Financial betting strategy "Goal"

It would be good to stay in the black if one win out of four bets would be enough.

The financial system, which we will consider today, allows you to do this. To make a profit at a distance, a forecast pass rate of 25% is required.

The strategy provides a special approach to determining the size of the bet and is suitable for any outcomes and sports.

The essence of the technique

The system is based on the formula, with the help of which the amount of each subsequent bet is calculated:

Win / (k-1) = bet size
The prize is set independently. K is a factor.
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strategy "Goal"

Operating principle

1) Suppose we want to win 500. For this purpose, an outcome with a quote of 1.75 was selected.
We substitute the variables in the formula:

500 / (1.75 - 1) = 500 / 0.75 = 666.67
Of course, it is better to round the amount so that the bookmaker does not consider you a arber. For example, up to 650 or 670.

2) What to do when the bet fails?

Provided that the goal has not changed (500 in our example), then only the amount of the loss of the previous transaction is added to it. The coefficient of the second outcome is 2.3.

Substitute the values in the formula:

(500 + 650) / (2.3 - 1) = 1150 / 1.3 = 884.61.
We round the amount up to 885. Such a bet covers the past loss and allows you to make a profit in case of a win.

Suppose the second prediction also turned out to be unsuccessful.

3) Quote 2.4 is chosen for the third rate. We add the previous losses to the potential winnings (losing on two bets):

(500 + 650 + 885) / (2.4 - 1) = 2035 / 1.40 = 1453.57.
We round up to 1455.

4) If this rate does not pass, then the latter should be issued according to the same scheme.

Let's choose the option with odds 2:

(500 + 650 + 885 + 1455) / (2 - 1) = 3490 / 1 = 3490.

The key goal is to win at least one of the four. Otherwise, the system will be extremely inefficient and unprofitable. Accordingly, special emphasis must be placed on the choice of matches, analysis and forecasting.


The goal is not the worst financial system. It can be effectively used in conjunction with gaming betting strategies.

It is advisable to bet on outcomes with odds of at least two. In this case, the size of the next bet will not increase so rapidly.

The success of the considered technique depends on the quality of the analysis, therefore, everything is in your hands. At a minimum, the strategy deserves attention, but it definitely needs to be tested on paper or on minimal bet amounts. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

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