A fighter who never holds the title of champion, but who is quite deservedly the people's favorite - Derrick Lewis, systematically descended from the hall of the elite, into the room where the representatives of the TOP-15 of the division are sitting. Marcos Rogerio De Lima will try to take advantage of his position, with whom they will enter the octagon on July 30, in the UFC 291 numbered event card. The “Black Beast” has not felt the taste of victories since the end of 2021, and he was again picked up by a formidable striker carrying new “dream sessions” in his fists. Whose “cannon” will shoot first in this fight?

Derrick Lewis vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima
Long time fans will remember how the Ultimate Fighter's idiosyncratic guy broke into the UFC roster and became a nightmare for fighters in the lightweight division. 12 years have passed since then, and now El Cucuy is a millimeter away from being fired, going on an insane losing streak. The UFC 291 tournament, which will be held in Salt Lake City on July 30, has every chance of being Tony Ferguson's last in his career, as is his opponent, Bobby Green. So will The King manage to retire old Tony?

Tony Ferguson vs Bobby Green