Prediction for the fight Derrick Lewis vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima

A fighter who never holds the title of champion, but who is quite deservedly the people's favorite - Derrick Lewis, systematically descended from the hall of the elite, into the room where the representatives of the TOP-15 of the division are sitting. Marcos Rogerio De Lima will try to take advantage of his position, with whom they will enter the octagon on July 30, in the UFC 291 numbered event card. The “Black Beast” has not felt the taste of victories since the end of 2021, and he was again picked up by a formidable striker carrying new “dream sessions” in his fists. Whose “cannon” will shoot first in this fight?

Derrick Lewis vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima

Derrick Lewis

The 11th number of the rating was known in the heavyweights as a basic boxer. Despite this, he “championed” in Legacy FC, got close to the belt of the interim UFC leader and the undeniable one too - only in both cases he lost. Having garters in BJJ (owns a blue belt), he often uses his main weapon - fists, with which he chopped many tops. Behind him is a record for the number of knockouts that the Black Beast handed out to both wrestlers and strikers.


Lewis has two strengths: a hard blow and periodic bouts of inflammation of cunning - he simply loves to deceive opponents. To lure them onto yourself and then deprive them of consciousness is the American’s favorite undertaking, but nothing is worth anything behind this surprise and physical power, and now Derrick can be safely called monotasking, without a hint of a desire to change the plan for battle.


Cardio for 5-7 minutes of the fight, if it is not high intensity, the jaw gradually acquiring the appearance of a crystal, lack of struggle, a small number of thrown punches - this is only part of Lewis's problems. He does not use the standard boxer technique of fencing with a jab, but always charges for one hit, which eventually ceases to bear any fruit at all. And I don’t really want to talk about helplessness in the stalls, since the lack of attempts to simply get up from under the counterpart speaks for itself.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Derrick is also 38 years old, but we're talking about an athlete on a 3-loss streak. Sergei Spivak submitted him, Sergei Pavlovich scored a technical knockout, and Tai Tuivas sent him face down. Prior to that, Lewis finished Chris Dokas and missed out on the interim title in a clash with Cyril Gan. The “Black Beast” has ceased to amaze with homemade preparations, and often goes to direct cuts, but the loss of speed, as well as the jaw that is losing ground, do not allow him to achieve what he wants. What is the saddest thing is that otherwise he simply does not know how to fight, therefore it makes no sense to wait for any conclusions and work on mistakes.

Derrick Lewis vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima

Marcos Rogerio De Lima

Brazilian, one of the few black belt holders in jiu-jitsu, who has more than half of his defeats by submission. Be that as it may, Marcos is a serious finisher, with heavy fists and experience in three divisions: from 84 kg to 120. He is a former challenger for the Shooto Brazil title, a member of the TUF, and an ex-fighter of the many forgotten Strikeforce organization.


De Lima is a solid Thai, with devastating low kicks, a good clinch and a pretty confident fight. Yes, he is unlikely to perform anything more creative than a rear naked choke, but the guy's ground and pound, along with explosive work in the stand, definitely deserves attention. Plus, he himself superbly holds a blow and often flies into exchanges without fear.


But with submission defense, Marcos has obvious problems - 5 times out of 8, he lost in this way. Dimensions, stupid mistakes in building tactics, not always competent preparation of attacks - all this prevented him from defeating, in fact, rivals who were inferior in many moments. And the Brazilian’s workrate also raises questions – he hits powerfully, but rarely, allowing the opposition to develop their offensive success.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Rogerio is 38 years old, and his track record looks quite good: one defeat in 5 fights, the culprit of which was Blagoy Ivanov. Victorias over Andrei Orlovsky, Valdo Cortez-Acosta, Maurice Green, and Ben Rothwell indicate that Pesao is far from hopeless. As part of the upcoming battle, he can be loudly called a "universal", and the general condition of the Brazilian is still not bad, so he will work out 3 rounds with dignity, albeit with a slowdown after the equator. Given the chance to get close to the TOP-10, we expect the highest motivation from Marcos.

Comparative analysis

Dimensions: in this component, Lewis looks more interesting, because 10 cm in arm span, 5 cm in height and a good 7-10 kg of weight go into his piggy bank. But further, even taking into account the vast experience of fighting against the elite, Derrick will only lose. The number of accented punches, combinations, transferring punches from the body to the head and kicks - in this Marcos looks more profitable, plus speed and at least some cardio behind him. In the stalls, the "Black Beast" is not even a rival to such an unfortunate jitser. Due to mobility and smaller dimensions, De Lima can spend the first round on exhausting the enemy, kicking off his legs, and only then move on to offensive actions.

That same single shot by Lewis can always turn the tide of the fight, but for some reason it didn't work in the last three bouts. Yes, and the Brazilian knows how to hold heavy hits, not to mention the fact that this moment can generally be leveled by wrestling. Simply put, Marcos has a lot more options, and if he doesn’t sleep through his colleague’s attacks at first, then Derrick will look more and more helpless. So the chances of taking the victory, regardless of the status of the guys, are much higher for Pesao. But, his frequent, banal and gross mistakes still give hope for the triumph of the veteran.

Derrick Lewis vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima Prediction

Actually, it is difficult to add something else in this case. The fighters are of the same age and almost identical number of professional fights, but Marcos has a fresher condition, and he will clearly not rely on one particular blow, but will be able to use his entire arsenal. As for Derrick, his hour has already passed, he loses by knockouts, does not grow as an athlete, from the word at all, and is rapidly degrading physically. For this reason, as a winner, with such and such odds, it is more reasonable to consider De Lima, and if Lewis's sledgehammer finally fires, he will do so before the start of the third round. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Under (1.5-2.5) by rounds / Win by Marcos Rogerio De Lima

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