Prediction for the fight Said Nurmagomedov vs Cody Stamann

After several successful years of playing in Russia, Said Nurmagomedov got the opportunity to demonstrate his capabilities in the UFC, fully meeting the expectations of fans. Even at such a high level, the fighter did not lose his showiness, and continued to delight the audience with beautiful technical performances.

At UFC 270, he will face almost the most serious challenge in his career, because Cody Stamann can be safely called a cardio machine that is always ready for lingering hacks and can withstand serious damage. Each of the athletes has their own special features, so that we will have a competitive confrontation, the likely winner in which we will determine in our detailed forecast.

Said Nurmagomedov vs Cody Stamann

Said Nurmagomedov

Said's fighting path is associated with victories at the championships in mixed martial arts of the Russian, European and world levels. He is an MC in MMA, a participant in the ACB Grand Prix (reached the semifinals), and also a WFCA champion. Thanks to a combination of skills from different martial arts, Nurmagomedov succeeded in forming a unique striking technique, thanks to which he smashes his opponents.

Said had a mediocre level of opposition during his performances in Russia, and in the UFC he had not yet managed to pass the exam with at least one experienced athlete, unlike his future rival. But, despite this, Nurmagomedov is in a constant mode of training, which can be clearly seen in his extreme speeches.


The kickboxing of the Dagestani deserves special attention - powerful lows and piercing body kits give him the opportunity to fight at a comfortable distance, from where he gradually starts throwing punches. By the way, Said cannot be called a puncher, but the intricate combinations that he uses in battle force opponents to retreat. In addition, the past in pankration opens up all the paths for finishes on the ground for him.


One of the main problems of a Russian is endurance in protracted battles. He does not have one stable bar, after passing through which he begins to get tired. In one fight Nurmagomedov breathes well, and in the next he gets tired after the 2nd round. This is especially noticeable in fights with guys who surpass him in speed and do not allow themselves to be translated.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Said is 29 years old, has 4 victories in the last five fights, and only lost to Raoni Barcelos. Victoria looked convincing over Mark Strigl, Ricardo Ramos and others, but the absence of fights since October 2020 can greatly affect the athlete's condition. Nurmagomedov is no stranger to downtime, he was injured quite often, but opponents dictate their conditions and their level is constantly growing, so he will have to try hard to return to the ranks with a victory.

Said Nurmagomedov vs Cody Stamann

Cody Stamann

The athlete has a background standard for Americans in martial arts: wrestling in school years, then boxing and moving to MMA. For amateurs, he spent 20 fights, lost only one and took several titles in regional promotions, after which he went professional. There Cody managed to take the TXC (66 kg) and MFL (61 kg) belts.

Once in the UFC, Stmann spent about two years reaching the top-level opposition, after which he began to successfully merge fights, demonstrating the lack of progress and the inability to prevail over those who are not just in high positions in the ratings. However, some of the defeats can be attributed to the fact that "Spartan" fought at the featherweight division.


The first thing you should immediately pay attention to is cardio Cody. He works well in three-round fights, despite the fact that 11 times he won victories precisely by referee decisions. He manages to combine boxing well (the series on the middle and upper floors go with a bang) with translations, although after takedowns, as a rule, he is not very successful in developing attacks. In addition, Stmann skillfully defends himself from passes to the legs - 75% of them, the fighter stops without problems.


The wrestling past does not allow the athlete to feel at ease on the zero floor. He does not attack in the best way, has serious problems with holding positions, and most importantly, he makes technical mistakes, because of which he gives up his back, risking falling for a submission. Well, Cody's stance is mainly tailored for classic boxing, where there is rarely a place for kicks that would help him in controlling the distance.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Stamann is now 32, and his career went downhill as opposition levels rose. Only 2 victories in 5 extreme fights, defeats to Jimmy Rivera and Merab Dvalishvili, as well as a draw with Song Yadong, showed Cody's true form. He won against Brian Kelleher, who has long lacked stars from the sky, and Alejandro Perez. You should not expect any gain in performance from an American, the main thing is that he gives out stable performances, the result of which depends only on the class of the opponent.

Comparative analysis

In comparing anthropometric data, it is worth highlighting the colossal advantage of our athlete in the span of the arms: 17 cm is the value that will play a huge role in this confrontation. Also Said is taller by a couple of centimeters, and has longer legs. Nurmagomedov wins superiority in the striking component, after all, we are talking here about MMA, and kickboxing with hand-to-hand combat will be much more effective than boxing, especially since all this will be complemented by competent combination work.

In the stalls, Stmann never showed himself as a sophisticated grappler or a freestyle wrestler. Yes, he knows how to translate, but, as mentioned above, with the development of the attack, not everything is so good for him. And with the Dagestan school of wrestling, although our athlete has never focused on this, the Russian will be able to take more advantageous positions, or even avoid nicks on the ground floor altogether. Cody can increase the pressure after the equator of the meeting, especially knowing how much Said was idle, but if we compare their class, then the representative of Makhachkala looks more solid. However, I repeat, a lot will depend on the form in which Nurmagomedov approaches the fight.

Said Nurmagomedov vs Cody Stamann Fight Prediction

For Stamann, this fight will mean a lot, because he lost to all the tops and, judging by his form in his last performances, victories over the rating fighters definitely do not shine for him. But Sayid can give him a new impetus in his career if Cody finds a way to work with him at close range, avoiding kicks, and trying to punch punches through dives with his short arms. In all other scenarios, Nurmagomedov will be able to keep a long distance and smash the American from there without any problems. Yes, "Spartan" is very mobile, and he is unlikely to stop at all, even if the fight goes through all 3 rounds, but break his legs and body, slow down, and then our athlete should be able to start his game, because this happened in every fight. Therefore, it would be wiser to put Said on Victoria in any way possible. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Victory of Said Nurmagomedov

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