Prediction for Cory Sandhagen vs Song Yadong

Following the European voyage and numbered event, the UFC will return to their own Apex arena in Las Vegas with Fight Night 210 on September 18th. In the main battle of this event, two top representatives of the bantamweight category will clash in a cage to determine which of them will get a place in the top five, and who will go to the back of the rating.

Cory Sandhagen, after two setbacks, was challenged by Song Yadong, a Chinese striker who started his career in professional mixed martial arts even before he came of age. For the Sandman, this meeting will be a huge risk, and whether he will be able to remain among the elite in the weight category up to 61.2 kg is a question that we have yet to answer.

Cory Sandhagen vs Song Yadong

Cory Sandhagen

The American takes the 4th line of the rating. Corey started his career with kickboxing, where he became the world champion according to the WKA, and also picked up several other less significant titles. Then, already in mixed martial arts, he became the champion of the SCL regional promotion, and after 5 years he fought for the interim UFC belt. Among other things, Sandhagen received a brown belt in BJJ, but in the octagon he prefers to fight on the stand, especially since his striking technique is considered one of the most beautiful in the division.


Corey is a Ph.D. percussion technician. However, he is equally good at distance control, footwork and adapting tricks with tricks to work in the cage. Flying knees, turntables, elbows and so on - with all this, he stuns opponents, while sharply breaking the distance after the attack and leaving for a safe distance. Catching the Sandman in the octagon is a real challenge, and his dual-stance punching skills and excellent counter-attack preparations make life even more difficult for other fighters.


Of course, the basic kicker does not like close combat and fighting. As soon as Corey is taken away from the space for movement and the charge for attacks, he begins to have problems. True, only high-class wrestlers managed to do this, however, this problem remains relevant, and he also has certain hitches with protection from transfers.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Sandhagen is 30 years old, and his performance statistics in recent years look frankly bad. Only 2 wins in 5 fights, but this is easily explained by the highest level of opposition: Petr Yan, Aljamain Sterling and TJ Dillashaw, and even then in a close fight, defeated him. But Marlon Moraes and Frankie Edgar, who was knocked out in less than 30 seconds, confirmed that it was too early to write this guy off. Did he show his peak in extreme performances? Most likely yes, but he will definitely succeed in maintaining the same good shape, especially when it comes to rivals not on the champion level.

Cory Sandhagen vs Song Yadong

Song Yadong

The fighter, nicknamed "Kung Fu Monkey", closes the top 10 of the division. Before us is the champion of Hebei Province in Sanda, a participant in the Chinese National Muay Thai Championship, who took fifth place there, as well as one of the winners of the Shanghai BJJ Championship, where he entered the top four. In mixed martial arts, Song was not as successful, but this did not stop him from fighting back in such leagues as One FC, M-1 Global, Kunlun Fight and, finally, getting into the UFC.


The right Yadonga, crazy in its power, is his main trump card. He can go into exchanges and even allow himself to be beaten in order to impale the enemy on this monstrous blow. Of course, given the anthropometric data, Song is most comfortable working at close or medium range, where he develops the most success. His past in Sanda and BJJ also allow him to discharge well with his legs and catch shocked opponents with chokes, but more often than not, the fighter prefers to resolve all issues in the stance.


Yadong is still very young and has not fully adapted to MMA yet. Frankly weak takedown defense, mediocre skills on the ground, which was revealed as soon as he entered the opposition of a higher level, and a disregard for missed punches, make him an easy target for opponents. The Chinese pays too much attention to attacks, while forgetting about tactics, and at a high level, frank cutting and hope for one hit do not work so well anymore.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Song is only 24 years old, and in his last five fights, he has dealt with quite serious opponents: Marlon Moraes, Julio Arce, Casey Kenny and Marlon Vera have all been defeated by him in the last couple of years. But Kyler Phillips managed to spoil this statistic for Yadong. The athlete climbs the TOP with confident steps, demonstrates more and more confident performances, and there is no doubt that he will prepare for such an opponent as well as ever. At least the absence of injuries and a full-fledged camp will allow him to give out an excellent shape.

Comparative analysis

In many fights, Sandhagen's anthropometry played into his hands, and in this case he is 7 cm ahead of his opponent in height, and by the same amount in arm span. Considering that Song is a puncher and not a gamer, this difference will carry serious weight, and Corey will spice it all up with constant movement, jerky pace and sudden somersaults. Simply put, with his qualities it will be convenient to work with a low counterpart, especially considering that he either hits single blows or flies forward with a windmill, opening his head and body for counterattacks.

On the example of the fight with Petr Yan, it became obvious that it was possible to pinch Sandhagen at the net and try to transfer him, however, Yadong is not Yan, and he does not even have approximately such grappling skills. But, heavy splashes and a strong jaw will give him the opportunity to show himself in certain episodes, especially since he will have as much as 25 minutes for this. And, nevertheless, the picture of the fight looms quite obvious: Corey will circle around Song, throw punches at him from a distance and move away from the sweeping punches of the Chinese. In this manner, most of the meeting will pass, and the only thing that can cross it all out is the power in the right hand of Yadong.

Cory Sandhagen vs Song Yadong Fight Prediction

The confrontation of the basic drummers promises the audience real fireworks. It is always interesting to watch such skirmishes, because guys can really get a knockout at any second. We've seen too many techies take punchers apart, and given the disparity in size, experience, and technical arsenals of the main fight players, I'm leaning towards Sandhagen's "almost" easy job. He only needs to be afraid of “van punch” and exhausting clinches, otherwise, the American is head and shoulders above his opponent in every parameter, including even endurance. So, with the greatest degree of probability, the victory will be his. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Corey Sandhagen to win

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