Zenit vs CSKA. Will the club from St. Petersburg be able to turn the tide in the final series?

The final series of the VTB United League is rapidly approaching its logical conclusion. CSKA Moscow leads 2-0 in matches, looks just great. He will try to calmly bring things to the coveted title, he really wants to win the main prize of the competition in the most difficult conditions. This will be the best confirmation of the effective work of the management, as well as the excellent condition of the composition.

But Zenith looks frankly weak and helpless, is unlikely to find the strength to turn the tide. Of course, he has two matches in a row on the home floor, which allows him to count on a comeback. But the defense so far frankly fails, cannot hold back the opponent's attack. On May 25, the opponents will face each other on the floor of the Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg in the third match of the series.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Zenit vs CSKA


Zenith still looks frankly weak. He lost the first match devastatingly - 59:83. It was noticeable how much the opponent presses with authority, makes the performers nervous. And in the second meeting it turned out to improve the situation a little. But the case again ended in defeat - 73:82. Both times the opponent threw a full ring, so the coaching staff of the club from St. Petersburg received enough information for reflection.

In addition, the team needs to work very hard on discipline. While the basketball players are panicking too much, they are literally “chopping” the hands of CSKA players. Zenith will try to do everything to please the home audience and turn the tide. But with each meeting, it becomes more and more difficult to achieve this. The emotional burden that hangs on the shoulders of leaders becomes even heavier.


CSKA looks almost perfect, churning out victories. The team has a good chance to quickly bring things to the title. She performed very well on the road throughout the regular season, and therefore does not let her fans down in the playoffs. "CSKA" have a chic composition, in which almost every performer can shoot. In the second meeting, Milutinov looked better than all the other basketball players. It is he who provides the Moscow club with complete dominance under the ring. Also, the team is superior to the opponent in terms of implementing shots from a distance. The experienced coaching staff dismantled the opponent practically into molecules. Therefore, CSKA is great at neutralizing the strengths of Zenit.

Zenit vs CSKA

History of the confrontation

Up to this point, the rivals have faced each other 32 times in various competitions. CSKA has a huge advantage over the opponent, looks much stronger - 24 wins. Zenith was able to answer all this with only eight of his successful matches. The last match between the opponents took place on May 22, 2022. The Moscow club beat the opponent on the floor of the Krylatskoye arena with a score of 82:73. The best basketball player of that meeting was Nikola Milutinov, who scored 16 points and made two assists.

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Game Totals Prediction

Zenith cannot please its fans in any way, it looks faded. He will try to turn the tide, but it will be incredibly difficult to do so. The leaders have faded, and the rest of the basketball players cannot take on these functions. CSKA caught the courage and looks just great. He expects to win four games in a row and calmly put the series victory into his piggy bank. This will allow you to quickly go on vacation, not to worry about the final outcome. We predict that the Moscow "soldiers" will once again be stronger, outplaying the opponent and on someone else's parquet.

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