Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munoz fight prediction

Ecuadorian fighter Marlon Vera, who competes in the bantamweight division of the UFC, went through several media rivals, becoming one of the potential contenders for the title in just a year. Just one setback has pushed him to the fringes of the lineup, and now he has to rebuild his winning streak against Pedro Munoz at UFC 292 on August 20 in Boston. And if for the Brazilian this is a great opportunity to get close to the TOP-5, then Chito has much higher risks - because of the loss, he can completely forget about the title shot. So, the fight promises to be especially hot.

Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munoz

Marlon Vera

The fighter is on the 6th line of the rating, and according to the database he is a representative of jiu-jitsu, where he has a black belt. However, Thai boxing has become Marlon's second "love", and he holds the lion's share of fights in an upright position. This is a participant in the TUF reality show, the owner of a number of awards (8 pieces) for the brightest performances, as well as a well-deserved UFC veteran, with almost two dozen fights in the octagon behind him. In addition, Vera has a record for the number of finishes in the bantamweight division.


"Chito" is great in the distribution of attacks on the floors: almost half of the blows thrown by him are to the body and legs. Frontal kicks, low kicks, knees in the clinch - all this he uses in parallel with sharp straight lines from both hands. In addition, when it comes to the ground, he is also not lost there, because the past in the BJJ was reflected in his record - he won 8 out of 20 career victories with tricks. Decent takedown defense and adequate cardio complete the overall picture.


In battles, Vera can easily track his low mobility. That is, when he is on the attack, everything is great, but as soon as it comes to defensive actions, the athlete’s legs, or at least body movements, sometimes let him down. Marlon is not afraid of the damage he receives, however, sometimes, this enhances the effect of the opponent's attacks, and the judges award points not to his piggy bank.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The fighter is 30 years old, out of five performances over the past 2 years, he won 4, however, for the most part, there are veterans: Dominic Cruz, Frankie Edgar, Rob Font and Davey Grant. But the Ecuadorian could not cope with Corey Sandhagen, losing to him by a close decision. Despite this, Chito is in excellent condition, ready to go full distances, and most importantly, he always knew how to come back after defeats.

Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munoz

Pedro Munoz

The Brazilian, not surprisingly, has a black belt in BJJ, but in addition to this, he practiced judo and kickboxing. Such a track record allowed Pedro not only to collect a solid collection of bonuses for the best fights of the evening in the UFC, but also to become the champion of the Resurrection FC league. Munoz is gradually falling back in the rankings, taking the 10th line, and in the last 3 years he has shown dismal results in the cage.


Pedro is more of a drummer with excellent transfer protection. He kicks a lot, has good endurance and stamina, so at the moment he has not yet known early defeats. The "Young Punisher" has fast and tight hooks, a good store of knowledge on conducting submissions, but his bread is the exchange of blows at medium or close range.


A low percentage of successful takedowns, sagging defense and loss of speed, due to age characteristics, do not allow Munoz to compete even with veterans who have long been written off. Gradually, the Brazilian finisher lost his sports aggression and timings, which is why he turned into an outright middle peasant.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Pedro will soon turn 37 years old. Four of the seven fights in recent years, he lost, one is listed as invalid, and only two opponents lost to him: Jimmy Rivera and Chris Gutierrez. And if the defeat of the rising, at that time, Sterling is understandable, as well as the strong Aldo, then with Dominick Cruz and Frankie Edgar Munoz had every chance of winning, but missed them. As mentioned above, age does not spare the "Punisher", taking away from him in a sense of the rhythm of fights and general activity. Therefore, it is not worth counting on an improvement in the situation in this case.

Comparative analysis

If in height Vera is only 5 cm ahead, then in the span of her arms the gap between them is enormous - about 15 centimeters. Bearing in mind that both will fight in the standing position, at least at the start, this will play a huge role, and clearly not in Pedro's favor. In addition, Marlon strikes kicks from a long distance much more often, so there is definitely no doubt about his success in this field.

The Brazilian's lame defense will not allow him to come out clean from the exchanges of blows, and the need to get closer will put his head to serious tests. In terms of wrestling, it is “Chito” that looks more interesting, because he translates more confidently, and in the ground and pound he reveals himself better. True, it will not be easy to knock down a short opponent with such a confident takedown defense.

In clinches, both are good - Thai boxing is perfected by everyone, therefore, taking into account all the above factors, Vera will have noticeably more tools to put pressure on the enemy. Despite this, he will have to be on the alert for all three rounds, because to wear out, and even more so to force Munoz to completely obey the chosen game plan, threatening him with damage, is not an easy task.

Marlon Vera vs Pedro Munoz Prediction

Positions in the ranking, age, current form and many other little things, including the technical features of the fighters, play into the hands of Marlon. It's just that the matchmakers brought them together late, if you look from Pedro's side. But, this match is quite predictable for betting. The triumphant, with the highest degree of probability, will be “Chito”, but we will not completely discount Munoz - everyone makes mistakes in MMA. For this reason, taking into account the absence of early defeats from him, you can bet on the duration of the fight, because if the finish does take place, then in the 3rd round, when both will be worn out. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Marlon Vera win / total over (2.5) by rounds

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