Lokomotiv Kuban vs UNICS. Will the Kazan team win bronze medals?

The series for third place in the VTB United League pleases with fiery matches, as well as plot twists. So far, UNICS is in the lead, which leads in meetings with a score of 2-1. He has only one fight left to send to his piggy bank.

Lokomotiv-Kuban returned to its native walls with great optimism. He expected to win both matches and win bronze medals, to achieve his goal. But the team managed to stumble, which greatly affects the opportunity to pick up the consolation prize. Krasnodar residents are torn between the desire to enter the top three and go on vacation as soon as possible. UNICS continues to pull at the expense of the individual skill of their performers. Basketball players act quite fragmented, they frankly lack mutual understanding and coherence. Kazan expect to finally take the last fight in the series to please their fans and go on vacation. On May 26, the fourth meeting will take place, in which the rivals will meet on the floor of the Basket Hall arena in Krasnodar.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Lokomotiv Kuban vs UNICS

Lokomotiv Kuban

Lokomotiv-Kuban does not look particularly stable. In the course of the series with CSKA, it seemed that the attack would not let Krasnodar down at all. The same applies to the confrontation with UNICS. But at the right moment, the defensive line began to look completely helpless. The team misses too many points in its ring, it looks mediocre. The hosts of the parquet have demonstrated that they still intend to fight for consolatory bronze medals. Again, much will depend on the mood of the leaders. Key basketball players look very good in attack. In the last meeting, Burford was dragging, who scored 24 points, made six rebounds and four assists. But even his efforts were not enough for Lokomotiv-Kuban to send the victory into his piggy bank. It is striking how nervously the team begins to act at a crucial moment.


UNICS continues to fight for bronze medals and does not intend to give them away without a fight. But just recently it seemed that the performers were ready to give up, to give consolation awards to the opponent. But the last match clearly demonstrated how much Kazan are ready to invest in the final success. Getting into the top three will be a good bonus after a solid season.

But in the last meeting, everything was not so smooth, a rather serious problem was revealed. The team got a comfortable advantage during the opening quarter. But after that, the team managed to lose almost their entire handicap and provided the match with a nervous ending. There is no way she can hold all four quarters consistently.

Lokomotiv Kuban vs UNICS

History of the confrontation

Up to this point, the rivals have faced each other 42 times in various tournaments, and also held friendly matches. UNICS has strengthened its advantage, he won in 22 matches. Lokomotiv-Kuban responded to this with 20 victories. The last face-to-face fight took place on May 24. The opponents also met each other on the floor of the Basket Hall arena in Krasnodar. The meeting ended with the victory of Kazan with a score of 93:87. The main creator of this success was the Nigerian Jackiri, who scored 19 points, made four rebounds and one assist.

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Game Totals Prediction

Lokomotiv-Kuban almost escaped during the last match, looked quite convincing and interesting, but the concentration and accuracy at the finish was a little lacking. The support of the home audience will once again drive basketball players forward. UNICS will finally try to close this series in order to calmly go on vacation. It is noticeable that some performers are frankly tired, they are not eager to delay until the fifth match. We predict that the final victory will go to the treasury of the Lokomotiv-Kuban club.

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