Prediction for the fight Gegard Mousasi vs Austin Vanderford

Almost 20 years ago, a native of an Armenian family, Gegard Mousasi, stepped into the professional ring for the first time, starting his long journey in mixed martial arts. And despite the fact that two decades have passed, Dreamcatcher continues to be at the top, dealing with those who arrived in this sport just a few years ago.

At Bellator 275, Musashi will defend his middleweight title against undefeated Austin Vanderford. Their meeting will take place at an away event in Ireland, where once again the age-old dispute will be resolved: what has more weight, youth or experience? The answer to this will be given by the fight itself, but who has the best chances for victory this evening, we will tell in our forecast.

Gegard Mousasi vs Austin Vanderford

Austin Vanderford

The Oregon fighter is a basic wrestler. In his homeland, Alaska, he became a champion, moreover, he took this title twice, won the All-American title the same number of times, and appropriated the NAIA title in the national championship. Now, albeit gradually, Austin is pumping his striking technique, periodically issuing early knockout victories.

At one time, Vanderford tried to break into the UFC, but the promotion's management was not interested in the monotonous manner of fighting, and they rejected his candidacy. Well, Bellator appreciated the young talent, and now the Gentleman continues its journey to the second most important league in the world, as an undefeated top.


Austin is really good on the ground, and here he can compete with even the most experienced opponents. Confident translations, holding positions and a good arsenal of techniques - he manages to combine all this thanks to a competent collaboration of techniques from different types of martial arts.

Fighters going unbeaten are not uncommon these days, but in this case, we're talking about a guy who's dealt with fairly high-level opposition. And that only adds to the significance of his 11-0 record.

During his short career, Vanderford fought only 1 fight lasting 5 rounds, but even in intense three-round cuts, he showed himself well, without sagging functionally and without experiencing oxygen starvation.


Wrestling skills are good, but in MMA you need to be able to hit, because not every opponent can really be brought to the ground. And here Austin has problems, because even with the “middle peasants”, he tries not to linger in the rack, more often getting victories with the help of TKO, over exhausted or already lying opponents.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Vanderford, 31, hasn't competed since May last year and is 4-0 in Bellator. The athlete won extreme victories over Fabian Edwards, Vinicius De Jesus and Hrachik Bazinyan, with all of them having spent 3 rounds in a cage. Given that the American has been performing only since 2017, one can note his rapid progress in the last couple of years, but it is still very early to talk about universality and approaching the peak of his career.

Gegard Mousasi vs Austin Vanderford

Gegard Mousasi

To list all the achievements of a veteran is not an easy task. On his account, the champion titles of such organizations as: CWFC, Dream (84 and 93 kg), Strikeforce (93 kg) and Bellator (two-time champion). Also, he was repeatedly nominated for the title of "Fighter of the Year", "Breakthrough of the Year" and so on, not counting the fact that Gegard was the champion of the Netherlands in boxing and won the K-1 World Grand Prix. Here we will add participation in the Pride Grand Prix, although there “Dreamcatcher” flew out at the quarterfinal stage.

Musashi is one of the few fighters who fought everyone, everywhere, no matter how big and strong his opponents were. He beat almost all the top Japanese masters, won Ronaldo Souza, Mark Hunt, dropped Gary Goodridge, Dan Henderson, Thiago Santos, Vitor Belfort and many more legendary athletes.


Finding a flaw in Geghard's arsenal is almost impossible. He is an excellent kickboxer, a skilled wrestler and an experienced jitser rolled into one. His strikes are accurate and dangerous, and on the ground he can twist even world grappling champions into a ram's horn.

The impenetrable calm and unhurried manner of fighting always lulls the attention of those who find themselves in the ring with Musashi. From such a state, in a matter of moments, he can switch to berserk mode and break out in an attack. Fortunately, the speed qualities of the Dutch fighter do not raise any questions.

It has already been listed above how many rivals, and at what level, Geghard beat during his long career. And despite this, he retains the condition in order to use this experience in battles with a new generation of opponents.

Musashi only lost 4 times ahead of schedule. He sets up a very competent defense in the standing position, applying reaction, footwork and a sense of distance, along with absolute concentration and analysis of the opponent's movements. Well, on the ground floor, only the top masters could catch him at the reception, and even then, by mistake of Geghard himself.


It is unrealistic to spend so much time in professionals and not experience difficulties with motivation. So the "Dreamcatcher" periodically slipped such moments in his career. This is what caused the defeat in the fight with Rafael Lovato, and with age, the fire in the eyes of the fighters gradually fades away, from which no one has yet been able to get away.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Gegard is 36 years old, his last performance dates back to August 2021, when he defeated Josh Salter. Before that, Mousasi passed Douglas Lima and Lyoto Machida, demonstrating his superiority over both peak opponents and veterans. There is nothing more to add about the performances and form of this athlete - he holds the highest bar, has been doing it for many years, and no one can surpass him in moments when everything is in order with the mental attitude.

Comparative analysis

In terms of dimensions and anthropometry, the champion has an advantage in this pair, since he is almost 8 cm taller, and ahead of his counterpart in the arm span by a couple of centimeters. In addition, Musashi has experience in light heavyweight and heavyweight, so it will not be possible to surprise him in this aspect. Stylistically, he is also a level above Vanderford, as Gegard combines all the best that can be in an MMA fighter. He is great in the standing position, and feels all the subtleties of the work on the ground, although on the floor, there is something to cling to here.

Austin will definitely not be able to compete with Musashi in the stance, moreover, this applies to any distance of the fight. But on the ground floor, the basic wrestler has room to work, because the Dreamcatcher does not always show ideal protection against takedowns, although dropping it is another task. Vanderford keeps opponents on the floor well, clearly understands how to go to tricks and prepare the enemy for them. And, again referring to the past of the champion, 3 times out of 4 early defeats, he was inferior precisely by submissions. Only now the gap in experience, as well as dimensions, do not play into the hands of the "Gentleman", who, from the opposition of the middle level, immediately switched to the elite.

Gegard Mousasi vs Austin Vanderford Fight Prediction

Gegard Mousasi, due to his age, will gradually lose ground, and who knows, maybe Vanderford is destined to become the same Chris Weidman, and the Dutchman Anderson Silva. Fast, hardy and motivated, Austin has every chance of making life difficult for Gegard by constantly putting pressure on him and dragging him to the ground. Whatever one may say, the element of the title holder is a stance, so he will have to cope with many problems before starting to work in his own way. However, I cannot fully believe that an American, whom many have recognized only thanks to his wife, will take and take down from the throne such a seasoned veteran, in whom the spirit of youth is still present, I cannot. For this reason, the bet on the favorite of the meeting, I think, is fully justified. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Gegard Mousasi win.

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