Prediction for the fight Andrey Orlovsky vs Carlos Filipe

The first fight of Andrey Orlovsky under the UFC banner took place in 2000, and this athlete still manages to perform at such a high level, albeit with varying success. At the Fight Night 195 tournament, as a co-main event of the event, he will have to fight the Brazilian Carlos Filipe, who is the young blood in the heavyweight division of the organization.

Top places in the ratings are not at stake, and even more so any title ambitions of one of the fighters. Still, this is a great opportunity for Carlos to gain a media boost if he manages to surpass the veteran who still threatens his opponents with his heavy punches. Let's move on to the analysis of the athletes and find out which of them will be the triumph of the upcoming meeting.

Andrey Orlovsky vs Carlos Filipe

Carlos Filipe

The Brazilian athlete is out of the organization's ratings, with only a few UFC appearances behind him. Carlos's base is boxing, but he received the motivation to do it not because of his interest in sports, but because he wanted to lose weight, because he has no background in any kind of martial arts at a professional level.

Having started his career as a light heavyweight in various Brazilian promotions, Filipe reached an impeccable 8-0 record, in battles with little-known opponents, and already as a heavyweight, he made his debut in the UFC. Here "Boy" was in for a defeat in a fight with Sergei Spivak, but having slightly lowered the bar, he was able to make a comeback and get a number of victories.


It is impossible to call Carlos outstanding in a certain aspect. He does not have the crushing power to issue knockouts in every fight, but he is a thinking, systematically analyzing his opponents, due to pressure, an athlete who demonstrates good endurance for such dimensions. He manages to dilute the slightly viscous and measured style of fighting with sudden explosive attacks.


Filipe is by and large a passive fighter, not distinguished by good technique, who can be safely called one-sided, since he does not fight in the best way, although he feels fine in clinches. On top of this, there is a lack of experience in battles with the tops, so at the moment his future looks rather bleak.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The Brazilian is only 26 years old, over the past 11 months he had 3 fights (the last in June), won everything, and the only defeat in Carlos's career was an unsuccessful performance against Sergey Spivak. Fights with Jorgan De Castro, Justin Tafa and Jake Collier, he had with varying success, but to deny the fact that Filipe is in good shape is impossible, he can work out 3 rounds at a measured pace, and at the same time it is not bad to throw punches.

Andrey Orlovsky vs Carlos Filipe

Andrey Orlovsky

The athlete nicknamed "Pit Bull" is one of the most experienced active fighters in the UFC. Andrey's collection contains the titles of the world sambo champion (juniors), the UFC champion, the European MMA champion, and he also has a good kickboxing background and a lot of awards for the best fights and performances. Orlovsky has performed in all top organizations like M-1 Global, ProElite, Strikeforce, WSOF and many others.

He managed to beat a number of top 00s, past and current decades, including the legendary fights with Fedor Emelianenko, Tim Sylvia, Fabricio Werdum, and many young, promising prospects. Nowadays, Andrey has dropped out of the TOP-15 of the heavyweight division, but still remains one of the most media athletes in the league.


Andrey's speed qualities have always been his hallmark - quick hands, competent footwork, slopes - he supplemented all this with his physical strength and knockout blow. In addition, Orlovsky hits not only on the opponent's head, wanting to quickly knock him out, but skillfully combines various ligaments, processes the body and often punches low-kicks. Among other things, he is very well protected from transfers, stopping almost 80% of takedowns.


Everyone is familiar with the expression "glass jaw". In a way, this concept became known to a wide audience thanks to Orlovsky. During such a long career, he was repeatedly knocked out, so now it is not difficult to send him to the floor with a good blow. Plus, the athlete himself began to fight less aggressively, often gaining points for himself, but he does not always manage to do this with young rivals.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Andrei is 42 years old, he goes with a 3-2 record in extreme fights, and the defeats of Jairzinho Rosenstrike and Tom Aspinal only indicate that it is already difficult for him to compete with actual, strong guys. At the same time, Tanner Bocer, Chase Sherman and Filipe Lins were on his shoulder. Undoubtedly, Orlovsky's peak condition is long over, but he keeps a good bar, and in April of this year he again proved that he can still set the heat in the cage.

Comparative analysis

Let's start with anthropometric indicators: here Andrei takes the lead with a superiority in reach of 5 cm, height - 10 cm and a leg span of 7 cm.Of course, age will play a significant role, because Carlos is 16 years younger than his colleague. It is very difficult to remember who else fought with such a difference in years. As for the styles, then Orlovsky again goes ahead with a serious margin, because not only is he better as a boxer and kickboxer, he also has sambo and judo in his arsenal, so in critical situations he can use these skills.

Filipe is a staunch guy, he always goes forward, throws out punches a little thoughtlessly, but most often makes his counterpart move back, because he works better with the first number. But the "Pit Bull" can both press on the opponent and hit on the retreat, maintaining the required distance, and often winning rounds due to the jab. Therefore, his agility, endurance and ability to cut corners can play a key role in a fight with such a straightforward, albeit thoughtful, athlete like Carlos.

Andrey Orlovsky vs Carlos Filipe Fight Prediction

If you look at the opposition that Andrey beat in the last couple of years, you get the impression that Filipe will be an easy target for him. But let's not jump to conclusions, as this is a heavy weight, and a big man like Carlos can give anyone a thrashing. It was mentioned above that in terms of movement and technology, the “American Belarusian” is better than the Brazilian, and you can't argue with that, even taking into account the age gap. In the same piggy bank we will add experience and an actual form, as a result we will get a bull and a matador. I am sure that Orlovsky will interrupt his opponent, beat low-kicks, use dominance in the range of hands and his skill. These are guys from different dimensions, therefore, for Filipe, there is only one way to win this fight - with an unexpected, accurate blow, but without the right to make a mistake. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: The victory of Andrey Orlovsky

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