Zenit vs CSKA. Is it possible to stop the "soldiers" who have gained momentum?

The VTB United League is perceived by many teams as a game practice right up to the playoff stage. The giants are well aware that they will almost ironically find themselves in decisive battles for the title, since they perform very powerfully, some victories are taken even by the second squad. But Zenit has recently begun to stumble too often - twice in the last three meetings. This simply could not but affect the emotional state and tournament position. The team lost the lead and fell immediately to the fourth position in the table.

This was immediately taken advantage of by CSKA, which froze a little at the start of the competition. He is traditionally gaining momentum progressively, trying not to force things too much. This is what allows us to approach the playoffs almost at the peak, to give out our best basketball. On January 17, the rivals will meet each other in a principled confrontation on the floor of the Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg. 

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Zenit vs CSKA


Zenit in the VTB United League looks quite contrasting and strange, which is of particular interest. On the one hand, he always tunes in seriously to strong opponents. Right before the New Year holidays, we managed to deal with UNICS at home - 97:81. It would seem that with such a game it is quite possible to count on winning the regular championship.

But on the other hand, it can be incredibly difficult for a team to demonstrate their full potential in games where they are considered favorites. First, the team lost to Avtodor (74:83), and after the New Year it lost to PARMA (67:77). Now he is in fourth place in the standings with a record of seven wins and three losses. And this is a dangerous position, because at any moment you can lose the advantage of the home court in the playoffs.


At the start of the season, it was scary for CSKA, experts unanimously declared that the team had entered a phase of restructuring. But it turned out that this was only the cause of a large number of injuries. The team calmly continued to work and did not panic, at the same time the basketball players were getting in shape. And the leaders who returned from the infirmary significantly added in terms of attacking potential. The most important performer was Marius Grigonis, who is gradually trying on the role of a sniper. He has a decent percentage of hits from long range. And the undisputed leader was the experienced Daniel Hackett, who is listened to by young teammates. Over time, the composition has acquired the necessary balance - it has both creative creators and real hard workers. And the result was not long in coming - victories rained down both in the VTB United League and in the Euroleague.

Zenit vs CSKA

History of the confrontation

The teams managed to play a large number of head-to-head matches, but for greater clarity, it is worth taking the last five meetings. Two of them were comradely in nature, three more were official. CSKA sent four victories to its piggy bank. Once again, Zenith turned out to be stronger. The last match between these teams is dated October 12, 2021. Then the rivals met each other on the floor of the Megasport Arena in Moscow as part of the Euroleague. "CSKA" without any problems turned out to be stronger than the opponent with a score of 77:67. And the best basketball player of the meeting was Shengelia, who scored 33 points, made eight rebounds and two assists.

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Game Totals Prediction

Zenit has been misfiring too often lately to claim stability and confidence. Therefore, the owners will be very difficult to bring the case to victory. Moreover, the most formidable of possible opponents will resist. CSKA managed to gain momentum, the team literally does not feel rivals on its way. And two victories in a row in the Euroleague once again breathed self-confidence into key basketball players. Therefore, we predict that the "soldiers" will win on the road with a handicap of (-2.5) points.

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