclusions and wait for the official release to study this moment in detail.

What will happen to the rates?

By and large, we will not see significant changes in terms of betting on CS2. The maps remained the same, they, the gameplay and shooting did not change, and therefore the basic principles of the game will be preserved.

Considering that it is already known about the possibility of the appearance of new places for lumbago, this can theoretically give an advantage to the attacking side, especially if these lumbago appear in the places of the default location of the defense players on the sites. But to fully judge this, you need to see and test all the cards when they are ready.

In terms of shooting mechanics, everything remains the same, but due to lighting optimization, we can expect an increase in the number of accurate hits for players, especially with good aim. We can hope for improvement in this regard also from the point of view of the use of subticks, which we wrote about above. Therefore, having cool aimers in the composition will become even more important. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

What will happen to the teams?

The main change in CS2 that affects the course of the game has affected the use of grenades, especially smokes. Therefore, a small advantage, especially at the start of the CS2 era, will be given to those teams that know how to handle them best. For example, we can safely include FaZe and Heroic, whose utility damage was consistently at a high level.

With the new smokes, new tactics are definitely waiting for us, especially when entering the site with an attack and knocking it out with defense. The option to create a gap in the smoke due to lumbago or ordinary grenades will allow you to take a fresh look at tactical models, and also add unpredictability. Players will have more information about the location of opponents through working with smokes and more audio information, which means that the game will become more dynamic. Those teams that play smart and instead of fun and fast rushes prefer to play slowly and carefully, will get an even greater advantage, although in CS: GO they had it noticeable.

The European scene, which has always reacted faster than others to changes and innovations, will be ahead of others at the start of using CS2.

Of the interesting teams in terms of progress, we can note MOUZ in the near future, because they seriously say that they intend to return to the roster siuhy, who brilliantly performed at the Major in Paris, where he managed to bring the rather modest GamerLegion to the final. Now siuhy is called one of the most promising IGLs in the game among young people, and young players are always known for their ability to quickly respond to any innovations.

So, we are waiting for the official release of the game and the first tournaments.

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