Prediction for the fight Jack Hermansson vs Sean Strickland

Until a few years ago, Jack Hermansson was seen as one of the main threats to Israel Adesanya. And all because the Swede's grappling created real problems for even the most experienced UFC middle division fighters. Now, the "Joker" has exposed his weaknesses, and is forced to compete outside the top five in the weight category up to 84 kg.

In the main fight at UFC Fight Night 200, he will face the young and ambitious Sean Strickland, who is on a good winning streak and is ready to teach his counterpart a lesson in boxing. Athletes are versatile and ready to show the highest skills on all floors, so the audience will be waiting for a real chess game in the octagon. We will determine which of these monsters is more likely to win in the upcoming battle.

Jack Hermansson vs Sean Strickland

Jack Hermansson

Back in the early 2000s, Jack started wrestling, and to this day, even being the 6th number in the UFC middleweight rating, he participates in grappling competitions throughout Europe. After moving to MMA, he managed to win the titles of the champion of the Warrior Fight Series leagues and the more famous Cage Warriors among mixed martial arts fans.

Over the years of performances, Hermansson tried his hand at Bellator, and after a long reign in Cage Warriors, he settled in the UFC. There he managed to overcome such opponents as Ronaldo Souza, Gerald Mershart, David Branch and others, thanks to which the Swede got into the TOP-5 of the division. However, fights with current tops threw him a few steps back.


Not standing out from his colleagues in size, but rather looking like a “standard” middleweight in size, Jack takes the initiative in battles due to excellent technique. In some episodes, he acts quite straightforward, but the submissions and ground and pound in his performance leave few chances for a triumph.

In protracted bouts, Hermansson feels impeccable - he works out 5 rounds with good indicators of speed and activity, and he can be considered among the marathon runners of the division up to 84 kg.


There are no questions to the "Joker" about his versatility, because he has a good striking technique and wrestling. But in fights with those who have impenetrable takedown defense, this athlete faces serious obstacles. Jack can be demoralized, and literally forced to work according to his own rules, the main thing is not to let him develop success on the ground.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Hermansson is 33 years old and has not appeared in the octagon since May 2021. So simple, and a series of unsuccessful performances against Jared Cannonier and Marvin Vettori give the impression that in the upcoming fight, the Swedish athlete may also have problems. Undoubtedly, the victory over Edmen Shahbazyan and Kelvin Gastelum is excellent, however, Jack begins to gradually sag, and the young high-level opposition becomes a difficult task for him.

Jack Hermansson vs Sean Strickland

Sean Strickland

Anaheim "Tarzan" occupies the 7th line of the middleweight ranking, although before that he tried himself in 77 kg, and also performed in intermediate categories. For 2 years, he held the KOTC title with 5 successful defenses. After signing with the UFC, he dealt with both prospects and veterans of the promotion, like Kurt McGee, Kamaru Usman and other opponents.

Sean managed to establish himself, first of all, as a dangerous finisher, whose boxing is capable of causing problems even for well-trained drummers. Although with an increase in the level of opposition, especially since entering the TOP-10, knockouts in his performance can be seen less and less.


Strickland works very well with his hands, throwing 5-6 quality, accurate punches per minute. At the same time, he focuses his attention on the head of the opponent, due to which he quickly cools the ardor of even the most ardent fans of getting close to the opponent with the help of pressure.

Sean himself is in no hurry to go to the feet of his opponent, but he perfectly defends himself from takedowns (82% of them stops), and he does not fail in position control. With elite wrestlers, he has nothing to catch, but with the rest, "Tarzan" can compete.


In a fight with the same Usman, Strickland showed that it is not easy for him to cope with physically strong and large opponents who rely on viscous and monotonous fights. He is not ready to work with champion-caliber athletes, and in the future it is precisely this shortcoming that may prevent him from rising to contender status.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Sean is 30 years old, he is on a great series of 5 wins, and in the last three fights, he defeated Juraj Hall, Krzysztof Jotko and Brendan Allen. The last performance of the athlete took place last summer and, judging by the development of his career, right now Strickland is approaching his peak condition. He gets prettier from fight to fight, and demonstrates the growth of his tactical developments, the ability to adapt to the opponent and fight smartly.

Comparative analysis

Let's start with the anthropometry of the participants in the main battle: Hermansson, with identical height, has a larger arm span of 4 cm, longer legs and impressive muscles. But due to the difference in the level of boxing, to say that this advantage will give him the opportunity to better maintain distance or outbid Strickland is impossible. It is in this component that Sean will be able to develop success and score the very points that he will need to win. And if Jack does not succeed in the standing position, and there are serious reasons for this, then he will definitely go after the opponent's legs.

Only here he will be waiting for the honed defense of the American, who from time to time does not mind lying on his colleagues in the shop. Defensive play, no career submission losses, and effective footwork should play a role in ruining Joker's game. And if Kamaru Usman's fight worked against Sean, then Hermansson's skills may not be enough for a convincing victory. For this reason, a competitive, most likely protracted duel is expected, where everyone will have the opportunity to show themselves on the opponent's battlefield. And here it will be better for someone who knows how to adapt and adjust the plan for a fight, directly in the octagon.

Jack Hermansson vs Sean Strickland Fight Prediction

Considering Jack's past experience in fights with the same Cannonier and Vettori, there is a certain uncertainty about his success. Yes, and the quotes of the bookmakers say that it is unlikely to see his raised hand at the end of this meeting. We repeat that Strickland is definitely better on his hands, but Hermansson is not a debutant either, so he will definitely be able to cut himself for a place in the sun. But on the ground, if it comes to the ground at all, no one can be called a favorite, and thanks to this equality, we can use several options for betting. First of all, it makes sense to choose Sean as the winner of the evening, because a good odds are given for this. Further, you can safely bet that the meeting will pass its equator, since it is useless to wait for the finish in the starting rounds - both are hardy and ready for 5 difficult rounds. Yes, and this option is good for those. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Sean Strickland to win

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