Prediction for the fight Tony Ferguson vs Bobby Green

Long time fans will remember how the Ultimate Fighter's idiosyncratic guy broke into the UFC roster and became a nightmare for fighters in the lightweight division. 12 years have passed since then, and now El Cucuy is a millimeter away from being fired, going on an insane losing streak. The UFC 291 tournament, which will be held in Salt Lake City on July 30, has every chance of being Tony Ferguson's last in his career, as is his opponent, Bobby Green. So will The King manage to retire old Tony?

Tony Ferguson vs Bobby Green

Tony Ferguson

The fighter who left the TOP-15 lightweight has an impressive list of achievements in martial arts. In addition to his passion for martial arts, Tony has a black belt in BJJ, and in his student years he won the NCWA wrestling championship. Then, having knocked out the Pure Combat league championship, he crept up to the UFC. Here he won the 13th season of TUF, was an interim champion, and was rightfully considered one of the most dangerous finishers promoting cruelty in the cage.


Ferguson's advantage has always been speed, strong jaw and unpredictability. Own preparations, a mix of styles, sharp elbows, tight kicks and versatility, allowed him to stand out in all tiers of fights. And the endless cardio, along with the pressing, created a chaotic cage atmosphere that was unreadable to his opposition.


With age, all of the above began to lose relevance. Chandler corrected Tony's bite, stamina began to pump up, in fact, as well as speed, and Gaethje was the first to take his soul. Yes, and with the protection of "El Kukuy" had problems all the way - knockdowns in his case became a pattern. Now, all this has only worsened, and only a faded shadow remains of the former Hitman.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Ferguson is 39 years old, and this is exactly the case when the athlete did not maintain his health, having tremendous performance experience behind him. He lost all 5 last fights - the aforementioned Chandler and Gaethje, Dariush, Oliveira and finally Nate Diaz - all these great five simply ruined Tony's career. The set of skills remained with him, as well as a heavy blow, but the American forgot how to implement this - the brain does not send signals to the muscles in the same way as before. Therefore, it is naive to expect hints of stability from Kukui.

Tony Ferguson vs Bobby Green

Bobby Green

Another veteran, albeit not so recognizable, has an equally impressive list of achievements. A wrestling background (national wrestling champion in 2003 and 2004), a number of belts from MMA promotions (TFA, WFC and KOTC), as well as a record for the most strikes in the division, with a considerable number of bonuses - all this is about Bobby. In addition, he has a purple belt in BJJ, which makes the “King” the most dangerous counterpart for the same fighters who have seen life.


Greene's chips are fast handwork, accurate and hard as a hammer, jab, as well as footwork, due to which he remains at a comfortable working distance for himself. Bobby also fights well, but seeing a submission or an effective ground and pound in his performance is rather an exception to the rule. Changing floors of attacks, non-standard style and constant provocations against the opponent help him break the pace of the fight and pull the opposition under his blows.


Attempts to make fights spectacular, due to low lowered hands, have recently resulted in an increase in the number of missed blows for the “King”. His jaw gradually becomes more susceptible to hits, and his game plans become one-sided, with an emphasis on playing in front of an audience.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Bobby is 36 years old, and if we take his 5 extreme performances, they ended in defeats from Makhachev and Dober, moreover, ahead of schedule, a canceled match with Jared Gordon due to a head clash, as well as victories over Al Iaquinta and Nasrat Khakparast. Simply put, Green's business is on the decline, although he is not as critical as his future counterpart. The American still maintains decent speeds, and if the meetings do not go to the ground floor, where he has to work from the back, then in general, the veteran's form can be called satisfactory. He is definitely ready for clashes with older counterparts.

Comparative analysis

Tony, compared to Bobby, has longer arms - we are talking about 14 cm, and a little more growth. In fact, at this point in both of their careers, we should be talking about striker opposition, as Green is clearly not the type of guy to get Ferguson on the ground. Yes, and “El Cucuy” quickly gets tired on the ground, so it is unlikely that this meeting will go into a horizontal plane, and if so, then only on the condition that someone’s plan to fight in the stance comes to naught.

Returning to the skills of the guys, we note that Tony is noticeably more inventive, kicks more often, is more skilled in clinches, but Bobby will be able to beat him due to his movements. Well, feeding such an opponent with a jab is not at all a problem - Ferguson's defense is crumbling, and there is nothing to be done about it. As part of a shootout on the hands, Green looks more profitable, but his whole game can be broken if El Cucuy does one simple thing - capture the center of the cage and press.

The pressure will not only make it harder for The King to prepare and develop attacks, but will also lead Tony to the fact that he can inflict additional damage with his signature elbows on the approaches and in the clinch, and these are already much-needed points in the piggy bank. Therefore, low kicks, pressure and combinational work are the way out for Ferguson, but it would be reckless to hope that he will adhere to such a strategy for all 3 rounds, given the constant mistakes on his part.

Tony Ferguson vs Bobby Green Prediction

In fact, Tony and Bobby are athletes of different calibers, and for the ex-champion such opposition a few years earlier would not have been a global problem. Now, we are talking about a slower, stagnant and demotivated fighter going on a 5-loss streak, and this greatly reduces faith in his triumph. However, what El Cucuy has always taken is the drive to win, and it's hard to believe that Green, with 3 stoppage victories in the last decade, will be able to finish old Tony. And this gives us the right to use such an option as total over (2.5), because one cannot exclude the fact that Ferguson is still able to reduce the fight with such an opponent to a referee's decision, and not lose ahead of schedule. It is more risky to determine the victor here, because both are far from the ideal of stability. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: total over (2.5) by rounds / The fight will end with a decision of the judges

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