Prediction for the fight Andrey Koreshkov vs Chancey Rencountry

Literally 5 years ago, Andrey Koreshkov shone all over the world, was in the status of the champion of the second most important MMA league in the world, and sorted out the best opposition of that time. However, things have changed a lot now, and it even got to the point that the Spartan is trying to restart his career at Bellator, facing little-known opponents there, like Chansey Rencountry, although he has already fought in the best leagues in the world.

The sudden replacement of the opponent on the eve of the fight, quite possibly, will play into the hands of our fighter. After all, Mukhamed Berkhamov looked more equipped and advanced in work on the ground. However, Chansey also deserves attention, because they don’t just get into the UFC, and he showed himself very worthy there. So Koreshkov will have to work hard so as not to lose face.

Andrey Koreshkov vs Chancey Rencountry

Andrey Koreshkov

The well-known protege of Alexander Shlemenko was able to reach the Bellator level in less than 2 years of playing in MMA. Before that, he proved himself in pankration, becoming the world champion and the best at the first world martial arts games, also, Andrei is a master of sports in army hand-to-hand combat, which allowed him to put together a good base of skills before entering the big ocean of mixed martial arts.

Having swiftly flown into the Bellator Grand Prix, Koreshkov took the victory, but on the first attempt he could not win the belt - Ben Askren turned out to be more cunning, and lay down his young counterpart on the ground. Then he again managed to win the Grand Prix, and after the title, defeating Douglas Lima. In recent years, neither the fight for the main trophy, nor the tournament brackets have succumbed to our athlete.


Almost the entire scheme of Koreshkov's work in the rack is tied to counterattacks and waste. He skillfully fails opponents, meets them with knee strikes, and instantly explodes in series as soon as he sees the window for an attack. Plus, he's a great feint, using roundhouse kicks and other unpredictable counters in battle.

The past in pankration also left its mark on Andrey's technique. He prepares takedowns quite well, hides them, and after execution he confidently holds positions. Regarding the base of techniques, everything is not so good here, but the Spartan is definitely capable of tiring the enemy on the ground floor.


In many fights, the Russian does just enough to win. He has no desire to take risks, to go at an opponent in order to catch him and finish, and this lack of sporting aggression, in specific cases, made his victories not as convincing as they could be in reality.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Andrei is 31 years old, but his track record already quite pulls on the title of a veteran. In the last 5 fights, the last of which took place in August 2021, he won 3 victories, and the most important against the background of the rest was obtained over Sabah Khomasi. His long-time counterpart - Douglas Lima, as well as Lorenz Larkin were able to inflict defeat on the Russian, from which the conclusion follows - he can hardly cope with the current elite of the division. However, in terms of stamina and arsenal, Koreshkov is still good, so with lower-level fighters, he should perform more successfully.

Andrey Koreshkov vs Chancey Rencountry

Chancey Rencountry

The fighter with the nickname "Black Eagle" previously competed in Bellator, fought 4 fights in the UFC, and also fought in a number of promotions popular among US viewers. He managed to take the title of the C3 Fights and DCS leagues, and even showed himself well in confrontations with the “neartops”, demonstrating a savvy in all aspects of the fight.

In the UFC, he was rolled out by Belal Muhammad and Lyman Good, after which the athlete went on a short voyage to regional organizations, and then returned to Bellator. With no time for a full training camp, Chansey took on a difficult opponent and now has everything he needs to organize a big upset.


The ground floor is definitely Rencountry's strong point. He performs one-leg passes well, holds positions and quickly goes to his favorite technique - rear naked choke. But the guy also has a heavy blow.

In the course of the meeting, Chansey can reveal himself as a good drummer. He hits tight low kicks, discharges in series, sharply closing the distance, and generally behaves quite aggressively until it comes to working as number two. And given that he is left-handed, it is very inconvenient for opponents to fight him, especially when they give him space for free movement.


When you watch Rencountry's fights, at first glance it may seem that he is quite good at throwing punches in the standing position. This is true, but Black Eagle misses, no less than he hits. Moreover, both counterattacks, which he stubbornly does not notice, and other blows fly into his head, since holding his hands to his head is not his style.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The American is 35 years old, his best years are behind him and, despite the statistics of 4-1 in recent fights, the opposition he has beaten is not credible. Jake Lindsey (15-10) and Cliff Wright (12-19) are clearly not the kind of guys you can be proud of defeating. As mentioned above, Chansey did not have time for a full-fledged preparation, therefore, it is definitely not worth expecting from him the best performance of his career, which would be handy.

Comparative analysis

In this pair, the Russian has a certain superiority in arm span (193 cm versus 188 for his opponent), but Rencountry has a greater height and overall dimensions - 5 cm in the black. Stylistically, the two are very different. If we are talking about the stand, then Koreshkov likes to pull the enemy on himself more, and don’t feed Chansey with bread, let him work as the first number. And even the fact that the American is left-handed will not play into his hands in this case, since the level of impact that Andrei has is enough to bypass his “reliable” defense.

Moving to the ground floor, the situation becomes more controversial. In a positional fight, it is difficult to determine a clear favorite, but in terms of holding tricks, the limited arsenal of Rencountry can pose a certain danger to Spartan. The ex-UFC fighter knows a couple of tricks well, and this narrow focus gives him an advantage in certain positions. But Koreshkov always defended well on the ground, and he himself, if he takes a position, is unlikely to give it up. Therefore, while everything will be held in the standing position, he has nothing to worry about, and who will reveal his game better on the ground will show the duel, although the experience of our fighter should be enough to cope with the onslaught of the counterpart.

Andrey Koreshkov vs Chancey Rencountry Fight Prediction

For Koreshkov, changing an opponent to Chansey will not play a global role in preparation. Like Berkhamov, he is far from the best fight in the standing position (but the fact that the American will go forward is already a plus), and on the ground he can threaten with tricks, in other words, the situation has not changed much in this component. What should be emphasized is at the level of the opponent, because despite his performances in the best promotions on the planet, he did not show himself in battles against strong opponents. Andrey looks like a clear favorite here - he has experience on his side, a full-fledged training camp, good work as number two and a confident takedown. So there are no significant trump cards in Rencountry's sleeve, and he is unlikely to be able to dominate this fight, given the strengths of his counterpart. For this reason, I see no reason to doubt the victory of the Russian. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Andrey Koreshkov's victory

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