Barcelona has announced the departure of Lionel Messi. Where will the "alien" go?

On August 5, the entire football world was shocked – Barcelona made an unexpected statement. She said that she will not sign a new agreement with the Argentine striker Lionel Messi. The news even seemed fake, since the club recently agreed on personal terms with the forward. And the transfer of Sergio Aguero only confirmed the desire of the blue-garnet team to keep the six-time winner of the Golden Ball. But all the hopes of the club's fans have been shattered, and Lionel Messi is going on a free voyage. There is no doubt that the" sharks " of the transfer market immediately joined the big hunt.


The reasons for the separation of Barcelona and Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi really intended to stay at the club, in the system of which he got back in 2000. Throughout his adult career, the Argentine striker defended the colors of blue-garnet, so it is simply impossible to imagine him in a T-shirt of another club. Barcelona also guaranteed a huge contract with the willingness to release the legendary football player at any time. But deep down, every fan of the team hoped that the striker would finish his career in Barcelona and take a well-deserved place in the structure of the club.

All dreams were destroyed by the leadership of the Spanish championship, which categorically refused to make concessions. Firstly, the club has serious debts to the Fitting Room. Initially, it was possible to write them off for the coronavirus pandemic, but now the organization refuses to accept such an argument-they say, it was possible to find money for a contract with Messi. Secondly, the team violated the rules of financial fair play, for which it has now seriously paid. The management of Primera stated that if a new contract is signed, it will simply not register a football player.

Lionel Messi

Where will Messi continue his career?

One can only imagine how much Lionel Messi will be in demand on the free agent market. If we put aside the financial issue, any club in the world would like to get it. But at the moment there are only two real options for continuing your career, and we will offer one as a bonus to dream about a beautiful end to the story.
  • Newells Old Boys-1% probability. It would seem that only six years at the club, and even at the youth level. But it was he who gave Lionel Messi the road to life. Therefore, if a football player will finish his career at home, it will be there. This scenario is hard to believe, but in a couple of years. In the meantime, the striker is too ambitious to leave so easily. In the near future, another Champions League trophy is planned, and in the future, the unattainable seventh Golden Ball. For now, we will have to forget about returning to Argentina;
  • PSG – the probability is 39%. The Arab sheikhs reacted immediately and have already entered into active negotiations with the attacker and his father. They still dream of winning the Champions League, for which they are ready to do anything. They have already acquired a whole scattering of bright players-Gianluigi Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos, Georginho Wijnaldum. And Lionel Messi will become a real diamond in this collection. It is difficult to even imagine what the Neymar – Messi – Mbappe combination is capable of in the Paris attack. Friendship with the Brazilian striker can play a key role in this story;
  • Manchester City – the probability is 60%. At the moment, there is confidence that Lionel Messi can move to the camp of the "citizens" on the most comfortable conditions. Firstly, the English club does not skimp on money, so the terms of a personal contract can be exorbitant. Secondly, Manchester City is coached by an old friend of Josep Guardiola. An experienced coach knows perfectly well how to embed an attacker in the pattern of the game. In the winter, he personally negotiated with the striker, trying to get him into the squad. Therefore, you can definitely wait for a new meeting. Thirdly, the "citizens" are constantly fighting for titles both on the domestic and international arena. And Messi is definitely hungry for victories, so such cooperation can bring the desired result.

How will Barcelona's game change?

Barcelona will definitely become a different club, because Lionel Messi was a real legend for her. Every football player was constantly looking for a forward pass, literally not noticing other options for continuing the attack. At any moment, the forward could expect a slalom pass for the entire opposing team or an incredible long-range strike. But now the game drawing will definitely undergo changes:
  • The role of Antoine Griezmann will grow. The head coach fully trusts the bright striker, who is simply obliged to take on the role of leader. Perhaps he will wear the captain's armband from the very start of the new season. The forward reveals himself perfectly when he begins to play the role of the"first violin". This is clearly demonstrated by the experience of his performances in Atletico Madrid and the French national team;
  • The foundation is from the Netherlands. The head coach of Barcelona, Ronald Koeman, is beginning to actively attract his compatriots to the squad. Frankie De Jong and Memphis Depay have already formed a reference axis, through which most of the attacks will be built. It is quite possible that there will be more representatives of this nationality even before the summer transfer window closes;
  • The appearance of plan B. Barcelona really looked too one-sided – give the ball to Messi and wait for magic. Therefore, it was not recouped too often, there were very few strong-willed victories. Now the number of tactics and strategies should increase significantly. A powerful "fist" is assembled in the center of the field, which at the same time has a cool creative potential. There are fast defenders and forwards on the flanks, who are also ready to join the attack with pleasure. Barcelona is preparing to become unpredictable and dangerous – a large-scale restructuring has already started.


Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona, and an entire era is leaving with him. The striker will always remain a living symbol of this club and a true legend. But now he has a great opportunity to get a new experience, to try himself in a completely different league. The priority option at the moment looks like England, where Manchester City is waiting for a football player with open arms. The second in line is PSG, ready to restore the link between Neymar and Messi, and, if necessary, to persuade even Suarez to move. There are minimal chances that the striker will decide to retire after returning to his homeland. And the options with the other clubs look so illusory that it is hardly worth considering them seriously. Install the 1xbet app and place bets on your favorites!

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