Barcelona vs Olympiacos. Consolation match for third place in the Euroleague

Barcelona was considered the main contender for the championship in the Euroleague, especially this confidence arose after a very successful regular championship. But the semi-finals showed that the team is not ready to fight for the main prize of the competition, and will be forced to be content only with the fight for bronze medals. The mood in the Blue Garnet camp leaves much to be desired, since no one expected such a failure in the Final Four. It will be difficult to pull myself together and give a quality repechage match.

Olympiakos in many ways unexpectedly broke through so far, initially they were not expected at all in such serious showdowns. But the team was able to demonstrate character and turn on the maximum at the right time. She has a good opportunity to win medals in a season that initially seemed like a failure. Therefore, the team will definitely try to take advantage of this opportunity. On May 21, the rivals will clash with each other on the floor of the Stark Arena in Belgrade. 

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Barcelona vs Olympiacos


Barcelona held the regular championship almost perfectly. But the curse of the first place worked once again. The winner of the regular season again remains without the coveted title in the Final Four. Even more offensive is how exactly the defeat from Real Madrid happened. Much to the break, the team was leading by 11 points and looked as convincing as possible. But after a pause, an amazing metamorphosis occurred, which is unlikely to be explained even by the basketball players of the “blue garnet”. They began to make absolutely stupid mistakes, the percentage of hits from a distance dropped significantly. The "creamy" ones took advantage of this, and they instantly felt the opportunity to crush the opponent with aggression and the desire to get into the final. As a result, Barcelona lost to Real Madrid for the first time in six matches and go into battle for third place.


Olympiacos fought on equal terms with Anadolu Ephesus. It seemed that he really could achieve the desired result. But at the key moment still lacked accuracy and self-control. Therefore, now the team will try to end the season beautifully by winning bronze medals. The team has demonstrated that there is definitely potential and performers for this.

It is curious that once again the squad showed its coherence, as well as a great contribution to the overall success from each of the players. All key basketball players scored from 10 to 12 points. It speaks of good teamwork. At the right moment, one of the leaders takes the initiative and leads the partners. Another important point, the advantage in size over the upcoming opponent. If you manage to dominate under the ring, the chances of a final victory will be higher.

Barcelona vs Olympiacos

History of the confrontation

Opponents up to this point 23 times collided with each other in the open spaces of the professional scene. 13 times the final victory went to the treasury of Barcelona, which has a good advantage. But Olympiacos continues the pursuit - he has 10 successful matches on his account. The last face-to-face fight took place in April 2022. The Greek club took the opponent on the home parquet and outplayed him with a score of 73:66. And the main hero of the meeting was the American McKissick, who scored 20 points, made three rebounds and two assists.

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Barcelona, despite the unfortunate misfire in the semi-finals, is considered the main favorite of this confrontation. You can bet on her final victory with a coefficient of 1.50. But the potential victory of Olympiacos is quoted at 2.55. The base total of the match was set at 161.5 points. It is offered to bet on its penetration, as well as on the reverse option, with a coefficient of 1.91. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Barcelona were definitely upset after the defeat. Firstly, she lost her chance to compete for the main prize of the competition. Secondly, the team lost to the most principled rival, which also becomes a serious blow to pride and morale. But Olympiacos looks extremely worthy. The team may well take advantage of the bad state of the opponent. We predict that the final victory will go to the treasury of the Greek club.

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