Barcelona vs Olimpia Milano predictions

On May 28, at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, the semi-final series of the Euroleague competition will start, in which Barcelona and Olimpia Milano will determine the strongest. Forecast for the first meeting of the clubs in the Euroleague semifinals.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Barcelona vs Olimpia Milano


The Catalans were the main contenders to win the tournament even before it started. Their getting to the Final Four is something of a pattern, but how they got here raises questions. The agony with Zenit for five games is a little alarming. The 1-8 pair should be predictable, but Barca chose a different path. Yes, the last match against the Russians was exemplary and I would like to hope that with the Italians, the "blue-garnet" will turn on full speed from the opening whistle of the first meeting, but this is not for sure. After winning the series with Zenit, the Catalans warmed up well in the domestic championship (four wins in a row and the second final place in the AKB regular season), so they should approach the upcoming match in good shape and with a great mood.

Olimpia Milano

The Italians are considered a strong team by the standards of the Euroleague. They are always (or almost always) the top team of the basketball Old World. In the current season, Olimpia finished the regular championship of the international tournament in fourth place and got into the playoffs to the German Bayern, which fought five matches, losing the lead in the series (from 2: 0 to 2: 2). The job is done, this unpleasant incident can be forgotten. Next, Milano easily overcame the 1/4 finals in the A-League (4: 0) and now without any problems disassembles the opponent in the semifinals. The Italian basketball players should approach the battle with Barca in good shape and create a certain sports sensation with full desires.

Barcelona vs Olimpia Milano predictions

Barcelona vs Olimpia Milano facts

  • In the past, the teams have met each other four times in the Champions League: all matches between Villarreal and MU ended in a 0-0 draw;
  • Villarreal have not lost a single match in the Europa League play-offs of the current draw;
  • On average, in seven of the ten matches of Villarreal this season, the bet on the total is more than 2.5 goals.;
  • On average, in eight out of ten Manchester United matches this season, the bet is "both teams will score".


This season, the teams have already faced each other twice in the regular Euroleague championship. The Spaniards did not leave any chances to their opponent in those matches. First, Barca won at home with a score of 87: 71 (December 11, 2020), and then on the road – 72:56 (March 19, 2021). In the last draw of the tournament, the clubs beat each other once. The pair is traditionally considered relatively even with a slight bias in favor of the "blue-garnet" (10:6 according to positive results for the entire history).

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Bookmakers see the owners of the site as favorites. They are willing to pay 1.42 for their victory. The win of the guest team is estimated by them at 2.87. Bets on TM 151.5 multiply by 1.91. Overcoming this bar is worth 1.89. For F1 (-5.5) give 1.86. Download 1xbet, make a bet on the winner!

Game Totals Prediction

Barcelona realized that there are no weak teams in this Euroleague, having gone through the torment with Zenit, being the clear favorite of the pair. At home with a serious opponent, she will not allow him to underestimate and show basketball, which has nothing to answer. The owners of the floor will control the course of the meeting, and keep a safe distance from Milano, who will try from time to time to change the situation (but in vain). In the end, the Catalans will win at home and lead in the series. They will offer the opponent a fast style of play and give free rein to their snipers. TB 151.5 must pass. Intrigue is not expected and therefore can be taken with some insurance F1 (-5.5).

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