Prediction for the fight Derrick Lewis vs Tai Tuivasa

When matchmakers bring two knockouts together in the octagon, the audience expects from them a bright, and most importantly, dynamic confrontation, where one of the participants will definitely be knocked out. And Derrick Lewis, paired with Tai Tuivasa, have every chance to give the fans a long-awaited furious knockout in a heavyweight fight.

The duo will compete in the second biggest fight at UFC 271 and already have the potential to be nominated for Best Fight or Performance of the Night. Burnt and cunning Derrick against young and explosive Ty - it will be something. We, comparing all the data available about the guys, will determine which of them has more chances to become a winner this evening.

Derrick Lewis vs Tai Tuivasa

Derrick Lewis

The American, throughout his entire sports career, used boxing, not wanting to dive into the study of grappling and BJJ. And only in recent years, he managed to reach the level of the blue belt, gradually shifting his helplessness in the stalls. At the same time, his striking technique helped him become the Legacy FC champion, as well as fight twice for the UFC belt.

Despite being limited in terms of skills, Derrick has successfully beaten opponents such as Alexander Volkov, Marcin Tybura, Curtis Blades and others. It is worth noting that, despite his sluggishness, along with the “bear” fighting style, even now he remains one of the most dangerous heavyweights of the promotion, with a blow approaching the tonnage of a freight train.


Without natural power, size and timing, Lewis's boxing would most likely not be as deadly. But its main highlight is precisely that even non-amplitude short hooks and uppercuts force the opponents' jaws to fly into the hall, and the brain in the skull to signal surrender.

Derrick is ready to lure the enemy into himself by any means available. He is really good at counterattacks, because to show his counterpart that after the missed one it became very painful for him, and to take a step back to charge for a counter attack, for this guy is the norm. And even when exhausted, he still retains power in his fists.

Despite the mediocre ground floor, the Texan is really dangerous in finishing off on the ground. Statistically, he delivers as many punches in the standing position as on the ground, sometimes using a "gorilla kick" for this, driving two hammerfists into the opponent at the same time.


Lewis's biggest weakness is everything to do with the ground. He clumsily defends himself from takedowns, quickly losing his balance, and because of his own size, he cannot rise from under the enemy, simply lying down and taking damage. In addition, such a course of battle quickly exhausts him, and it becomes easier and easier to bring down this big man.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Derrick is 37 years old, he won 5 out of 6 last fights, and competed literally in December 2021, finishing Chris Dokas. Before that, the American failed to win the title of interim champion due to the loss to Cyril Gan, but such athletes as Curtis Blaydes and Aleksey Oleinik could not cope with the American. For the last 5-6 years, he has been fighting about the same, systematically getting tired, but continues to delight the public with knockouts. Therefore, to say that this time Lewis will quickly sink or do something uncharacteristic for himself, I see no reason.

Derrick Lewis vs Tai Tuivasa

Tai Tuivasa

At the moment, Tai is ranked 11th in the rankings and, despite a dozen fights under the UFC banner, many continue to perceive him as a prospect who "still shows himself." He looks more like a street fighter, because this is the style of fighting he prefers, but the championship in the AFC, and victories over a number of very good opponents, indicate that this guy still has talent.

He passed Andrei Orlovsky, gave the hardest fight to Junior dos Santos, although in the end he lost, and in every speech he made his opponents sweat, withstanding his pood fists. Like a true Samoan, Tuivasa is always ready to go forward, responding to every missed blow with two in the cut.


Only one fight in his career (of those won), Tai brought to a referee's decision. Otherwise, he always put out the lights on his opponents by unleashing his sweeping, heavy punches. Remarkably, “Bam-bam” beats low kicks well, at close range he is excellent with his elbows, and at the time of the attack he can give out any combination, up to a deuce paired with a flying knee.

Despite his flabby body, Tuivasa moves and punches with enviable speed, and his pressure is always complemented by an endless number of punches until the opponent is on the ground.


Frankly weak defense against takedowns is also seasoned with an almost complete lack of understanding of how to act on the ground. But, it is worth noting that Tai finished by submission, only once in his entire career.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Tuivasa is only 28 years old, which is not even the prime of life for a heavyweight. He is on an excellent 4-fight win streak, where he defeated Augusto Sakai, Greg Hardy, Harry Hunsaker and Stefan Struve ahead of schedule. Tai is in great shape, he is stable, although he loves to take risks during performances, and he also enters the octagon without downtime - in December he had an extreme fight, so we expect only good performance from him.

Comparative analysis

The participants in the co-main event are really big guys, but Lewis has a considerable advantage in anthropometry and dimensions compared to his counterparts. He is a couple of centimeters taller, 10 cm longer in the arms, and definitely heavier, because he drives up to 120 kg, making up for the lost weight within 7-10 kg for a fight. Stylistically, they are different fighters, but both fight in the standing position, completely, if possible, avoiding the ground. Derrick is more technical, has a good base of strikes at close range, every now and then launching uppercuts and hooks on the opponent’s head, and is also good at the middle range, not disdaining overhands.

At the same time, Tuivasa compensates for his street style with low kicks, drying the body, competent work in the clinch, using elbows and knees. But the main difference between them is that the American is a counter striker, and the Australian is an attacking style fighter. And for Derrick, such opponents are like a birthday present. Therefore, Tai will have to approach his attacks with maximum prudence and caution, because the power of the “Black Beast” will be enough to not only stagger, but completely knock out anyone who is currently fighting in the UFC heavyweight division.

Derrick Lewis vs Tai Tuivasa Fight Prediction

Such matchmaking, which we see in this case, cannot but please us as fans. Derrick and Tai will definitely give a good fight, in which Lewis is the favorite. This is due to the fact that he has already dealt with higher-level opposition, repeatedly demonstrated his fighting IQ, and never climbed on the rampage where it did not make any sense. But Tuivasa is more emotional, not ready to endure the damage received and seeks to instantly strike back at the offender.

In the context of this confrontation, such behavior will definitely lead him to defeat, and if he does not show composure, then with a high probability, for the first time in his career, he will fly into a dead knockout. For this reason, the most obvious bet would be to pick Derrick Lewis as the winner. But as an option, you can use a bet on total rounds, or on the fact that the meeting will end ahead of schedule, with the victory of any participant, because these guys have 5 victories by decision of the judges in 51 professional fights. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Derrick Lewis to win/Total under 2.5

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