Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal Prediction

In the history of mixed martial arts, there were many cases when two friends met in a cage and, despite a good attitude towards each other, rolled up excellent fights. But the case of Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal is even more interesting - they have been friends for many years, trained, shared shelter and food, but now they are ready to tear each other apart, which, in fact, they will do in the main fight of UFC 272.

These two lead their performances in completely different ways, but each of them is extremely dangerous for any representative of the welterweight division. Given these factors, an incredible duel awaits fans and ordinary people, where, quite possibly, their conflict, which has been going on for several years, will be forever closed.

Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal

Colby Covington

Controversial Colby is located on the 1st line of the rating. He wrestled in the NCAA Division I, repeatedly won and reached the finals of wrestling competitions, and also spoke at the PAC-10 collegiate conference, where the best representatives of this sport fought. After his debut in professional mixed martial arts, he became the world champion in grappling and, competing in regional promotions, quickly got into the UFC.

Here he managed to become an interim champion, and kill the lion's share of the tops of his time. Former champion Robbie Lawler, for the first time, could not cope with the pressure from an opponent, another former champion, Rafael dos Anjos, was broken for the same reason, and many others did not understand how to cope with the pressure of Chaos, who simply did not know what is fatigue.


The main feature of Colby is that he is not just a freestyler, but also a grappler and jitser, who perfectly drops opponents, keeps them on the ground, changes positions and competently conducts submissions. Perhaps, even against the background of Kamaru Usman, he looks more versatile in this component.

Covington holds the record for most punches in a fight. He throws several hundred punches and doesn't even think about stopping, which allows him to completely disarm opponents who cannot open up to attack under such a hail of fists.

Five rounds is the distance that "Chaos" goes without a hitch. He knows how to distribute forces for 25 minutes, and due to the large supply of energy he allows himself even more than some in standard, three-round bouts.


Some fights break the fate of athletes, and 2 fights with Kamaru Usman negatively affected Colby's health. He can no longer miss, as before, and not notice the blows, and his defense is far from ideal, because the jaw can play a cruel joke with him at the most crucial moment.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Covington is 34 years old and entering the octagon after losing to the aforementioned Usman in November 2021. Lately, the American has rarely been seen in the cage more than once a year, and his 3-2 statistic in five last outings is made up of very serious names: Dos Anjos, Lawler and Tyron Woodley, three former champions who couldn't match the peak Colby. . He may forever remain second behind Kamaru, but the fact that Chaos is two notches higher than everyone else in the division makes it clear that it is unlikely that anyone other than the Nigerian will be able to pass him.

Jorge Masvidal

An American with Cuban roots occupies the sixth line of the top. He has come a very long way, from becoming a champion in the regional promotion Absolute Fighting Championship, ending with attempts to win titles in such leagues as Strikeforce and UFC. The main achievement in Jorge's career was the victory over Nate Diaz, after which he became the owner of the BMF belt. But this guy is loved not for his trophies, but for the brightest confrontations and knockouts that he gives to his fans in almost every fight.

In the UFC, Masvidal has been fighting for 9 years in a row, and during this time he has met with opposition of all levels. Master of the stalls Michael Chiesa, old Pat Healy, Donald Cerrone, Rustam Khabilov and others are just a small part of those whom Gamebred gave hard fights and simply knocked out many. Now, having made his way to the very top all these long years, he is reaping the rewards of his hard work and earning good money for every appearance in the octagon.


Against the backdrop of young prospects and established tops, Jorge stands out with his special style. He is dynamic, bloodthirsty, sharp and strong, but at the same time he manages to smile and talk with the enemy. His kicks knock out the hips and liver of the opposition, and sudden combinations with both hands make even the toughest guys fly into knockouts.

In order for Masvidal to demonstrate absolute cruelty in the cage, he must either miss a good shot, or have the desire to settle personal scores with his opponent. And in the context of the upcoming fight, it is quite possible that we will see the most dangerous version of the fighter.

The ex-challenger has a number of punches in his arsenal that he uses in the clinch and at mid-range to injure an opponent. This includes elbows coming out of grips, knee stomps, sharp knees, and other punches. That is why, approaching this guy, you need to be extremely careful.

About 3/4 of all takedowns aimed at Jorge fail, and all this is due to the experience and excellent reaction of the athlete. Of course, it is not easy for him to resist elite wrestlers, but in the lion's share of cases this is enough to avoid getting into a disadvantageous position.


On the ground floor, the level of Masvidal's skills can be called "satisfactory", he defends himself quite well, does not allow opponents to go to tricks, but he himself shows minimal activity, showing with all appearance that he does not understand how he can realize himself in a horizontal plane.

The high dynamics of Jorge's fights makes him "breathe" already in the third round, and in more protracted fights he shows an extremely sluggish action, so the 5-round format is not for him. This is especially true when Masvidal is under serious pressure.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Jorge is 37 years old and hasn't been seen in the octagon since April 25, 2021, when he lost to Kamar Usman in a brutal knockout. Before that, he also lost to the Nigerian, but by a judicial decision, going on a series of 3 early victories, where Darren Till, poor fellow Ben Askren and Nate Diaz fell under his rink. For the last 3 years, Masvidal has been showing excellent form, he is always chasing the finish line, trying to be bright and tough. However, age, no doubt, takes its toll, because we will no longer see the peak swordsman, although, according to teammates, now he is plowing in the hall like never before, wanting to defeat Chaos.

Comparative analysis

Dimensions and anthropometry are one of the decisive factors in a fight, but in this clash there is no clear leader in these parameters. The two men are of similar height and similar size, although Jorge has a slight advantage in arm span of 5cm, which he will try to exploit. A fighter and a puncher in the octagon is often a mix of both, but Covington is also a good boxer and, given his character, he may take a risk and try to beat Masvidal on his own ground. Jorge is a slight favorite in terms of punching skills, but he still has to use his legs, heavy elbows and total power of BMF belt holder is much bigger than Covington.

He's definitely got the upper hand in Colby's pile, and he's also well versed in his opponent's training, so he'll be able to outclass him, even if not in the opening minutes. Covington can work as the number one fighter, using a high rate of punches and constant threat of transfers to take the centre of the Octagon, and all that Jorge has to do is to look to knock him out, constantly taking risks and bursting with attacks. This is where Masvidal will be able to produce an upsets, but if he fails, Chaos' dominance will only grow with each round. A tight fight, exhaustion on the ground, and maybe even humiliation in the standup afterwards. The key role will be played in the first minutes of the encounter, where Jorge has a much better chance to win than Covington, who does not possess heavy punching and some unrealistic schemes of going for painful holds with a fresh counterpart.

Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal Fight Prediction

In fact, if you ignore the odds and pay attention to all the nuances of this encounter, the odds here are 50/50, only that figure will vary depending on the length of the bout. Personal animosity has always allowed Jorge to show just great fights, and here it is particularly acute. At one time, Ben Askren also had a big advantage in parterre over Masvidal, but simply didn't have time to prove himself, so a 1st round finish is an acceptable outcome for the upcoming confrontation. Colby's jaw certainly can't take a direct hit, and he himself isn't in a position to hit as hard as Usman did in a head-to-head clash with Gamebred. However, Covington is a clever and cunning fighter, so he is unlikely to allow Masvidal to stay in the standup for long. We're likely to see a protracted bout in which 'Chaos' will unleash his full potential and lay siege to a formidable but one-sided opponent. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Colby Covington to win

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