Prediction for the fight Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Neil Magny

The small diaspora of Kazakh fighters in the UFC is gradually expanding, and since 2020, the league's welterweight division has been replenished with another name that does not know defeat - Shavkat Rakhmonov. This guy has finished every fight and it looks like he doesn't know what the word "settle down" means.

Now, “Nomad” has the opportunity to get into the TOP-10 of the division, but first he will have to overcome the skilled veteran - Neil Magny, who has more than 30 professional performances behind him. Their bout will be the co-main event of UFC on ESPN 38 (Vegas 57) on June 26. At the moment, this is the most important fight in Rakhmonov's career and victory in it will be decisive for his further path to the UFC.

Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Neil Magny

Shavkat Rakhmonov

The Kazakh, like many of his compatriots, started with combat sambo and pankration. Years later, Nomad expanded his arsenal with BJJ and boxing, which allowed him to achieve high results in the professional MMA field. He became the champion of the KZMMAF organization, having made a successful defense, and then went to conquer the M-1 Global, where he also won the belt.

In many ways, such achievements could be explained by the level of opposition to Shavkat, however, after signing with the UFC, a sharp jump in the class of opponents did not affect the final results of his performances. Confident progress and finishes in each match finally opened the way for the 15th number of the official rating, the way to the “elite” of the division.


Only once in his career, Rakhmonov entered the 3rd round, since he managed to deal with the rest of his rivals much earlier. The pressure in his performance, complemented by an endless series of strikes, ranging from double jabs, ending with uppercuts, knees and kicks to the body, force opponents to overlap and try to survive.

In addition to the furious stance, Shavkat is also very good on the ground. He not only has excellent jiu-jitsu, but also heavy hammerfists, however, Nomad is especially good at choking, due to which he got the lion's share of finishes on the ground floor.

Ideal people do not exist, and Rakhmonov also makes mistakes from time to time, however, those missed blows, his granite jaw allows him to “eat up”. Needless to say, the style of the Kazakh forces him to open up, and something will definitely have to be done with this.


Behind all the advantages of Shavkat lies his main drawback: he is often exposed to the attacks of opponents, which bring him to his senses and make him work more actively. However, at a high level, slips like this can be disastrous, and he definitely needs to work on his defensive end.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Rakhmonov is 27 years old, in February of this year he added 15 wins in a row to his asset. Veteran Alex Oliveira, Michel Prazeres, and Carlston Harris have all fallen prey to the Nomad in the UFC. Shavkat demonstrates excellent form, motivation and sports aggression from time to time, therefore there is no reason to doubt his physical condition. And given that a place in the TOP-10 is at stake in the upcoming fight, we should expect an even more phenomenal fight from the Kazakh.

Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Neil Magny

Neil Magny

This American is synonymous with the word "solution". In his career, there are more victories by judicial decisions than the fights of the same Rakhmonov in general, but this is not due to Neil's low level of training, but to his style and physical characteristics. This athlete has both kickboxing and BJJ (brown belt) in his arsenal, but he has neither championship belts nor high-profile victories.

At one time, Magny went through such monsters as Robbie Lawler, Carlos Condit, Kelvin Gastelum and others. However, the “Haitian Sensation” no longer has any ambitions, because he will not be able to claim the title even in the most positive scenarios, and as a media character, Neil has always been in the shadows and was of little interest to anyone.


It was impossible to find a more accurate, consistent and technical striker at 77 kg than Magny at a certain period. He only strikes at the right moment, never gets involved in trades, and often makes the most of his anthropometry to avoid taking too much damage.

Neil does not care how much time he spends in the cage - 3 rounds or 5. At the same pace and with amazing zeal, he analyzes his opponents every minute, clearly distributing his strength over segments and not chasing the finish line.

This guy cannot be called the best striker or wrestler, but he is really good at one thing - he often managed to adapt to an opponent of any style without problems. Going far away from wrestlers and taking on lopsided strikers who were a level above him was how Neil handled problems in the octagon.


There were different moments in Magny's career, he climbed to the top positions, and then flew out of there, and the main trouble in his case was the lack of pronounced strengths. On the hands, he did not knock out opponents, and in the stalls he could not compete with sensible wrestlers and grapplers. As a result, having really good equipment and excellent weight dimensions for this, the American could not bring at least one component from his arsenal to the ideal.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Neil is 34 years old, and we watched his performance just a couple of months ago - in March he barely passed Max Griffin, winning the 4th victory in 5 extreme performances. Before that, the fighter defeated Jeff Neil, lost to Michael Chiesa and won Robbie Lawler. It is no longer worth expecting any innovations from Magny, because in recent years he has not progressed at all, but, on the contrary, has shown a decline, barely coping with the middle peasants, whom he used to crack like nuts. Therefore, the next fight may be his last chance not to fly out of the top ten forever.

Comparative analysis

Following our traditions, let's start with an assessment of the dimensions and anthropometry of the guys. As always, the championship in this component is held by the American, although Shavkat is a rather big athlete, especially considering that both fight at 77 kg. Magny is ahead of him by 5 cm in height and 6 cm in arm span (196 cm versus 202 cm). Otherwise, the gap between them is even more significant. Let's start with the shock technique: here we are witnessing a clash between a techie and a grunt, although the latter is not so simple - he is also superbly savvy in all subtleties, he just acts more openly and boldly. Without a doubt, the fight at long range will be for the Nile, but Rakhmonov will take his toll at medium and close range, turning on the savage mode.

Going down to the ground floor, Shavkat will remain the undoubted favorite, since his BJJ and ground and pound are on a qualitatively different level. More or less equally, the fight can go in the stand and clinch, where Magny skillfully knits opponents, but the pressure and pace that Nomad offers will definitely become a serious test for him. The picture of the fight looks painfully familiar: a lot of footwork and jabs from Neil, and all sorts of connections with forward movement performed by Shavkat. A strong jaw and lack of knockout power from his opponent will allow him to roam to the fullest, and a distance of 3 rounds will not allow the western athlete to gain momentum in the late segments.

Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Neil Magny Fight Prediction

The alignment of forces in this confrontation, despite the positions in the ratings, indicates that Rakhmonov has a very good chance of jumping into five positions on the table of TOP fighters. His uncompromising stance and equally tough ground floor, full of punches and submission attempts, do not bode well for Magni. One could refer to the fact that Nil runs back, suffers, and then begins to act, breaking his counterpart from a safe distance for himself, but there is no reason to argue that it will be difficult for the Nomad to break through the opponents' long arms and start shooting him from all possible angles . Magny has only lost early 6 times in his career (2 of them by TKO), and this is exactly the case when he can be early again. Shavkat looks like a sure favorite, and with the balance of power 75 to 25, I give preference to him. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Shavkat Rakhmonov's victory

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