Prediction for the fight Alexander Emelianenko vs Jeff Monson

Three years ago, no one could have thought that such a professional athlete as Alexander Emelianenko would act as a pop-MMA fighter, beat bloggers, rappers and his retired colleagues. But, as they say, demand creates supply, because the confrontation between Emelianenko Jr. and Russian American Jeff Monson, as a revenge on his bare fists, does not look so flawed.

The organization of the event was taken over by the Hardcore FC league, together with one of the federal TV channels. The meeting will take place on December 10, and despite the fact that the bookmakers have not yet set odds on the participants in the battle, it is already clear who will be given the palm. We, in turn, offer you a more detailed understanding of the balance of power in order to accurately determine the winner of this veteran battle.

Alexander Emelianenko vs Jeff Monson

Jeff Monson

The American "Snowman" won the championship titles even when the majority of Pop-MMA fans were not even in the plans of their parents. He fought his first mixed martial arts fight in 1997, and two years later he began to take over the world titles in grappling and jiu-jitsu. Jeff, multiple ADCC and FILA world champion (grappling, 5 gold medals, 2 silver, 1 bronze). Twice he participated in the world championships in BJJ (1 gold, 1 silver), and in addition, at one time, was a contender for the UFC heavyweight title.

Monson has 87 professional MMA fights, 60 of which he won. This long journey was marked by battles with such legends as Fedor Emelianenko, Alexey Oleinik, Tim Sylvia, Pedro Hizzo, Chuck Liddell, Josh Barnett and, of course, Alexander Emelianenko. Of the total number of opponents, 36 people made Jeff give up, and in this regard, he is one of the most experienced and most skilled athletes on the entire planet.

After all of the above, it may seem that Monson is a real threat to any opponent, but it would be wiser to give him an accurate description, by identifying strengths and weaknesses. Please note that only those qualities that will play a role in a fight with bare fists, in a particular case, fall under the crosshair.


  • Knows how to knit opponents, and dry battle in a clinch;
  • Accustomed to fight opponents that are superior to him in size;
  • It still has quite good mobility.


  • Has crossed the age of 50;
  • Has a mediocre basic boxing level;
  • Defends ineptly (with raised hands, does not attempt to move away from the line of attack, which is why he misses a lot);
  • Strongly inferior to the counterpart in anthropometry;
  • Has no knockout power;
  • In an extreme speech, he showed a depressing form and level of skills;
  • Officially simple (not counting the fight with Timur Nikilun) since 2015.

Alexander Emelianenko vs Jeff Monson

Alexander Emelianenko

The favorite of the Russian public, Alexander, managed to achieve very good results in the sports field. He became a multiple winner and medalist of the championships of Russia, Europe and the world in combat sambo, no less successfully proved himself in judo, becoming a master of sports in both disciplines. In mixed martial arts, Emelianenko was not so good, but this did not stop him from becoming the champion of the ProFC league. After 37 professional fights, the athlete decided for the first time to try himself in fights with his bare fists.

By the way, fights close to the show format are not new for Alexander: in 2019 he became the champion of the Ren TV ring, defeating Mikhail Koklyaev in a boxing match, and in 2021, he defeated Artem Tarasov, as part of the Our Business promotion ... Over the past 3 years, he won a fight with Viktor Peshta, drew a meeting with Tony Johnson and lost to Magomed Ismailov.

Emelianenko, like his opponent, is performing on the court for the first time in such a format, so in this case, too, we will single out the positive and negative qualities of Alexander as a fighter.


  • Significantly surpasses the enemy in terms of dimensions and anthropometry: 18 cm higher, 15 cm more in arm span, about 13-15 kg heavier;
  • 10 years younger;
  • Has tremendous experience in impact sports, relies on boxing in every performance;
  • Remained active in recent years;
  • Shows excellent indicators of progress in the last couple of months;
  • Has a knockout blow;
  • Moves well and does not stagnate.


  • There is an underestimation of the enemy's capabilities;
  • Often keeps hands down.

Alexander Emelianenko vs Jeff Monson Fight Prediction

Even if you try hard and dig up any advantages from Jeff Monson, it is very difficult to imagine an American as a winner in the context of this confrontation. Watching his "fight" with Timur Nikulin, it became clear that the "Snowman" had every chance to fall in the first minute, if the enemy did not feel sorry for him, investing in strikes by 5% of his capabilities. Jabs, body punches, straight, and all this in slow motion - hit the mark, but Alexander is unlikely to feel sorry for his offender, despite the fact that many years have passed since their first fight. And given that the fight will take place without gloves, even light touches from Emelianenko will smash Jeff's face. If behind the scenes the athletes agree not to fight at full strength, I can believe in the victory of the Russian on points. But with all due respect to Monson, he will be very lucky in the situation, in which Alexander does not want to make a statement, sending him to sleep at the start of the fight. The most likely outcome of the meeting is a knockout, but for those who do not want to risk it, the ideal choice would be to bet on Emelianenko's victory, without using other options. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Victory of Alexander Emelianenko.

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