Prediction for the fight Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot

The lion's share of fighters after signing in the UFC go a long way before meeting with big-name opponents and getting the opportunity to show all their skills to the general public. However, Arman Tsarukyan became one of the few who were lucky enough to share the octagon with Islam Makhachev in the debut and give the best fight of the evening. Despite the defeat, the athlete was remembered by the public for his flamboyant style, and now fans are looking forward to his performance.

Already on June 26, "Akhalkalaki" will enter the 7th match under the auspices of the best promotion on the planet, where Mateusz Gamrot will become his opponent. Their fight will definitely grace UFC on ESPN 38, and there is not the slightest doubt that the guys will set off fireworks in the octagon. The bookmakers have already decided who is the favorite in this pair, but we will dig deeper to reveal the most likely winner in the upcoming clash.

Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot

Arman Tsarukyan

The athlete is on the threshold of the TOP-10 of the lightweight division, occupying the 11th line. Before us is an MC in wrestling and MMA, Kunlun Fight champion, MFP (pankration) champion, three-time winner of the All-Russian wrestling and grappling tournaments (UWW), as well as the owner of several awards for the best fights held in the UFC.

Among other things, Arman has a number of victories in major combat sambo tournaments, which reveals him as a comprehensively developed fighter who knows how to show himself in all aspects of the fight. The Russian has already managed to collect several significant names in mixed martial arts, and the upcoming performance will be his debut before entering the top ten.


In the light weight category, Tsarukyan has one of the best indicators in active defense, because for 3-4 accurate hits he misses no more than one in response. In addition, his statistics look no less good in terms of protection against takedowns - only Makhachev could deliver problems to the athlete.

Transfers, retention and ground-and-pound are what Akhalkalaki won a lot of confrontations due to. He skillfully prepares and hides passages to the legs, masking them with perfected striking technique, then getting the opportunity to hit and submit the enemy - 2/3 of victories were obtained by him ahead of schedule.

Endurance and general physical condition of Arman have always been at the highest level. Camps in the American Top Team allow him to put on perfect performances, smashing the opposition not only at the full distance, but also giving finishes like they did in two extreme bouts.


Tsarukyan's debut fight in the UFC clearly showed that the level of his skills at that time did not even match the TOP-15. Now the fighter has improved significantly, he can compete with high-class opposition, although, with the elite of the division, neither in wrestling, nor in striking technique, he will not do well. Any hasty decision in the future can lead to another defeat.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Armand is only 25 years old, his winning streak consists of 5 victories, and in the extreme performances he defeated such serious opponents as Davi Ramos, Matt Frevola, Christos Giagos and Yoel Alvarez. The pause after the final performance was only 4 months, so there is no doubt about Tsarukyan's optimal condition. He quickly absorbs new knowledge, demonstrates steady growth, which means that in the upcoming battle we expect him to perform even better than last time.

Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot

Mateusz Gamrot

The Pole began his career in martial arts with a wrestling mat, where he had about three hundred fights. Behind him is the title of two-time European champion in MMA, two-time Polish champion in BJJ, as well as the winner of ADCC. In addition to signing with KSW, he took the lightweight belt there, which he defended five times, and then the featherweight belt.

Gamrot defeated many popular athletes, like Marif Piraev, but received the greatest media push in the UFC, where he already earned 2 bonuses in four performances. And even a disastrous start in the major leagues did not prevent Mateusz from shooting in the future, sorting out the veterans of the organization.


It cannot be said that every translation performed by Gamrot is successful, but he tries to do it so often that he literally makes opponents think about passes to the legs and make mistakes. On average, a fighter gets on top of the opponent about five times per fight, due to which he exhausts them, and then strives to finish.

As is often the case, basic wrestlers are more than successful in pumping their punching technique, and in the case of Mateusz, we see real progress in this direction - he has no shortage of knockout power. At the same time, the athlete does not skimp on kicks, changing the floors of attacks and slowing down the pace with takedowns.

"Gamer" is one of those guys who constantly pushes forward with crazy athletic aggression. If he cannot hit the opponent, then he will definitely fight him and vice versa. At the same time, the endurance of a Polish fighter is usually enough for all the allotted time.


Gamroth has always performed well in fights, both with passing fighters and with UFC veterans who are still dangerous. But, things are quite different with the opponents of the new generation. The Pole has never met such guys, and his only loss in his career to the same Guram Kutateladze showed that even high-class kickboxers without such a rich base in the fight can cause him very serious problems.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Mateusz is 31 years old and has won four times in his last 5 fights. Three early victories over Scott Holtzman, Jeremy Stevens and Diego Ferreira showed that the current form of the Gamer is close to peak. He breathes well, is versatile, and most importantly, he knows how to impose his game in the octagon. Downtime from December 2021 will not be critical, and the stakes in the upcoming fight are too high for Gamrot to show a weak performance.

Comparative analysis

By tradition let's start with anthropometry: Mateusz is winning this duel with a minimum margin, and Arman is not used to the fact that his opponents are a bit bigger, as the Russian is not too big for light category. The guys are similar in stylistic terms: both have a great background in wrestling, but at the same time they are great in the standup, though Tsarukyan himself boasts a more accurate hands work, as well as effective defense - his defender misses much more often. Our athlete will have an advantage in this aspect, but it's not a question of domination.

In parterre the situation is even more interesting: Gamroth fights much more eagerly, making almost twice as many attempts of transfers, while himself, in the UFC, has never been under the opponent. Armand can't boast such a high level of performance, however his freestyle wrestling and grappling are uncontested, so after a couple of efforts to get closer they may as well call it a night without wasting energy on clinch fights and lengthy episodes of position improvement. Mateusz is used to spend most of his time in controlling and getting to the attacks, while Tsarukyan is not squeamish about using ground-and-pound which he is very good at. The Pole will anyway want to be the number one, so the Russian has to be very smart to counter him, and a head-on fight on the ground floor, taking into consideration all the nuances, is more likely to be reserved for Arman, who has more confidence in his skills, taking into consideration the opposition he has dealt with.

Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot Fight Prediction

Bookmakers' quotes suggest that Armand will have a serious advantage over the challenger in all aspects of the fight. But you can't agree with that, as Mateusz is a serious opponent with all the necessary skills to give a tough fight to Akhalkalaktsu. There's no way to do without exchanges and a tight start here, so before entering the doors of the top ten, Tsarukyan will have to give everything he has at the moment, as Gamroth is the perfect tester among everyone imaginable. Most likely, this encounter will be competitive and drawn out, though counting on all 5 rounds given the boys' talents isn't particularly worth it either. I don't see why the Pole has any real advantage on the ground, and in the standup division his shorthanded style isn't good enough to take on Armand. For that reason, it's wise to bet on a favourite who, by a small margin, can pick up the win in this bout. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Arman Tsarukyan to win

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