Zenit vs Monaco. Will the Russian club be able to extend their winning streak?

The regular Euroleague draw has survived the most difficult quarantine times, and the 22nd round of the competition should finally turn out to be full-fledged - without postponements. At the limit of motivation, Zenith approaches him, who made a serious bid to get into the playoffs. He won four matches in a row, so he is in excellent condition. The team has already climbed to the fifth position in the standings, but is definitely not going to stop there.

Monaco has a successful series of three victories, which allowed them to get close to the coveted eight. The French club is not doing very well on the road. It is for this reason that it may be difficult for the team in the upcoming match, they will have to act as the second number. On January 20, the rivals will meet each other on the floor of the Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Zenit vs Monaco


Zenit performs very well on the home floor, where it has the initiative against almost any opponent. It is for this reason that at home he has six wins with only three defeats. The team is holding the current draw of the competition great, practically solved the problem of getting into the next stage. She accelerated and won four matches in a row in the Euroleague.

But the victory over CSKA (81:68) in the VTB United League added much more self-confidence. The team completely calmly dealt with the opponent, leaving him no chance. Legionnaires do a great job with leadership functions, at the right time they are able to take the situation into their own hands, show off their individual skills.


If we take into account all the tournaments, the team has improved very qualitatively. She was stronger than her rivals in five of the last six matches. Moreover, she managed to change the situation in the Euroleague. A series of three victories in a row allowed us to come close to the zone of getting into the playoffs of the competition.

But it's too early to flatter yourself, because every mistake at the finish line of the regular championship can completely cross out all efforts. In addition, the team performs frankly not in the best way on the road. With only four victories, there were already nine defeats. Therefore, Monaco will try to act as number two and wait for their chance. It is very important to always keep a minimum score distance from the opponent in order to correct the situation with a few accurate hits.

Zenit vs Monaco

History of the confrontation

In the history of this rivalry, at the moment there is only one head-to-head match, which took place in the first round of the current draw of the competition. The opponents met each other in France on the parquet floor of the Salle Gaston Medessen arena. It is noteworthy that Zenit felt absolutely comfortable even on the road, so it deservedly won with a score of 85:74. Dwayne Bacon of Monaco was the best player of the meeting with 21 points, one rebound and one assist.

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Zenit confidently dealt with the opponent on the road, and therefore looks like the favorite of the confrontation at home. It is offered to bet on a possible victory of the hosts of the parquet with a coefficient of 1.47. But the bookmaker does not particularly believe in Monaco. You can play a potential away victory with a coefficient of 2.85. The base total of the match was set at around 157.5 points. It is offered to place a bet on both the “grassroots” match and its penetration with odds of 1.91 and 1.93. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Zenith scored a fantastic move, looks just great. The club adequately represents Russia in the international arena. In addition, recent successes in the VTB United League also give the team strength and emotion. And Monaco has an emotional outburst, but it's too early to talk about some kind of stability. In addition, the performances of the team on the road frankly leave much to be desired. It is for this reason that the French club is unlikely to be able to resist a formidable opponent. We predict that the final victory will go to Zenit's treasury with a handicap of (-6.5) points.

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