José Aldo vs Rob Font fight prediction

Taking a two-week hiatus, the UFC will return to the television screens with another tournament in Vegas, called Vegas 44, or UFC on ESPN 31. The main event of the upcoming event will be a fight between ex-featherweight champion Jose Aldo, and the 4th ranked bantamweight division - Rob Font...

Despite the slight difference in age, the fighters are at completely different points in their careers, and if Aldo is trying to prove his worth in a sports retirement, then Font, on the contrary, is only now gaining momentum. This makes their fight doubly interesting, as the experience and good condition of the Brazilian will counterbalance the improving top from Boston.

José Aldo vs Rob Font

José Aldo

The Brazilian, who closes the TOP-5, is well known both to olds and newcomer fans of mixed martial arts, mainly thanks to a knockout in a fight with Conor McGregor. Jose achieved significant success, speaking in MMA, was the champion of the WEC, twice defended the belt, and after the absorption of the UFC league, he took the throne of the major league for many years. Exactly 7 times, Aldo put the applicants in place, and even having lost his position for some time he held the interim title, later giving the reins to Max Holloway.

Having passed his peak, the “King of Rio” twice tried to compete for gold, including a fight with Petr Yan in the bantamweight, but even restarting his career did not give the desired results. And yet, Jose is one of the top drummers in the league, with a perfected Muay Thai technique, as well as a black belt in BJJ, although he uses his skills on the ground only in critical situations.


Just a couple of years ago, Aldo could take risks in battle, relying on his knockout power. However, now, his style of work in the octagon has completely changed, as the veteran began to rely on distance control and high-speed, biting strikes, retraining from a finisher to a gamer

The Brazilian's takedown defense performance is impressive - 91% of his opponents' attempts to transfer him, he stops. And even now, he manages to avoid fussing on the ground floor, with high-class opponents.

Exactly 18 times Aldo entered the UFC octagon, and no one can reproach him for having had at least one fight with a passing opponent. He beat the real monsters of his time, moreover, he did it in a dominant manner, therefore it will not be easy to find a fighter who is more hardened by fights with the “elite” in the categories of 61-66 kg.


For the bantamweight Jose, an older athlete, and considering how much damage he received, speaking since 2004, it is not at all surprising that now he has drawdowns on all fronts. A new diet and approach to the training process are unable to correct a physically worn out body.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The athlete is 35 years old, he goes on a series of 2 wins, and suffered 3 defeats in 5 last fights. The middle-level fighters, in the person of Marlon Vera and Pedro Muñoz, turned out to be in his teeth, but the tops of the division - Marlon Moraes (although the fight with him was close), Peter Yan and Alexander Volkanovski, turned out to be better. One of Aldo's main problems now is the inability to beat strong opponents in five-round bouts. And even despite the general activity (performances 2-3 times a year), he is still not able to work out at a high pace for 25 minutes, and sometimes even worse - 15

José Aldo vs Rob Font

Rob Font

The fighter played in 3 different divisions: lightweight, featherweight, and now the lightest. In 2013, he managed to become the champion of the CES organization, and once defend his title. Font has established himself as a high-profile drummer with a base in boxing and Muay Thai, although he also has a brown belt in BJJ.

Until 2018, he managed to beat the opposition of the "near-the-top" level, but when confronted with opponents at a higher level, he always experienced difficulties. Now Rob is in the stage of a real rebirth, since his basic skills have been replenished with a good fight, and this development entailed victories over much more serious rivals.


The American's constant displacement in the cage, the ragged pace, the appropriate use of the jab and the absolute sense of working distance allow him to smash his counterpart with minimal damage to himself. Of course, all this is seasoned with lightning-fast reaction and speed, but who can be surprised by this in the bantamweight division?

Font, definitely, will not have time to approach the level of the basic wrestlers and grapplers, but it is impossible not to notice that the control of positions on his part, and the balancing of body weight, while holding the enemy, in his case, progress from fight to fight. And this, it is worth noting, discourages many from the desire to linger with this guy on the ground floor.

As it turned out in the fight with Cody Garbrandt, Rob can hit and move in the 5th round in much the same way as in the 1st. Undoubtedly, up to that moment he fought perfectly for 15 minutes, but who would have thought that his "motor" is so good.


Aside from the fact that Font hasn't dealt with the top fighters yet, and who knows what the disadvantages would be in such performances, his main disadvantage is still protection from takedowns. He manages to extinguish less than half of the attacks from his opponents, otherwise they have the opportunity to gain points for themselves in the eyes of the judges.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The athlete is 34 years old, he has 4 victories in a row in 5 fights, and the last loss dates back to July 2018 - Rafael Assunsao became the triumphant that night. This misunderstanding was covered up by victories over Sergio Pettis, Ricky Simon, Marlon Moraes and the previously mentioned Garbrandt, moreover, with the ex-champion, he showed just an excellent performance. Despite the fact that Rob fights no more than once a year, he manages to demonstrate significant progress, and now the athlete is in the best condition in his entire career.

Comparative analysis

By tradition, let's start with anthropometry and size: Font takes the minimum superiority in height (3 cm) and arm span (4 cm). In terms of combat weight, the guys are most likely to be equal. If we analyze the styles of the athletes, it is quite obvious that both tend to work in a standing position, although Jose is quite good at BJJ, and Rob can show a couple of feints from grappling and wrestling. As expected, opponents will begin to shoot, and here speed, footwork and activity will play a significant role. The fact is that Aldo punches about the same number of punches as he misses, but the American surpasses him, both in quantitative terms and in the quality of work. A minimum of fuss, well-honed movements and an impossibly sharp jab is a good weapon in any case.

The Brazilian combines punches on all floors, but the Boston athlete is used to working directly to the head, sometimes transferring punches from the body. Add his endurance here, and we get the following picture: Jose can take the first half of the meeting, but he cannot avoid drawdowns in cardio after the 3rd round. At this moment, Rob will turn on in full, and even if something goes wrong, he is able to control the enemy near the net, exhausting him with hits in the torso. If Aldo does not show some new level of endurance, it will be very difficult for him to maintain the pace of his counterpart.

José Aldo vs Rob Font Fight Prediction

Immediately after the announcement of this confrontation, the bookmakers gave the "King of Rio" more chances. But with the approach of the fight, he becomes more and more underdog, and this is understandable. The Brazilian's style has long been read, and those who crushed him with their activity always turned out to be winners. And considering what Rob Font is now, he has absolutely everything that is necessary for Victoria over the ex-champion. The most likely outcome of their fight is a referee's decision in favor of the American. But, it is not at all excluded that he will be able to finish Jose in the later rounds. It is also impossible to completely deny the upset, after all, we are talking about a legendary athlete, but you should not give more than 25% probability for this. Therefore, the bet on Rob's victory in any way should go, and closer to the event itself, the bookmakers will give more options, and in order not to be mistaken. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Rob Font wins / rounds total bet.

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