Prediction of the fight Paulo Costa vs Marvin Vettori

Despite the fact that for two years the holder of the UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, has easily stopped one challenger after another, it is still too early to say that we are dealing with a dominant champion. The themes of his low resilience and weak grappling skills have still not been fully explored, while there are still guys on the promotion roster who can do it, such as Paulo Costa and Marvin Vettori. And although both athletes have already lost to the New Zealander before, each of them can get another chance to give answers to questions of interest to many fans of mixed martial arts.

But first of all, they will have to find out who is more worthy of this opportunity. In the main event of UFC Fight Night 196, which will take place on October 24, their face-to-face meeting will take place, which promises to result in a competitive and uncompromising fight, because the feeling of revenge is a great motivator.

Paulo Costa vs Marvin Vettori

Paulo Costa

Number two of the official rankings and former contender for the promotion middleweight championship title. Since the age of nine, he has been studying the skills of Muay Thai, which, together with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, is currently the foundation of his fighting style.

The prospect began his career in professional mixed martial arts with a record of 4-0, at which he was invited to test his abilities on the Brazilian version of The Ultimate Fighter project. Having flown out of the tournament at the quarterfinals stage, he, naturally, lost the opportunity he received then to get into the UFC, but he did not lose the fire in his eyes. After the failure, the athlete won the championship of the Face To Face organization and joined the list of champions of the strongest Brazilian league Jungle Fight, which together raised his value as a fighter in the eyes of Dana White. Once in the UFC, he began to demonstrate that signing him into the promotion was the right decision, and won five early victories in a row. As a result, he received a title shot against Israel Adesanya, which ended in defeat for him.


The prospectus is not even close to a wrestling school, however, despite this, due to regular strength training, it has explosive power inherent in its representatives. With its help, he can knock down or knock out any opponent, especially at the beginning of the fight, which has been demonstrated to them more than once.

Among the top middleweight leagues, there is no one who surpasses the fighter in this regard. Perhaps this indicator would have been slightly lower if he had spent a little more time in the octagon, but the fact remains - today more than half of the blows he throws fall on the target, which, together with the force contained in them, is an explosive mixture.


Costa is one of those fighters who believes that working out in the gym affects not only the size and strength of the muscles, but also the strength of the chin. He is not shy about going forward and exchanging, and in general he does not care much about defense in the standing position, as a result of which he misses about seven accented punches per minute.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Before being defeated in the last appearance by Israel Adesanya, the prospectus had a streak of thirteen victories, the last of which were won by him over Oluwale Bambgose, Johnny Hendrix, Yuraya Hall and Yoel Romero. On a duel against the Italian, he will come out after a year break and three months of the camp.

Paulo Costa vs Marvin Vettori

Marvin Vettori

The fifth number in the official ranking of the organization and the best Italian fighter in the history of mixed martial arts. As the main martial arts, he uses kickboxing, which he actively practices from an early age, as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, developed in his case at the level of the brown belt.

Before signing to the UFC, Vettori played in various European promotions for four years. He didn’t show himself to be a strong prospect back then, but scored an impressive 10-2 record and won the Venator FC league welterweight league title, doing everything it took to start working with Dana White. In the UFC, the athlete decided to compete in the middle weight category and at first did not produce impressive results. But then, mustering his strength, he issued a series of five victories, thanks to which he received the title chance and at the same time the opportunity to revenge for the long-standing defeat of Israel by Adesanya, which he could not use for its intended purpose.


The Italian is not a guy who can twist any opponent into a ram's horn, but, nevertheless, he has good fighting skills, thanks to which he won many dangerous jitters. In this aspect, he is distinguished by effective power transfers, strong control on the ground and a good ground and pound.

Due to the large muscle mass, the athlete does not visually seem to be a person with a gas tank, which is enough for long runs. In fact, he repeatedly covered the championship distance, each time demonstrating the ability to be effective and maintain a high pace throughout the five rounds of the fight.


Despite many years of training under the guidance of the famous kickboxing expert Rafael Cordeiro, the Italian still does not have dangerous kicks in his arsenal. Yes, sometimes he throws out good badi kicks, however, in general, his footwork does not shine with sophistication and requires a lot of improvements.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The Italian approaches the meeting in question after the defeat to Israel Adesanya, before which he walked on a streak of victories over Cesar Ferreira, Andrew Sanchez, Carl Roberson, Jack Hermansson and Kevin Holland. Four months have passed since his last fight, and he was given three months to complete the camp.

Comparative analysis

With a similar build, athletes naturally have almost identical dimensions and differ slightly in this regard, so that in their fight no one will have an advantage in height or arm span that can affect its outcome. There is also plus or minus parity in the rack. Both fighters boast athleticism and love of pressure, while the Brazilian has impressive explosive power, accuracy and dangerous kicks on the side of the Brazilian, while the Italian can count on his superiority in boxing, speed and defense.

With the parterre, everything is much simpler. Costa received his BJJ black belt even before joining the organization, but in his case it is nothing more than a formality, and the Italian with his brown belt is much stronger than him in this regard. If the athletes find themselves on the ground, it is obvious who will take the top position. Moreover, most likely Vettori in this confrontation will constantly try to initiate the ground in order to minimize the danger of a counterpart in a standing position. There are doubts that he will be able to easily transfer and control the Brazilian on the ground for a long time in the first minutes of the fight, however, as for the third and subsequent rounds, there is almost no doubt about this, because then the difference in endurance will intervene in the course of their fight, in terms of which Marvin is definitely superior to his rival.

Paulo Costa vs Marvin Vettori Fight Prediction

In this matchup, each athlete has the keys to victory. But objectively the Italian has more of them. He has boxing, speed, functionality and grappling on his side. Costa is dangerous only in the first two rounds, but not only is his counterpart not a guy who can be easily knocked out for a long time, in this confrontation there is also one nuance in terms of the ratio of styles. The Brazilian's winning tactic is to push the opponent to the net and discharge into him with short hooks. Vettori, on the other hand, is a guy who himself prefers to conduct fights in this manner and always does everything possible to get out of the pressure. With the right combination of boxing and grappling, it will not be difficult for him to win this fight. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: victory for Marvin Vettori.

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