Lokomotiv Kuban vs UNICS. Who will come out ahead in the series for third place in the VTB United League?

The series for the third place in the VTB United League is fast-paced and pleases with unexpected turns, Lokomotiv-Kuban and UNICS are still on par - 1:1. Now one of the teams will be able to get ahead.

Lokomotiv-Kuban did not start very convincingly, it looked very weak in the first match. But then he showed his character and returned to the fight for bronze medals. Basketball players have shown that they have not become less motivated, they have a desire to prove their worth against the backdrop of a top opponent. UNICS is too upset by the failure in the semi-finals, so they practically don't give all the best now. It is noticeable that many performers mentally have already gone on vacation. Most likely, on the road it will be incredibly difficult to return to the fight. On May 24, the rivals will meet each other on the floor of the Basket Hall arena in Krasnodar.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Lokomotiv Kuban vs UNICS

Lokomotiv Kuban

Lokomotiv-Kuban, even during the series with CSKA, showed that he had hidden potential. Therefore, the team does not intend to remain without competition medals. She started the series with UNICS unsuccessfully, losing the opening match big. But after that, very correct conclusions were made. The team began to act more relaxed, fresh and interesting. And it immediately paid off.

Now Krasnodar are approaching two home matches with the opportunity to close the series in their favor on the home parquet. And they will definitely try to use this option. Most likely, the bet will be made on early aggression, starting onslaught. The opponent, obviously, is swimming, which is not the first time that this has happened to him during the season. And if you manage to take advantage of the current situation, you can hang bronze medals on your shoulders.


UNICS has lost four of its last five matches. He is in a terrible emotional and functional state. It is noticeable how apathetic the basketball players are after the failed series with Zenit. They have lost the chance to win the title, and other tournament motivation does not attract. The percentage of hits from a distance has greatly decreased. Yes, and the team stopped looking for the very opportunity to bring their leaders to a clean throw. Now almost all performers try their hand. Everyone, by virtue of their skills, produces different indicators. But in the end it all turns into a failure. Another interesting point is the lack of selection. Throughout the season, this figure looked decent. But in the playoffs, he frankly passed out. Rivals constantly dominate under the basket, which is a very worrying sign.

Lokomotiv Kuban vs UNICS

History of the confrontation

Opponents managed to hold 41 full-time duel. A slight advantage is on the side of UNICS, which turned out to be stronger than the opponent 21 times. And in the remaining 20 matches, Lokomotiv-Kuban triumphed. The second match of the series was held under the control of the parquet guests. Krasnodar throughout the fight was waiting for their chance, shooting under his curtain. As a result, the match ended with a confident victory for the "railroad" with a score of 94:81. And McCollum was recognized as the best basketball player of the meeting, who scored 32 points, made two rebounds and gave six assists.

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Game Totals Prediction

Lokomotiv-Kuban caught its wave and looks just great. He completely dominated during the second match. Such outbursts of very confident play were also noticeable during the series against CSKA. Therefore, now the team will try to do everything to calmly remove the opponent from the path and win bronze medals. But UNICS frankly crumbled and looks weak. It is unlikely that he will be able to fully return, he lacks special tournament motivation. I predict that the final victory will go to the treasury of Krasnodar.

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