Financial strategy "25 rates"

The financial system, which we will consider as part of the review, is a chain of different bets on unrelated events.

25 bet is best for playing at major markets in football, hockey and basketball. The technique is combined with gambling betting strategies, including risky ones.

The essence of the system

It is advisable to bet on the basic outcomes:

Result (1-X-2, P1/P2);
The odds range is 1.75-2.25.

The game bank should be divided into 5 equal parts. Each share consists of 5 bets, that is, 4% of the bankroll for each transaction.

If 3 outcomes of one part play, then this part will be profitable

The losing stake will be the one in which 3 or 4 options lose

After the bets in all parts are calculated, the shares should be divided into categories.

In the plus parts, the entire winnings are summed up. This amount will be the next bankroll, which, again, will need to be divided into 5 parts.

We also consider unprofitable shares, but these funds have not yet been used.

After all 5 parts are played again (for the 2nd time), the size of the minus part is added to the received bank. The amount received will be the new bankroll.

The listed actions are repeated after each cycle, when all bets of each part are calculated.

It may seem that the technique is a little confusing, but in fact, there is nothing complicated. A simple example will confirm this.

25 rates

System Example

Let's assume that the game bank is 1000.

It is divided into 5 shares, that is, 200 each.

Each share is further divided into 5 parts - 5 bets of 40.

For the convenience of calculations, let's imagine that each bet is placed on a coefficient of 2.

Approach #1. Let's say the result of the first call is positive, and it looks like this:

+ + + + + (5 out of 5);
+ + + + – (4 out of 5);
+ + + – – (3 out of 5);
+ + – – – (2 out of 5);
+ – – – – (1 out of 5).

Three parts turned out to be positive, we summarize them:

All winnings: 40 * 5 * 2 = 400;
One failure: 40 * 4 * 2 = 320;
Two losses: 40 * 3 * 2 = 240.

4th and 5th share - minus (160 and 80 out of 200 delivered). So far, these parts are not taken into account.

1st, 2nd and 3rd shares create a new bankroll = 960 rubles. These funds are again distributed into 5 parts of 5 rates each (192 rubles and 38.4 rubles respectively).

Approach number 2. Let's assume that the approach was successful again:

+ + + + + (5 out of 5);
+ + + + – (4 out of 5);
+ + + – – (3 out of 5);
+ + – – – (2 out of 5);
+ – – – – (1 out of 5).
Three parts made a profit:

All visits: 38.4 * 5 * 2 = 384.
One loss: 38.4 * 4 * 2 = 307.2;
Two outcomes did not play: 38.4 * 3 * 2 = 230.4.

4th and 5th blocks are minus. We count them, but now we do not take them into account (we do not add anywhere). It turns out, 153.6 and 76.8 out of 192.

Now, the bankroll is forming again. However, in addition to the first three profitable parts (921.6 in total), two unprofitable parts from the first approach are added to it (160 and 80 = 240). In total, it turns out 1161.6 rubles. This sum is divided into 5 parts, which consist of 5 iterations.

The negative blocks of the second approach (153.6 and 76.8) will be added to the plus blocks after the third approach (that is, to the game bank of the fourth approach).


This technique is based on flat, which means that it will not be possible to quickly lose the entire deposit. Even if there are few positive parts, then part of the losses can be returned from the negative parts. This is the main advantage of the approach.

There will be few completely losing blocks. If you rely only on the theory of probability, then the chances of failure of five bets in one part are about 3%. That is, 1 part out of 30.

The "25 bets" strategy is suitable for bettors who do not have an impressive game bank.

Betting 4% of your bankroll on each outcome is not the safest option, but it is not super risky either. The technique is moderately aggressive. But, thanks to the constant redistribution of the game bank, the chances of draining all funds are negligible.

However, it makes little sense to worry so much about the calculations and distribute the bankroll many times. No significant advantages of the "25 bets" strategy over the same flat were found. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

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