In betting, as in the office

The main purpose of sports betting is entertainment. Moreover, this is directly regulated by the rules of the bookmaker. But, receiving positive emotions and constant defeats can hardly be compatible. Therefore, the analysis of each event should be a professional activity, painstaking work in search of interesting patterns. Some bettors are completely indistinguishable from office clerks - they dig into a mountain of papers and notes, constantly look into a notebook with statistical data. It can't do without the classic slobs who play quickly and not particularly thoughtfully, and then calmly walk to the cooler and try not to catch the eye of the authorities. We figure out how else sports betting fans are similar to office workers.

Mr. punctuality - sets strictly on time

Everyone is familiar with this type of office worker. They come strictly to the beginning of the working day, leaving themselves a minute to prepare the place. After that, the clerk goes into activity, but exactly until the moment when you can officially go home. Most often, by this time he is already sitting with his suitcase packed, he is “at a low start”.

There are also users in betting who designate for themselves a time period beyond which they do not get out. Some prefer to bet only during the day, when the choice of events is significantly larger. Others make bets only at night. Thus, they avoid the temptation to bet on everything, focus on certain tournaments (for example, the NBA and NHL). Such strict restrictions are not suitable for everyone. But you can set individual days of the week.

Office plankton - analytics and dedication

He does not always work better than the rest, but he constantly spends time in the office. Most often, he is buried in a whole mountain of papers, makes some calculations, scrupulously monitors statistics in order to improve his performance. If there is an opportunity to take an additional load, be sure to take advantage of this chance.

There are also bettors who are very similar, who pay special attention to goals, pucks, minutes of possession and the xG model . Such amateur bettors spend quite a lot of time on the analytics of each individual event. They painstakingly search for any information about the injuries, the birth of children or the sick dog of the athlete. But often such bettors dig too much into numbers and facts, forgetting that not all events that occur in a match can be explained by them. Therefore, this method of analysis should be approached with caution.

Major with connections - appears rarely, but loudly

Most likely, this is someone's relative, or a person with great connections. He is on the staff and even receives a salary, but he only appears in the office on big holidays. He comes most often to laugh and have fun, spends all the time talking, drinking a cup of coffee. The major leaves quickly and loudly, slamming the door goodbye and driving off in a brand new car.

Bettors of this type also exist, most often they bet extremely large amounts, but they rarely do this. If the bet turned out to be successful, it will definitely be in all social networks and collections. Defeat is taken lightly, since the player was initially ready to part with this money.

The best employee of the month - always boasts of success

A diligent and diligent worker, for whom every pen is in its place. Any violation of established patterns and rules is taboo. And if someone has become better, received a bonus or encouragement from the leadership, he simply explodes and begins to work with tripled strength. Therefore, such an employee approaches each task with maximum dedication, and a mistake made becomes a real tragedy.

Bettors of this kind do not like to take risks and are happy to bet on odds of 1.15. In addition, they avoid non-standard tournaments and sports in every possible way. They love to receive praise because they flood their social networks with a ton of screenshots with scanty, but winnings. After any failure, they take a long pause, analyze the reason for the wrong choice, and work on the mistakes.

Saved on lunches - a lover of small rates

He always goes to lunch alone, choosing the cheapest dishes and small portions. And all because he saves for a dream. It can be a new car (albeit a used one), a new apartment (or room) - we do not judge, not at all. And in order to reach your goal, you definitely need to shrink a little. Bettors of this type will also never allow themselves to squander precious money. Most often, they bet the minimum amount, pursue only sporting interest. In addition, a bet for the sake of a bet will definitely not be made. The user selects events in such a way that he can watch the fight, cheer for his final victory. The money won is carefully deposited in the piggy bank until the next bet.

Caesar - five bets at a time

Not everyone is focused on one type of activity and work. There are people who manage to do several things at the same time. They complete a scheduled task, prepare a report, drink tea and watch YouTube on their phone. Most often, such tactics do not bring success, because it is difficult to do something at a high level without full concentration. But the time is spent fun and interesting. So some bet lovers put down not expresses, but a whole mass of ordinals and begin to follow them at the same time. They are ready to instantly replace the completed event with a new one, having found it in a prematch or live. But such a tactic is quite dangerous, because you can simply get confused in matches, forget about the need to conduct a detailed analysis of each.

Jack of all trades - betting on all sports

In every company there is a person who can be called a lifesaver. This worker will change the water in the cooler, and he will establish Wi-Fi, and he will pick up the most important task. Most often, in each of the areas he has minimal skills, which are enough to satisfy the needs of colleagues. But as a rule, he does not have in-depth knowledge in these areas. So some bettors try to sit on several chairs at once, they consider all sports. Therefore, in their list of bets you can find football, table tennis and even betting on cricket.

Local slob - random bets and constant entertainment

He is always cheerful and joyful, because he does not do anything special. Most often, he does not receive responsible tasks, because everyone knows that he simply cannot cope with them. He spends most of his time watching his favorite series or talking with a neighbor. The efficiency of such an employee is most often almost zero. There are also bettors who are engaged in sloppiness. They do not devote time to analytics at all, they put down the outcomes at random. They are not interested in the mathematically correct distribution of the bank and the competent choice of events. Such a bettor does not chase winnings at all, he plays only for fun.


Sports betting is really like working in an office. And bettors often resemble office clerks in habits and manners. The main thing is to choose positive habits and then use them correctly in practice. Then the betting process will bring both winnings and pleasure. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

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