Prediction for the fight Marina Moroz vs Luana Carolina

In 2015, Ukrainian athlete Marina Moroz was signed to the UFC with 5 professional fights under her belt. Now, "Iron Lady" will enter the 9th fight under the auspices of the best MMA promotion in the world, and will be opposed by the winner of the "Dana White Contenders Series", Luana Carolina. The girls will play on the undercard of UFC Fight Night 195, and for Marina it will be a comeback after a long absence of a year and a half.

Marina Moroz vs Luana Carolinar

Marina Moroz

The athlete from Volnogorsk is a titled boxer and kickboxer. She became the champion of Ukraine in these disciplines, won the World Cup in kickboxing, and also entered the final of the Cup of Ukraine in boxing among students. After that, she was awarded the title of Master of Sports in these types of martial arts. For a certain amount of time, Marina played in China, after - in Europe, and then focused on the UFC tournaments in the USA. She has victories over Joanne Calderwood, Sabina Mazo, as well as competitive fights with ex-champion Carla Esparza and top athlete - Angela Hill.


Frost is good because, having a serious base in percussion types of single combats, she managed to quickly learn the basics of fighting on the ground. For this reason, Marina has an excellent, accumulated over the years arsenal in a standing position (combinations for the body and head look great in her performance), as well as a good level of BJJ, thanks to which the girl has issued as many as 5 finishes with submissions, with just one TKO.


Given Marina's punching skills, it seems rather strange that her low accuracy and mediocre defense become serious problems in battles with high-level opposition. This is a real problem, to which you can add a weak takedown defense. Frost is good in everything, but only as an attacking link.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The Ukrainian is 30 years old, she went through a crisis in her career, and only began to reach a new level, having won victories over Sabina Mazo and Myra Bueno Silva, when problems began with leaving the country due to the introduction of quarantine restrictions. A simple one from March 2020 will definitely affect Marina's form, but, frankly, up to this point, she dealt with more serious opponents, because such conditions should be enough for a successful return.

Marina Moroz vs Luana Carolina

Luana Carolina

The Brazilian has also come out of striking sports and has mostly proven herself to be a good Thai boxer. Little is known about her merits at the regional level, but after switching to mixed martial arts, Luana tried several weight categories, ranging from minimum to bantamweight, choosing 56.7 kg. Having won the Contender Series, Carolina faced opponents of the highest level, and the defeat of Ariana Lipsky only confirmed her "rawness" as a successful prospect.


Carolina attracts by the fact that, at first glance, she is slowly leading a duel, sets the distance with low-kicks, but then explodes and, thanks to power in her hands, unusual for many other ladies from the lightest weight, drops her rivals. And her Brazilian character no longer allows her to let go of the victim - in finishing off on the ground, Luana is really dangerous.


Lack of experience, far from the best level of parterre, as well as lame defense against submissions, make "Dread" an easy target for more titled athletes. Yes, and the results of her performances in the UFC, where Carolina did not manage to get a single early victory, suggests that it is still very early for her to compete even with the giants.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Luana, 28, fought her last fight in May, won a close decision to Poliana Botelho after losing to Lipski, bringing the total promotion to 2-1. Without a doubt, this athlete is improving, showing good progress in speed and composure, but it is impossible to claim that she is in good shape, and even more so sufficient to win victories in the future. The low-down hands, through which the blows of rivals fly with a whistle, but they do not fall into place - these are the mistakes of beginners, which lead to big problems in professional sports.

Comparative analysis

Despite the fact that the girls compete in the same weight class, Luana will be larger at the moment of the fight, since she drives more weight, and on top of that, she has an advantage in the span of her arms by 5 cm.It is physical strength that will be the distinguishing feature between them - Frost is completely does not have a hard hitting, relying on footwork and number of hits. But the Brazilian can afford to be discharged with a combination that will send her opponent into a knockdown.

In contrast, Marina can offer quality work on the ground. She is not strong in translations, but the armbars in her performance look very convincing. Most likely, the rivals will arrange a shootout in a standing position, but if it comes to rivalry on the ground, then here Carolina can offer ground-and-pound, and Frost - tricks, and the fight itself will show what will be more effective.

Marina Moroz vs Luana Carolina Fight Prediction

Based on the statistics, who the girls fought with and what results they achieved, it becomes clear that Marina is several steps higher than her young opponent. She is more technical, faster, more experienced, and even taking into account a long downtime, she should show a good result in battle. Luana is ready to offer her exchanges and a tight blow, and for a second, the Ukrainian misses a lot, but even here the difference in class will play a lot. I would not wait for the early end of the meeting, as I see Marina as the winner, because Victoria of the "Iron Lady", who will shoot her counterpart in a standing position, will get her by the referee's decision. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Victory of Marina Moroz

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