Prediction for the fight Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Carlston Harris

Kazakhstan is famous for its athletes, who managed to prove that their boxing can be safely equated with the best fighting schools with a worldwide reputation. Gradually, athletes from this country master mixed martial arts, and Shavkat Rakhmonov became one of the few who managed to break into the big leagues, and also the only one who did it without a single defeat in his career.

At the anniversary UFC Fight Night 200, he will face a tough contender - Carlston Harris, who is on an impressive winning streak and threatens his opponents with serious knockout power. For "Nomad" this is a real chance to get closer to the coveted top of the division, and whether he will be able to do it - let's figure it out in our forecast.

Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Carlston Harris

Carlston Harris

The athlete from Guyana does not stand out from the rest with serious achievements in sports. For several years in a row, he conquered the second-rate Brazilian leagues, like XFCL, Bitetti Combat and others, after which he gradually began to fight in the USA. He holds a black belt in BJJ, but Carlston also has boxing in his arsenal, complete with natural knockout power.

Prior to signing with the UFC, his biggest opponents were Michel Pereira, whom he beat by unanimous decision, and Wellington Thurman, later also the promotion's number one. In the last performances, Harris gave out several finishes, having managed to gain a foothold in his weight class outside the TOP-15.


As mentioned earlier, Carlston hits hard, but it’s impossible to say that he can compete with technically savvy opponents. It is realistic to see a series of a couple of blows in his performance, however, to a greater extent, he is trying to cut off the opponent's head, and not outplay him.

On the ground, the opposite is true - here Harris reveals his talent, goes to the painful, both from the back and from the mount. And what is remarkable, he defends himself from submissions just superbly, without falling for any of his performances in Brazil.


In addition to the fact that in the performance of Carlston you can see sweeping blows that open up entire abysses for counterattacks, the lack of work of the body with footwork is added to this. He can stand in front of his counterpart, throw punches, take damage, and do nothing about it.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Harris is already 34 years old, he has 5 victories in a row, but only those that were obtained in the UFC can be called significant. The fact is that the opposition in the local leagues left much to be desired, but victories over Impa Kasanganay and Christian Aguilera are also worth a lot. Carlston is stable, going long distances well, so there is no doubt that his form will somehow change since September 2021, when he fought last.

Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Carlston Harris

Shavkat Rakhmonov

Rakhmonov has a much richer background in sports. He competed in combat sambo, participated in pankration competitions, and also did not disdain boxing, thanks to which he eventually became the M-1 champion. Shavkat is a creative, he works great with his feet, crushes the ribs of opponents with kicks, and on the ground he can show a certain level of skills, albeit limited.

The main achievement of "Nomad" in his career is the absence of defeats, and a 100% rating of early victories. With this guy, it is impossible to stay in the cage for a long time, because he hits like a tank and has a good sense of time for attacks on the ground. During his performances in Russia and in his homeland, he beat several really strong guys, because in the UFC they expect even more beautiful and important victories from him.


Of the 14 victories in his career, each was obtained by knockout or reception, in addition, he won 7 times in each of the ways. Shavkat moves very well, maintains distance due to kicks, and often uses protracted combinations that force opponents to back away. On the ground floor, he is able to hold positions, but his submissions are most often limited to chokes.

Another feature of Rakhmonov is protection from takedowns. He does not have huge hips or muscle mass to stop the passages to the legs, but proper work with weight and body balance allows him to feel calm at such moments.


Very often, fighters who win quickly show themselves poorly in protracted fights. Without a doubt, 3 rounds is not a cause for concern, but who knows how Shavkat will handle the situation if his opponent gives a serious fight on a collision course.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Shavkat is only 27 years old, as has been repeatedly mentioned, he is on an unbeaten streak of 14 wins, and in extreme fights he defeated former top Alex Oliveira and Michel Prazeres. Rakhmonov has been idle since the summer of 2021, but such a rhythm of performances is normal for him, and the fighter will not have time to rust. It is safe to say that "Nomad" is approaching its peak form, so there is no doubt about its worthy performance.

Comparative analysis

Let's start with anthropometry and physical dаta: here the Kazakh athlete has a minimal advantage at the level of error - less than 3 cm in terms of height and arm span. Both are dry, without serious muscle mass, so it is unlikely that anyone will be able to pull out the fight due to physical fitness. Age will also play an important role - 7 years of difference, of course, does not play into Carlston's hands, but he does not show signs of athletic old age.

Technically, it looks more preferable, again, Shavkat. He has an excellent stance, and a normal level of skills on the ground, while his opponent cannot boast of the same balance. Harris hits hard, but does it crookedly and predictably, though he makes up for it with a superb BJJ that Rakhmonov might envy. Simply put, the Kazakh will have to be wary of the Guyanese's plop in the standing position, but for this he always used his footwork, and on the ground - tricks, because the arsenal is there, what you need. At the same time, it is impossible to say that there is a big gap between them in some component.

Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Carlston Harris Fight Prediction

In this clash, each of the contestants boasts dense striking, dangerous techniques and a zeal to smash their opponents at all costs. And for this reason, the odds on the fighters look a little strange, because with nothing but punching technique Shavkat can cover Carlston's trump cards. And even then, Mozambique's pudgy fists are capable of turning the tide at any moment. That's why we are expecting a competitive fight, where a mistake by one of the guys will probably decide everything. Rahmonov has all the chances to overpower his opponent and avoid his take-downs, because Harris is not very good at taking them down. With that in mind, the right decision would be to bet on Shavkat's win, and once the bookmakers roll out other betting options, it's worth opting for an early end to the fight by either contestant, or that he definitely won't make it to the referee's decision. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Shavkat Rakhmonov's victory

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