CSKA vs Zenit. Who will take the initiative in the final series of the VTB United League?

The final series of the VTB United League is about to start, which promises to be fantastic in terms of intensity of passions and emotions. CSKA definitely approaches the confrontation in the status of a favorite, has excellent chances to send another title to its piggy bank. The team almost did not notice the loss of key players, having done a great job in the transfer market. So now she must endure in terms of physical condition.

Zenith has been trying to put sticks in the wheels of a formidable opponent for many years. But while the team can not oppose anything to the opponent. He expects that this season will finally allow him to win the main prize of the competition. On May 20, the opponents will play the first match of the series, which will take place on the floor of the Krylatskoye Arena in Moscow. 

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on CSKA vs Zenit


CSKA continues to churn out victories and move towards the next championship. He quite calmly consistently removed both Nizhny Novgorod and Lokomotiv-Kuban from the path. True, each of the series left a serious ground for reflection. The team frankly looks weak in terms of defensive actions, and the only positive aspect in such a situation is a high-quality attack game. It allows you to pull out the most important matches in terms of the fight for the title.

The Moscow "soldiers" tried to qualitatively take advantage of the pause in order to correct the deplorable state of affairs with the defensive line. In addition, the leaders got the opportunity to take a breath after a difficult series with Krasnodar. Key basketball players really needed a little break, which is simply obliged to play into the hands.


Zenit continues its tournament path, although in the course of the series with UNICS it seemed that problems simply could not be avoided. But the team at the right time became as active as possible, which made it possible to completely turn the situation around. She was able to play very well on the road twice. Away matches are gradually becoming the hallmark of the team. He will try to make every effort to stun a formidable opponent right in his lair.

Particularly important will be the condition of the legionnaires, who play a key role in the overall success. Russian basketball players also try to help their partners, but this does not always work out. Another important point is the ability to act very well on defense. Most likely, the teams will play a personal guardianship, very carefully covering the main characters of the Moscow "soldiers". Especially St. Petersburg will try to close down Alexei Shved - the main points dealer in the Moscow club.

CSKA vs Zenit

History of the confrontation

The history of this rivalry currently includes 30 face-to-face fights. A tangible advantage is on the side of the Moscow "soldiers", who outplayed the opponent 22 times. In the remaining eight meetings, luck smiled at Zenit basketball players. The last face-to-face confrontation between these clubs dates back to March 14, 2022. Then the rivals clashed with each other on the floor of the Megasport Arena and gave out a real thriller. The final victory went to the treasury of CSKA with a score of 79:78. And the main star of that meeting was Alexei Shved. He scored 25 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and had eight assists.

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CSKA on the home floor looks like the obvious favorite of this confrontation. They offer to bet on his victory with a coefficient of 1.57. Zenit comes to the fight in the status of a "dark horse". His potential victory is estimated at 2.552. The base total of this meeting was set at around 155.5 points. You can bet on its penetration, as well as on the reverse option, with a coefficient of 1.91. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

CSKA have won four of their last five head-to-head matches. The team looks extremely confident, and on the home floor they will definitely have a tangible advantage. Therefore, she will try to make every effort to beat the opponent without nerves at all and in three meetings. Zenith intends to resist to the last. But the team will be saved only by the transcendent character and outstanding games from the leaders. We predict that the opening match will go to the treasury of the "army" with a handicap of (-3.5) points.

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