Prediction for the fight Petr Yan vs Sean O'Malley

The appearance of Sean O'Malley in the UFC caused a real boom in discussions about his prospects. The lean but hard-hitting American managed to present himself correctly, immediately started trash talking to many star guys from his division, which gathered around him a large fan base and, of course, haters who still watch his performances.

After a series of skirmishes with ex-champion Petr Yan, "Sugar" managed to get himself the opportunity to fight with the Russian, and now he has to prove that the share of hype that fell on his sports career is not an empty phrase. At the UFC 280 tournament, which will be held on the evening of October 22 in the third most important fight, we will find out the name of the next contender for the championship belt.

Petr Yan vs Sean O'Malley

Petr Yan

The Russian is on the first line of the rating. Petr, master of sports in boxing and MMA, blue belt in BJJ, winner of the ASV Bantamweight Grand Prix, champion of this organization, with one successful title defense. Among other things, Ian was the interim and undisputed UFC champion, as well as the owner of several awards for the best fights of the evening and the breakthrough of the year.


Piotr's style is based on putting pressure on the enemy, forcing him to avoid accurate and heavy hits. The Russian has developed not only structured combinational work with his hands, but also a well-developed kicking technique, which makes him not just a boxer, but a universal striker.

In one piggy bank with percussion skills, Yang sends his fight. He is used to bringing down opponents due to sweeps, but, being on top, “No Mercy” prefers to use ground and pound, instead of submission attempts.

Peter is somewhat similar to Donald Cerrone, he also needs to take a hit and get used to the octagon in order to pick up the pace and start beating at full strength. But after, when the opponents are already running out of steam, Jan cannot be stopped. Although, in certain fights, especially 3 rounds long, this can be attributed to both pluses and minuses.


To protect Peter from takedowns, there are at least questions, because he only experienced inconvenience with Sterling, who is very good in control and was noticeably larger than him. However, the very fact of what happened demonstrates that in the position from the back, the fighter from Yekaterinburg has something to work on, because in the future, someone may focus on this shortcoming.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Yan is only 29 years old, and so far, the only one who has been able to defeat him in the UFC has been Aljamain Sterling. Their first duel is not taken into account, but in the second, Peter could not pick up the pace. In the rest of the performances, he walked on Jose Aldo, Corey Sandhagen, Urijah Faber and other worthy opponents. There can be no questions about the technical arsenal and physical condition of our athlete, the only thing you can catch on here is a long acceleration, over which he promised to work.

Petr Yan vs Sean O'Malley

Sean O'Malley

The fighter is on the 13th line of the official ranking of the UFC lightest weight category. Despite the data of the knockout, Sean started with wrestling, although now in his achievements regarding the ground, there is only a brown belt in BJJ. He is a multi-award winning finisher of the evening, a regional undefeated athlete who made it to the big leagues through Dana White's Challenger Series.


Sean is the epitome of perfect stand technique. He subtly feels the distance, has "animal" reflexes and moves superbly, combining pressure with long-range attacks. Sharp kicks to the body, hooks and straight lines, sometimes flying along a non-standard trajectory, as well as heavy fists, give him the opportunity to lay down opponents with minimal damage to himself.

Another trump card of O'Malley is sniper accuracy, due to which he is able to deliver accented strikes with an enviable frequency. According to statistics, every 8-10 seconds, his opponents receive at least one tight punch in the face and body.

In general, Sean cannot be called a complete zero on the ground, but he does not resort to it even in fights with basic drummers, and what can we say about everyone else. Average transfer protection, basic knowledge of jiu-jitsu and a general understanding of working on the ground floor do not make him a dangerous opponent for those who feel confident in this aspect.


It is not often that you see a guy in a cage who is outside the TOP-10 with the first number of the rating. Can a position in the table be classified as a disadvantage? In this case, we will be able to appreciate the difference in the classes of fighters only in the duel itself.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Sean is 27 years old and his last five fights ended with 3 wins (Thomas Almeida, Cris Moutinho and Raulian Paiva), 1 loss to Marlon Vera and "No contest" with Pedro Muñoz due to an eye poke. In fact, "Sugar" does not give rise to any doubts, he is growing as a fighter, showing excellent form, and with the frequency of his performances, everything is in order. Therefore, in a future fight, we should expect a competitive duel in the standing position, with all the branded chips.

Comparative analysis

Sean and Peter look like they compete in different weight categories, because the gap in size is very significant: 9 cm in height and almost 13 cm in arm span. Of course, this is unlikely to play a key role throughout the entire length of the fight, since Ian is no stranger to fighting big guys, but it will be difficult to catch a nimble O'Malley with a good footwork at the start.

At the same time, against the background of Peter, the American looks like a real creative in terms of standing work. Based on dry numbers, he demonstrates better accuracy, throws more shots and misses less opponents. However, its functionality still sags over time, but Jan will not be able to notice such an oversight, especially when we are talking about a 15-minute duel. On the ground, as well as in clinches, the Russian is corny more experienced and more mobile, so close combat and pressure are the components where success awaits him.

O'Malley is the most likely to go for the first round, and we're talking about a good break in the amount of damage done. After that, Yang's adaptability will begin to open up prospects for more and more effective attacks in front of him, and there the difference in the levels of opposition they beat will begin to come out. Peter was chasing Sandhagen around the cage, whom I consider to be a more high-class drummer than Sean, and in anthropometry the latter loses to him by a very decent margin. So, by the equator of the meeting, our fighter will start working in a standard, dominant mode.

Petr Yan vs Sean O'Malley Fight Prediction

If we evaluate the situation solely by the coefficients and the placement of the guys in the rating table, then it may seem that some newcomer is being fed to the top. However, don't fool yourself by calling Sean a handy opponent with a missing partner. He has his trump cards in this pair, so Jan will not only have to sweat at the start, but also give a convincing result in the next two rounds, so as not to leave the judges food for thought. Most likely, we are waiting for the full distance and the victory of the Russian on points, while it is possible that the decision will be close if "Merciless" does not turn on the second gear from the starting minutes. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Petr Yan to win

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