Prediction for the fight Tom Aspinall vs Sergey Pavlovich

The heavyweight division is currently the most competitive division in the UFC, with many prospecting a chance to win the title. One of the best Russian heavyweights in the industry, Sergei Pavlovich, also has it, however, so that after pronouncing this statement does not leave an aftertaste of uncertainty, you first need to see what he is after two years of inactivity.

And this can be done on September 5 when watching the UFC Fight Night 191 tournament, in which Tom Aspinall will become his opponent. The Briton certainly cannot be called a fighter chosen for an easy return, since, along with the Russian, he is one of the main avenues for the heavy weight of the organization and has not yet lost under its sign, as a result of which an exciting and competitive confrontation awaits us.

Tom Aspinall vs Sergey Pavlovich

Tom Aspinall

Number 13 in the official ranking of the heavyweight promotion. At the age of seven, the Briton began to engage in freestyle wrestling and boxing, in which he had one professional fight, and after that he also began to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, pumping in this martial art to the black belt.

The entire initial stage of the prospect's career took place within the walls of British organizations, including such notorious leagues as Cage Warriors and BAMMA. In neither one nor the other, he was never able to get to the fight for the champion title, but, despite this, thanks to the presence in his track record of a number of bright victories with a record of 7-2, he was still invited to test his strength on the UFC canvas. In fact, then the athlete received an advance, which subsequently fully worked, having won three victories in a row since the signing of the contract with the promotion.

Can send to sleep

And not only can, but also sends - he won most of his victories by knockouts. At the same time, in his case, they are possible thanks to both the power in the fists inherent in heavyweights, and the high accuracy of punches, coupled with well-developed timing, which makes him a dangerous fighter even in the later rounds.

May suffocate

The Briton is by no means a fan of tinkering on the ground, but if necessary, he can easily do it, after all, with a black belt in BJJ he can afford to do it. And, remarkably, in the promotion, no one has yet been able to defend against at least one of his transfers.

Fighter's current form and readiness

The current three-fight winning streak amassed by the prospect in the league includes victories over Jake Collier, Alan Budo and Andrei Orlovsky. Six months have passed since his last speech, while he received a little less than a month to undergo targeted training.

Tom Aspinall vs Sergey Pavlovich

Sergey Pavlovich

The fifteenth number of the official rating of the organization in the heavyweight category and the ex-champion of the Fight Nights Global promotion in the same weight. During his school years, the athlete was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling, after which he switched to army hand-to-hand fighting and combat sambo, which today form the foundation of his fighting style.
The entire professional career of the Russian athlete before signing a contract with the UFC, with the exception of one fight, took place within the walls of the domestic league Fight Nights Global, in which he was assigned the status of a heavyweight star. For three years under her sign, he scored a record 11-0, won the Grand Prix and won the then newly introduced champion title, the first defense of which became for him a pass to the roster of the best fighting organization in the world. Despite the status of a promising prospect, the fighter lost his first fight in the promotion, after which, however, won two victories in the first round, which completely restored his reputation.

Hits hard

Pavlovich is a purebred puncher in the first generation, who, with not the highest accuracy of punches and a meager arsenal, is able to knock out absolutely any opponent, especially when hit by an overhand. However, practice has shown that if he did not do it in the first round, then he will not do it later.

Has a voluminous gas tank

The athlete has three fights in which he and his counterpart have covered the full distance, and in one of them this distance was five rounds. He emerged victorious from each fight, and in none of the cases did he show a strong drawdown in cardio, which can be called a very rare occurrence for a heavyweight.

Fighter's current form and readiness

Currently, the athlete is leading a streak of victories over Marcelo Golm and Maurice Green, with whom he was exonerated for the defeat to Alistair Overeem, which fell on his debut in the promotion. On the eve of the fight in question, he has almost two years of simple and only three weeks of focused preparation under his belt.

Comparative analysis

Aspinall slightly surpasses the Russian in height, while having a span of arms that is almost two dozen centimeters smaller. Of all the weight categories, this parameter has the least value in the heavy weight, but when it comes to such a difference, it simply cannot be ignored. However, the Briton has how to respond to this, namely, superiority in boxing and kickboxing, footwork, accuracy of punches and protection from them. Of course, both athletes have the keys to victory in this fight by knockout or decision, but there are still more of them in the pocket of the Briton. On the ground, Tom also looks stronger, however, he is unlikely to try to fight the Russian, since when protecting him from transfers, this may require a lot of strength and energy, which at first glance does not have much at his disposal.

Tom Aspinall vs Sergey Pavlovich Fight Prediction

The reason for such a protracted downtime of the Russian lies in the injury of his leading left leg, and after operating it, he trained only sitting for several months, returning to full-fledged classes this winter. In the time available to him, it was possible to fully recover, but in the aggregate, the severity of the injury, the duration of the break and the lack of competitive tone following it do not allow him to be put on it. However, we cannot advise Aspinall to start playing, because we did not see how he enters into the close range, because if one of the previous opponents surpassed the Briton in rich, then it is insignificant. The best option here seems to be a bet on the duration of the battle, which, given the nuances available, cannot drag on. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: TM 1.5 for rounds.

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