The forecast for the fight Shamil Abdurakhimov vs Chris Daukas

The main card of the UFC Fight Night 191 tournament was replenished with the confrontation of the Russian heavyweight, Shamil Abdurakhimov, who disappeared from the radar back in 2019, and Chris Daukas, who is going on an impressive series of early victories. Both athletes are in the top ten, but this is a more profitable fight for the American, because he can rise in the rating table by three points at once. Which of them has the best chance of winning and how this meeting will end, we will understand in our forecast.

Shamil Abdurakhimov vs Chris Daukas

Shamil Abdurakhimov

The fighter, nicknamed "Abrek", occupies the 7th line of the rating, representing the Dagestan Republic in the UFC cage. He is a multiple winner of the Russian and republican championships in Wushu-sanda, MSMC in kickboxing, as well as the world champion in kick-jitsu. In mixed martial arts, Shamil has the title of the winner of the Abu Dhabi FC Grand Prix.

Abdurakhimov stands out from other heavyweights with a magnificent arsenal of kicks, and honed technique, which allowed him to win victories over high-class opponents. Before joining the UFC, he dealt with Jeff Monson, Kenny Garner and other famous fighters.


The base in wushu-sanda, which Shamil has been engaged in since childhood, allows him to feel calm in duels with drummers of almost any level. And on top of everything else, the fighter has an optimal set of techniques and techniques in the stalls, although he does not bet on the fight.


The sad experience of performances against top UFC heavyweights has shown that Abdurakhimov often flirts, trying to fight according to the rules of his opponents. And he has obvious problems with protection from takedowns (he is not able to stop more than half of the transfers).

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Shamil is already 39 years old and, despite the fact that this is not a critical indicator for a heavyweight, a simple almost 2 years old does not play into the hands of a Russian. He lost his last fight to Curtis Blades, having previously won over Marcin Tybura (TKO) and Andrey Orlovsky (unanimous decision). But, on the other hand, a long period of recovery can guarantee Abdurakhimov an excellent state of health and complete recovery from old injuries.

The forecast for the fight Shamil Abdurakhimov vs Chris Daukas

Chris Daukas

Chris closes the top 10, and is the base drummer. The black belt in BJJ, which is listed in his achievements – is rather an additional option than a dangerous weapon, since there have been no victories by submishens in Daukas ' career yet. The fighter claimed the title of the Cage Fury organization, although unsuccessfully, but otherwise, he was not something remarkable in terms of sporting achievements.

However, this does not affect his performances in any way, since Chris has become the record holder in the division for the number of accentuated strikes per minute-on average, he hits the target 11 times in 60 seconds. And the percentage of early victories, even taking into account the fact that this is a category over 93 kg, says a lot about the athlete – 91% of the victories took place even before the gong.


We have already canceled the skills in the stand of this guy, but in addition to the crazy pace, it is worth adding an impeccable defense against transfers, because Daukas has not been in any fight in the UFC on earth. And also the accuracy with which he punches opponents deserves attention. This is the case when an athlete causes a lot of damage, but at the same time he receives it in minimal quantities.


Chris is a young and hot heavyweight, because chopping is bread for him. And, despite the excellent defense indicators, sometimes he flirts too much and misses heavy counter hits that could have been avoided.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Daukas is 31 years old, he has a series of 4 victories on his account, and the last performance of the American dates back to February of this year. Knockouts in fights with Alexey Oleynik, Rodrigo Ferreira and Parker Porter made it clear to everyone that Chris is here for a long time. He is in the best shape of his entire career, so he should show his best side in the upcoming match.

Bookmakers ' odds

1xbet experts believe that in the current situation of forces, Chris Daukas will enter the octagon as the favorite, with a winning coefficient of 1.5. Shamil Abdurakhimov goes with a significant margin with a kef of 2.6. Install the 1xbet app and bet on the winner.

Comparative analysis

According to the classics, let's start with anthropometry: Abdurakhimov has an advantage in weight (by 13 kg) and height (3 cm), but this does not add to his mobility and speed. Shamil can boast of a large amount of skills in striking technique, as well as indicators of successful takedowns against Chris, of course, because he does not use them at all. But an athlete from the United States demonstrates almost the best activity among all his colleagues, hits much more accurately, and most importantly, he misses 4 times less blows than he inflicts, unlike a Russian, whose attacks and the damage received are at the same level.

The work in the clinch, the distribution of damage by floors and ground-and-pound, go into the piggy bank of "Abrek", in fact, as well as the experience and class of the opposition with which he dealt. However, all this will not matter so much, given that the age difference between the guys is 8 years, and not in favor of our fighter. And the last argument becomes a simple one, which was discussed a little above.

Shamil Abdurakhimov vs Chris Daukas Fight Prediction

Shamil has the minimum number of options that he can use to achieve victory. Either he will set the distance with the help of kicks, and will carefully handle the body and head of Chris, or he will try to tire him in the clinch. But the amount of work that Daukas does, and the force generated by him during the attacks, does not bode well for the Russian. In my opinion, we are waiting for a quick finish, and I see Chris as the winner. Although, the experience of Abdurakhimov will also play a role, because in the heat of battle, his opponent, as it has already happened, can miss a stray blow. Therefore, it is most reasonable to bet on the early completion of the match, or, if you are still confident in Daukas, on his victory.

Prediction: Chris Daukas

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