Marcin Tybura vs Walt Harris fight prediction

The first UFC tournament in June is full of heavyweight fights. The second most important fight of the event, Fight Night 189, will be a meeting between Marcin Tybura from Poland, and Walt Harris, who is going through the worst times in his career. For Tybura, this is a great opportunity to get into the top ten of the rating, and given the winning streak it is on, it is very close to the TOP 5.

This confrontation is an ordinary rating battle, but it will definitely be one of the most striking, because the participants simply do not know how to finish their performances boring. The bookmakers have identified their favorite, but we will have to figure out who actually has the best chance of winning, because the arsenals of Tybura and Harris are quite different.

Marcin Tybura vs Walt Harris

Marcin Tybura

The Pole occupies the 11th line of the rating, and represents the UFC caste of wrestlers, although in addition, Marcin has been engaged in BZHJ for a long time. The fighter made 14 finishes in 27 fights, and almost equally, he did it in the stand and on the ground. Tybura can compete with any opponent, but for the most part, he faced difficulties when it came to exchanges and work on his hands, otherwise he is a fully equipped MMA fighter.

Marcin has been performing since 2011, he managed to mark himself as the M-1 champion, and since 2016, he has been performing under the auspices of the UFC. Here he managed to pass the opposition, the level of Stefan Struve, Maxim Grishin, Greg Hardy and others. But high-caste athletes, like Derrick Lewis and Fabricio Werdum, found ways to deal with him unilaterally.

Versatile athlete

Tybura represents that cohort of fighters who are able to do everything, but at the same time do not stand out for something specific. He charges hard, knows how to submit, transfer to the ground, but if his opponent is better in any aspect than he is, then most often Marcin loses. In recent years, the Polish finisher has gained momentum, and now it is not easy to deal with him, in whatever key the fight takes place.

Omissions in the defense

So far, Marcin has missed as many punches as he has landed. The base in BZHZH and wrestling, does not give him the opportunity to hone the striking technique in such a way that not only to attack, but also to leave the line of attack. Therefore, 4 defeats by knockouts in a career, speak for themselves about the disadvantages of the Pole.

Current form and readiness of the fighter

Tybura is 35 years old, he is on a series of 4 wins in a row, and it seems that now he has reached the peak and opened in all its glory. And if the same Sergey Spivak and Ben Rothwell do not look like the most formidable opponents, then the victory over Greg Hardy indicates that Marcin has progressed, and is ready to show good results. Most likely, in the next couple of years, we will see him in the best condition of his entire career.

Marcin Tybura vs Walt Harris fight prediction

Walt Harris

The American gained a foothold on the 8th line of the rating. This is a thoroughbred boxer, with 13 wins by knockout in his career, that is, every triumph of Harris ended ahead of schedule, and so far he has not brought a single won fight to the final gong. But Walt's striking technique is far from ideal, as evidenced by multiple KO/TKO defeats.

Harris has been in mixed martial arts for 10 years, and since 2013 he has been fighting in the UFC octagon. His track record consists of victories over Alexey Oleynik, Sergey Spivak and Andrey Orlovsky. And yet, with higher-level fighters, it was very difficult for him. The same Alexander Volkov, defeated the American without serious resistance.

Strength and power

The main advantage of Harris is his size and physical strength. He can hit without amplitude, while generating such power that the opponent simply can not withstand it even through the block. In boxing, when it comes to attacking, Walt is great, but with everything else, he has obvious problems.

Weak defense and cardio

In the last fights, the athlete showed that his endurance is only enough for the first round. In addition, he misses more in the rack than he hits himself, and in the heavyweight division, such mistakes are unacceptable. And as for working on the land, in this component, Walt is not even an average person, because of which he has repeatedly experienced big problems.

Fighter's current form and readiness

Harris is 37 years old, and this is the case when the best years are already behind him. Two defeats in a row, and early ones, low competitive interest and mental problems, made him not a killer, but a simple middle-class man. Most likely, if not this time, then after 1-2 fights, Walt will finish his career.

Bookmakers ' odds

In this match, the favorite is Marcin Tybura, who is given a coefficient of 1.57. Although Walt Harris is not considered a big underdog, because in his case the kef is 2.4. Download 1xbet, where you can bet on your favorite.

Comparative analysis

In terms of size, Harris has an advantage in height (5 cm), and Tybura in the span of his arms-2.5 cm. As for the basic disciplines, then, as mentioned earlier, Walt is more one-sided in this aspect, and his boxing, against the background of striking techniques and Marcin's wrestling, looks faded. In addition, the Pole passes fewer punches and has better protection from takedowns, and this is not counting the fact that he finished on the ground of 6 of his opponents.

If we talk about experience and opposition, then in this component the guys are about equal, but Tybura is able to use this very experience in conjunction with good physical indicators. Harris, on the other hand, is quickly exhausted, slows down and is only dangerous in the first round, especially with his passion for explosive work, which instantly squeezes all the strength out of him. Therefore, with a fairly serious margin, Marcin is ahead, thanks to his various techniques and physical conditions.

Marcin Tybura vs Walt Harris Fight Prediction

Bookmakers consider the Pole the favorite, and it is impossible to argue with their decision. He is ready to fight in all planes, is in great shape, and in addition-does not stop and constantly progresses. But Walt does not show any development, and it seems as if he does not strive for victory, but goes into the cage for money. He has one chance to win-hard to hit, or pin Marcin at the net and try to score him with a multi-part combination. However, given its high-speed qualities, this is unlikely, so it is worth waiting for a systematic destruction on the part of Tybura.

Prediction: Marcin Tybura Wins

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